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Habermas: An Intellectual Biography by Matthew G. Specter

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    Social Theories of the Press. Hanno Hardt. Gummersbach became the seat of the regional headquarters of the Nazi Party, and by anti-Jewish activities and arrests in the town had begun, intensifying after the pogroms of November During the war, he served in Brest, the largest German submarine base on the Atlantic, as head of the civil administration, with the rank of Captain, later Major. In August , aged 15, we can see him in a photograph, stern-faced in garlanded uniform, marching in a parade of Hitler Youth shortly to be deployed to the Siegfried Line during the final mobilization.

    However, he managed to avoid the deployment and then, in February , by chance it seems, his call-up papers for the Wehrmacht. The Americans arrived in the town on 11 April. This allowed him to resume his previous job, after a period of enforced waiting, prior to the founding of the Federal Republic in At Bonn, the main philosophical influences on the son were the two full professors, Erich Rothacker and Oskar Becker, both of whom had been at the heart of the National Socialist movement.

    Becker was reinstated as a professor only in , having been banned from teaching in the immediate postwar years. Rothacker, who was an active fascist for fifteen years, from before , promoted a philosophical cultural anthropology, and his classes attracted Habermas, we are told, in part for their interdisciplinary outlook. But it was also a result of a literary and theatrical interest in Sartre.