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The Holocaust survivor Natalia Karp played this piece for a Nazi concentration camp commandant, which impressed him enough to not kill her. This nocturne is written in common time but features lots of Chopin-esque tempo benders like expressive triplets and trills. Nocturnes are very expressive and melodically-driven, and usually with a moody character. The form here is ternary three-part form.

Ternary form is very simple and straightforward, with a main part A , a contrasting section B , and a return to the main part A. The introduction, 4 bars long, feels very formal and final compared to the rest of the piece.

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The chords sound very resolute and sad and take some care to play in a way where everything sounds simultaneously, and without sounding heavy-handed. Pianistically, this intro is tougher than it appears. When switching chords you need to keep the top note of the chord smoothly transitioning to the next note — easy with a single melody line, but difficult when your melody is embedded in chords. One thing less advanced pianists are wont to do is rely on the pedal to create that legato melody. But not you — right?

The main theme of the piece, which occurs twice the second time after a brief interlude , features a beautiful melody over a backdrop of broken chords. These are wide broken chords, often spanning a distance of a 10 th , which requires fluid wrist movement.

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No easy feat! That being said, a great effect is made when the lowest bass notes are held ever-so-slightly longer, like a tenuto. I found it really amazing. The video went over all the difficult parts of the piece and Josh explained how he tackled each of them. I felt I really improved after implementing the tips explained in the video.

The repertoire covered is beautiful, with all the pieces that one dreams of playing! Josh goes in-depth step by step. He gives a lot of tips and advice during the videos on how to practice smarter. And the best part: you get to have a private tutor at your convenience anytime of the day. Josh is an amazing teacher and mentor.

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A source of motivation and inspiration for pianists of all ages and skill levels. Original review Show translation. Enthalten sind alle Nocturnen von Chopin; eine sogar in 2 leicht verschiedenen Versionen. Contained are all nocturnes by Chopin; an even in 2 slightly different versions. For me, some of the most beautiful piano pieces ever!

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