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It also shows you how to republish feed headlines on your Web site.

Additional Product Features Dewey Edition. Part I: Consuming Feeds. Chapter 1: Getting Ready to Hack. Chapter 2: Building a Simple Feed Aggregator.

News aggregator

Chapter 5: Taking Your Feeds with You. Chapter 6: Subscribing to Multimedia Content Feeds. Part II: Producing Feeds. Chapter 7: Building a Simple Feed Producer.

Chapter Monitoring Your Server with Feeds. Chapter Web Services and Feeds. Chapter Normalizing and Converting Feeds. Chapter Filtering and Sifting Feeds.

Hacking RSS/ATOM feeds - malware delivery from a trusted connection.

Chapter Blending Feeds. Chapter Republishing Feeds. Chapter Extending Feeds. Part IV: Appendix. If you want to sign the information against a GPG signature or a certificate to provide for "palusible denability" and protection of your feed's and your own reputation, then I'm with you on that.

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But if you just want to secure the connection, then that is technically a fait accompli--I just don't see a reason for the home user to need something like this. For most restricted systems, you already know whom you are going to let in or block, and this is already handled via the http server in many cases.

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I can imagine newspapers using a technology like this to make themselves more prominent without giving up all their content for free, or at least without all the forced registration crap. To be honest I don't know enough about the technical details of RSS to comment much further. I guess that if it's designed to be hardened against unwanted inclusions such as worms then I'd say that encryption isn't necessary.

However, if security problems to exist and the feeds are open to hotile code inclusion, then I suppose encrypting the feeds would be an excellent idea.

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Imagine a client-side script that is put in change of decrypting entire HTML page that comes from any server. Suddenly, you don't need to trust the server with your password. And that means you can host private content on untrusted server. You could put a little encrypted RSS document on your webpages with your passwords in it that only you could see.

At this point, I don't trust having it on my computer at all. Furthermore, the way syndication feeds slice the Web up into timely capsules of microcontent allows you to manipulate, filter, and remix streams of fluid online content in a way never seen before.

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  • With the right tools, you can work toward applications that help more cleverly digest content and sift through the firehose of information available. You can gather resources and collectively republish, acting as the editorial newsmaster of your own personal news wire.

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    You can train learning machines to filter for items that match your interests. And, the possibilities offered by syndication will only expand as new kinds of information and new types of media are carried and referenced by feed items. This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page.