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It fills an important need in the field, which will become more and more important in the future, no doubt — integrating standard environmental economics and ecological economics. The book is very clear, very informative, flows very well, and indeed is written as a very interesting and fascinating story. The students like it.

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The additional materials that come with the book are also very good. In short, job well done! This is a carefully crafted textbook that should appeal to students from the natural sciences, as well as those from economics and other social sciences. The text covers a number of important topics that most texts neglect, including agricultural sustainability, the relationship between trade and the environment, and the role of local and national institutions in promoting environment-friendly development.

The tone of the book is formal yet friendly, and the layout of text, tables, and figures is top notch. Each chapter includes numerous useful links to material on the worldwide web. This book should prove popular with students and instructors alike. The production is first-rate - very clear and uncluttered, excellent diagrams and examples, well thought out discussion questions and problems.

The choice and sequence of topics is excellent and you have provided for the right balance between the neoclassical and ecological approaches.

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics Textbook

It is a most appealing text. Steven Kemp, Curtin University, Australia. Third Edition Materials.

See Table of Contents. S ample chapters from the Third Edition:. Sharpe, maintains its essential focus on making environmental issues accessible to a broad range of students. New material in the third edition includes:. All data series have been updated to reflect recent trends. New appendices have been added to chapters dealing with formal analysis, providing greater depth in analytical techniques.

Natural Resource and Environmental Economics (3rd Edition)

The module attempts to illustrate how environmental economics can be used to a understand the nature of environmental problems and their origins and b develop adequate policy mechanisms to address them. The module will enable students to apply the principles of environmental economics to solve simple environmental economic problems and to evaluate environmental good and services. Assessable learning outcomes: By the end of the module students will be able to: Discuss the importance of environmental services to human society Explain the importance of market failures in generating environmental problems Recognise the main policy options available to tackle environmental problems and discuss its pros and cons Solve simple problems concerning the optimal use of natural resources Apply some of the techniques to evaluate environmental goods and services.

Environment and Natural Resource Economics - Tietenberg, Chapter 9

And Common M. Natural Resource and Environmental Economics. C Conrad J. Resource Economics. Cambridge University Press. Further reading material will be provided during the lectures.

Brief description of teaching and learning methods: Teaching will be delivered through a series of 10 two-hour lectures, which also include practical sessions.