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They speak, no doubt, for the heads of states and armies but they never show me what I wish to know—a battalion, a company, a squad, in action. The young officer, lacking practical wartime experience, will find much information in field manuals and service regulations, but such texts will not stimulate his imagination or understanding of battle. These must be stimulated and developed by other means, if the principles propounded in manuals are to become a live part in the professional preparation of small unit commanders before they participate in battle.

One of the most vivid media of instruction that can be drawn from military history is the small unit action based on personal experience. A number of books dealing with small unit actions have been published. One of the first was Freytag-Loringhoven's Das Exerzier Reglement fur die Infanterie , which appeared in and which attempted to show the validity of selected statements in the German field manual for Infantry by subjecting them to the test of military history.

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Army training during the s. These pamphlets are essentially small unit actions. The actions contained herein describe the Russian soldier, his equipment, and his combat methods under a variety of circumstances and conditions as seen by his opponent—the German. The narratives are intended to supplement the theoretical knowledge of Russian combat doctrine during World War II that can be acquired from the study of manuals. Whereas the military doctrines of the nations vary little, the application of these doctrines differs greatly between countries. Cooper, Matthew Jane's Publications.

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Small unit actions during the German Campaign in Russia. :: World War II Operational Documents

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