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Free will assumes that we are free to choose our behavior, in other words we are self determined e. Main criterion is that benefits must outweigh costs.


But benefits are almost always to humans and costs to animals. If chimpanzees are subjected to research with drugs and possibly surgery, and the result is a cure for schizophrenia, then many would say that the means experimenting with chimpanzees are justified, or made acceptable by the ends the cure to a horrible, life-shortening disease. Animal research also raise the issue of extrapolation. Animals cannot think about their experiences and invoke reason, patience, memory or self-comfort.


If research is biased towards men or women, it does not provide a clear view of the behaviour that has been studied. A dominantly male perspective is known as an androcentric bias, and this can have two forms. McLeod, S. Debates and issues in psychology. Toggle navigation. Mind Body Debate. Nature vs.

10 Types of Psychological Theories

Reductionism vs. Idiographic vs. Psychology as a Science. Free-will vs. The determinist approach proposes that all behavior is determined and thus predictable.

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Animal Research. Gender Issues. Is Physics Reductionistic? On the Methodology of Clarifying Confusion H. De Wit. Power Relations in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy S. Ethnographic Discourse Analysis and J. Watson: the Behaviourist as Propagandist A.

The composition of the Ego in a Determinist Psychology J. The Rhetoric of Theory in Psychology J. Stam and K. Intentionality, Meaning, and Evolution C.

Debates and Issues in Psychology

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Current Issues in Theoretical Psychology, Volume 40

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