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One day, a newly dead virologist appears in the city and announces: "They've finally done it. The city fills with people who have died in the epidemic, arriving and then vanishing rapidly.

What's so special about Laura?

And, without living memory to sustain them, the city's other residents begin to disappear as well. At a research station in the Antarctic, scientist Laura Byrd is alone. Her fellow researchers left to get help from another research center after their communications system failed.

They never return. Laura is depressed and terrified, all the more so when her heating system and generator begin to break down, but she is oblivious to the worldwide catastrophe.

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Meanwhile in the city, Luka continues to write his newspaper although he expects no readers. He finally meets another person, a blind man. The two join forces to search the city for other survivors.

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Back on Earth, Laura packs a sledge and heads off across frozen tundra to find other people, along with food and shelter. She travels through snow and over ice, sleeping in a tent, determined to reach the nearest research center. She has no way of knowing that the world's population has been wiped out, and that her own parents have died and are searching for her in the city.

The city itself is filling, and strangely enough, many of the new citizens knew Laura. When Laura finally reaches the research station, she's shocked at what she finds and learns. The Brief History of the Dead. Narrator s : Richard Poe.

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