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Search engines cannot read images but do read and give weight to alt tags associated with images. The alt tags may contain targeted keywords in relevant cases.

7 Killer SEO Tips For Your Magento 2 Ecommerce Store

Content block images are under your control, so can be tagged appropriately. Body copy In general, all copy is under your control through the Magento Admin Panel. For best results we recommend that each page has at least words of copy on it. There are some cases where this much text can be difficult to place on a page but as the search engines really love relevant copy, you should do your best to increase the amount of words where you can.

This will inform the search engine what the target page is about, and help the page rank better for the term. Dynamic catalogue-related links are generated automatically. Other internal site links such as footers or SEO-specific internal site links are under your control.

Navigation For a search engine to be able to index all the content, the site must have a good internal link structure. No page should be more than three clicks away. If you work on the visibility, relevance and popularity of your website, the number of visitors to your site will increase exponentially.

Do I Need Magento SEO in 12222?

Over time, you will develop a presence for your brand that is unassailable by your competitors and keeps you at the top of the pile and increases sales. Privacy policy. Email Address. Telephone no. Company name or URL.

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Metadata optimization

Search engines. Google, by a country mile at over two thirds plus market share. To perform well in Google, you simply follow three mantras: visibility, relevance and popularity. Visibility 2. Relevance 3. Popularity 4.

Magento SEO Best Practices – Ultimate Guide [12222 Update]

Measurement Technical recommendations Visibility is about basic mechanics; getting your site seen and indexed. Magento websites are particularly well built for being read: the URLS are flat i. Basic textual content is also scanned, such as headers and body copy. The sentence is unique and also contains the important phrases for this page Meta Description tags The Meta description tag is important as all major search engines read and give weight to it.

1. Utilize Headers and Title Tags

The rules are as follows: The tag should ideally have characters or less. It is important to include 3 or 4 of the pages top keywords — using phrases that appear in the title tag is also thought to give more weight to this tag. Any keywords that are deemed to be core to this page should appear close to the start of the tag — this should give them more weight in ranking of the page.

The rules for this tag are as follows: You should only use phrases that appear in the actual copy of the page — you would not be able to rank for a phrase in the Meta keyword tag if it is not mentioned anywhere on the page or has a links pointing to it with similar anchor text. Think key phrases not keywords! Keyword is one of the most important features when the spiders crawl for information and rank your website in the search engine result pages SERPs.

It is necessary to ensure that you choose appropriate keywords. More importantly, name your title and description with at least a keyword included.

Search Engine Optimization | Magento Open Source User Guide

Apply this same rule for your category title and description. Especially, try to put these keywords in the beginning of your title, so that the spiders can easily recognize the main content of your webpages. Forget all the image titles with just boring numbers to identify them from others. Try to make its names descriptive and meaningful with relevant keywords if possible. Duplicate content is one of the most serious forbidden issues that all merchants should avoid. The spiders will consider your website inappropriate or unreliable if they find your website containing identical content with any other.

You can use patterns like:. Using stop words and unsafe characters are strictly prohibited. Alternatively, you can set the Global Search Engine Optimization configuration this way described below:. You must check if your Magento 2 is installed in the root directory or not. This file is one of the most important files which guides search engine with instruction to crawl certain pages and not to crawl some others.

Fast loading websites help to rank you better in search engines within a short span of time.