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Stakelbeck is a graduate of Holy Family University in Philadelphia. Watch for the FREE offer during checkout. Rating Required Select Rating 1 star worst 2 stars 3 stars average 4 stars 5 stars best. Email Required. Review Subject Required. Occult Traps. Atomic Chicken - America vs Iran. Obama Finds Jesus. Israel's Bunker Busters. Address - September 23, Hijacking The Holy Land. Palestine, Propaganda and Peace. Only Jesus Can. Rastafarianism Is Not Christian. Jerusalem UFO. Noah's Ark. Ahmadinejad and Nukes. Bible End-Time Timeline.

Baha'i Is Not Christian. The Pope Who? Joel - Dividing Jerusalem.

Warmonger Hassan Nasrallah. The Satanic Nature Of Freemasonry. Welcome To My Website. Secret papers show the Muslim Brotherhood's plan to destroy America and Europe. Counter-terrorism expert Erick Stakelbeck asks why they're frequent guests of the White House. He says America needs to wake up now to the enemy within. Is there a supernatural dimension, a world beyond the one we know?

Is there life after death? Do angels exist? Can our dreams contain messages from Heaven? Can we tap into ancient secrets of the supernatural? Are healing miracles real? Sid Roth has spent over 35 years researching the strange world of the supernatural. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. My guest is an expert in terrorism and he is going to speak about secret papers that have been found that show for the plans of terrorist organizations to destroy the United States of America, and it won't be a secret any more.

My guest, Eric Stakelbeck, is one of the foremost experts in terrorism. And you've probably seen Eric on CNN or on Fox, or a number of different shows in which he's a resource. But the thing that just absolutely astounds me is I knew something about a terrorist group called the Muslim Brotherhood, but I had no idea, Eric. Tell me a bit. Why does the media, our administration, posture them as moderate? What's the reason? They dress like you and I. They wear suits and ties.

They are eloquent. They are Western educated. They speak fluent English. This is not Al-Qaeda. These are not the guys with the flowing beards and the robes, and the AKs. The Muslim Brotherhood are very charming, Sid, and I've interviewed them face to face.

I've been in their. I've been in their mosques. I've been in their offices. And Sid, if I didn't know any better,. I would actually like them. They are quite charming. And at the end of the day, they share the same goals as Al-Qaeda. They used to wear the robes and now they put on business suits. Are they college educated? Are they bright? Sid, not only are they college educated, many of them have been educated in the West, in the United States, in Europe. People would be shocked to know about the Muslim Brotherhood presence in the United States.

Sid, they are here. I'll give you a great example. That's where Mohammed Morsi became a Muslim brother. Sid, they are here in the United States. SID: Now you say they're a new breed beyond the suit. They're raising homegrown terrorists. What do you mean?

Sid, I'll give you great example of this Muslim Brotherhood style link and how they're really the driving force behind all the Islamic terror we see today. The Boston bombers, those two young brothers up in Boston, killed three people, wounded more. Sid, they attended a mosque in the Boston area controlled by a Muslim Brotherhood linked group. Surprise, surprise.

SID: I heard in the news that the Muslim Brotherhood has been out to the White House at least a hundred times in the last calendar year. This is the epitome of the fox guarding the hen house. And you wonder why America's Middle East policies right now are kind of a mess and we see all this chaos in the Middle East. We have the bad guys, the Brotherhood,. SID: All right. You used the phrase, that the granddaddy of all terrorism. Do you really mean that, Eric? All of the terrorist chaos, the madness we see today, the war on terror, Al-Qaeda, Hamas, spawned by the Muslim Brotherhood, Sid, Al-Qaeda is an offshoot of the Brotherhood.

Hamas is an offshoot of the Brotherhood.

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Sid, I made the point many times that without the creation of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt in , there would have been no. I say that without hesitation. It may shock some people. But everyone behind the attack, Sid, the American people need to know this, why this group is so important, the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood is really the gateway drug to Islamic terrorism and jihad. I'm so glad you brought this up. Because the number of mosques in America, a lot of viewers might not be aware of this, the number of mosques in America has actually doubled since , since the year Now if you look at the Muslim Brotherhood strategic documents, and by the way, Sid, these mosques are not just in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, areas with large Muslim populations.

They're popping up in the Bible belt, taking overseas funding. Why, Sid, if you have such a small Muslim community, why do you need such a large sprawling mosque complex? The imams, and I've interviewed them, they can answer, and they also can answer where the money is coming from. The secret documents that I've written about, long story short, during the raid of the leading Muslim Brotherhood operatives, just outside of Washington, D.

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This is a central tenant of the Brotherhood's strategic plan to subvert America from within. SID: And how come there's these schools of Islam springing up at major universities? I mean, how does Harvard have a school of Islam? It used to be a Jewish university? How does Georgetown, a Catholic university, have these schools? Look at the money trail. Came from the same man, a Saudi prince, and the Saudis are the main purveyors, you would say of spreading radical Islam worldwide.

And it's very interesting. They have billions of dollars in these petro dollars, Sid, with this oil empire they have in Saudi Arabia. And they are missionaries in many ways, spreading Islam throughout Europe, throughout America, billions and billions of dollars over the past few decades. And they have worked with the Muslim Brotherhood, by the way. The Saudis provide the money. The Brotherhood provides the imams and the ideologues at these mosques. That has been the blueprint, traditionally, very interesting strategy that they have. SID: One last question. Is it true that the Koran says, when you're small, when Islam is small, be peace-loving.

Once you get larger, take over. It's absolutely true. Mohammed was not a political leader. When he was just a struggling so called prophet in the city of Mecca, Mohammed was more conciliatory towards Jews and Christians. He wanted to win them to his side. Later on in his career, Sid, he went to the city of Medina, became a warrior, a political leader.

All of a sudden, his so called revelations changed and became more violent and more intolerant of Christians and Jews. That includes not only the ones in Egypt, but MB branches around the world as I point out in the book, the group is present in some 80 countries , and also includes MB offshoots like al-Qaeda and Hamas and homegrown jihadists in the U.

Yet by , they were able to regroup to the point that Morsi won the Egyptian presidency just one year after being released from prison. Now that power has been wrenched away from them so suddenly and violently, the Brotherhood and its Salafist allies will not just go silently into the night.

Things will get uglier in Egypt, and likely very soon. Sadly, their warnings were largely ignored.

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The Copts had been harassed and even killed by the Brotherhood and its acolytes for decades and knew the true, totalitarian face of the movement all too well. Things were already bad for the Copts under Mubarak and became practically intolerable under Morsi. We soon learned that the brothers attended the Islamic Society of Boston mosque in Cambridge, just a few blocks from their home. What did they learn there? I think that is a fair question, given that Muslim Brotherhood ideology has spawned terror and mayhem for close to a century.

That is astounding. For one, the history of the region from the dawn of time screams otherwise.

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Second, despite the jettisoning of Morsi in Egypt, moderate, cultural Muslims are currently on the run and fervent Islamists are on the rise across the Middle East and North Africa. For a true Arab Spring to have even a remote chance of happening, Islamism and jihadism would need to be completely repudiated by Muslim peoples. At the end of the day, though, it all boils down to one undeniable fact: Judeo-Christian, Western civilization is one of a kind in its promotion of tolerance, freedom, and human rights.

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Particularly about domestic threats? As I document in The Brotherhood , I have a very unique perspective that others might lack when discussing these threats. My on-the-ground perspectives, combined with the hard facts and developments on the ground including, for example, dozens upon dozens of Islamic terror-related arrests on U.

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