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How could a "Christian Nation" ever deliberately place the Pagan gods of Rome in its capital buildings and on official documents? The Washington Beltway is shaped like the skull of Satan with the little horn of the Antichrist mentioned in the book of Daniel. Gallows Road forms the mouth of the skull; the nasal cavity by Route 66 and the eye to the skull is the CIA headquarters at Langley, Virginia. Arlington cemetery contains pathways that seem to be randomly shaped. However if one maps these and shades them in, the face of Isis is clearly seen, and if the pattern is reversed, the child French: L'Enfant of Satan the Antichrist becomes visible.

In satanic circles, the reversal of holiness is unholiness. A little to the east, decorating the frieze of the Department of Agriculture building is a row of stone swastikas, which stare directly across the avenue at the Jewish Holocaust Memorial. Rock Creek Park is in the shape of a goat - plainly so. Other research documents display an intricacy to the artwork contained in the streets that map out mythological scenes from ancient Egypt and the pantheon of their pagan gods.

This is clearly not the capital city of the God implied in the Founding Documents, but of another - yet to make his final, if futile attempt, to subvert the eternal rule of Jesus Christ. Today, Washington DC is a city built in the shape of a mile square. The square is oriented like a diamond, split into the upper and lower triangles. Interesting also that in Lafayette Park there is a flowerbed, which has a unique arrangement; it can be clearly seen from the air to be "the all seeing eye". Lafayette, who the park was named after, was a prominent Freemasonic General.

The Washington Monument in Washington, D. C, is modelled after a classic Egyptian obelisk. According to the historian Diodorus, Queen Semiramis in Babylon erected a foot tall obelisk. The obelisk was a popular edifice in Egypt and was associated with sun worship. The erect upright pointed column represents the phallus, the male sex organ, of Baal Nimrod. An obelisk within a circle represents the sex act between male and female.

The Washington Monument sits within a circle. Freemasonry planned, designed, and created the Washington Monument. Here again we see this common, recurring theme of Babylonian worship, with its emphasis on sexual perversion. The monument itself is exactly feet in visible height 6, inches. Thus the true height of the obelisk is feet. The Statue of Liberty is simply another Brotherhood symbol, highlighting the lighted torch.

There she stands on her island in New York Harbour holding her torch of freedom and Americans believe she is the symbol of their liberty in the Land of the Free. Nothing could be further from the truth. The ancients typically symbolised the Sun in this way. They are not holding the torch of liberty, but the torch of the illuminated ones, the Judeo-Masonic, Luciferian Initiated Elites!

An Egyptian Obelisk ancient symbol of the Phallus is central at the entrance to St. This is not a mere copy of an Egyptian obelisk, as is the Washington Monument.

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Emperor Caligula, in A. Heliopolis is the Greek name of the Hebrew Beth-shemesh house of the sun , which was the centre of ancient Egyptian sun worship. In , Pope Sixtus V had the foot high ton obelisk moved to the centre front of St. It comes, therefore, as no surprise to learn that Rome is still regarded as "the City of Obelisks. Giovanni in Laterano.

All are from Pagan Sun Temples in Egypt. That is the secret name of the Masonic god, the "Lost Word" learned in the ritual of the Royal Arch degree. Interestingly enough, tall spires feature prominently on all Mormon Temples and upon a host of traditional churches of all denominations down through the centuries. In fact, the symbols of the sun, moon and stars have been used throughout the history of the LDS church. It blends Judaism and Christianity, aiming at a progressive universal religion while seeking to unite all faiths and the cults of all people on earth.

The Mormon state is a theocratic community at the head of which is a grand-priest president, assisted by two others and a travelling council of twelve. Freemasonry has always seemed an outward semblance of loyalty towards the Bible and exhibits a vague notion of God; but is actually based on subtle lies and deception, typical of religious cults everywhere. Freemasonry is founded upon a Cabbalistic Pantheism or the deification and worship of the potential supremacy of man rather than simply in God Himself.

Freemasonry in its Jewish guise is the controlling power of the governments of both Great Britain and the United States. James is listed as a "33 degree adept of the French Supreme Council. It was Mayer Rothschild, the founder of the dynasty, who once was quoted as exclaiming: "Give me the right to issue a nation's money, and then I do not care who makes it laws.

In , the "Magen David," was adopted by the Ashkenazim Khazar self-styled Jew, Mayer Amschel Bauer, who hung a red hexagram on his door to identify his address amongst other things. Upon becoming a supplier of coinage to the royal Court, he changed his name to "Roth Schild", meaning Red Shield, and it was used on the Rothschild coat of arms when they were raised to the nobility by the Austrian emperor Encyclopaedia Judaica, p All five brothers were imbued with this same spirit of cunning and conquest.

Morton describes how the Rothschilds formed no true friendships and how their associates were but mere acquaintances who were used to further the interests of the House of Rothschild, and then thrown on the garbage heap of history when they had served their purpose or outlived their usefulness. The Duke of Wellington could never have paid his army at Waterloo without Rothschilds' assistance. Rothschilds' intervention enabled Disraeli to acquire the Suez Canal for Britain. A Rothschild-led syndicate enabled France to discharge its reparations debt early after the Franco-Prussian war.

They also financed Cecil Rhodes, making it possible for him to establish a monopoly over the goldfields of South Africa and DeBeers diamonds. In America, they financed the monopolisation of railroads. Rockefeller with the money to begin his monopolisation of the oil refinery business, resulting in the formation of Standard Oil. Rockefeller was nothing but a pit-bull on a Jewish leash, as was Andrew Carnegie. The man knew next to nothing about steel, but his Jewish masters guided his career and like so many others, raised him up to be their lackey.

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Virtually all of the great "Robber Barons" were the puppets of Jewish investment bankers - behind the scenes as always. The Rothschild money-power which reached the point of complete world control by , together with its London policy group, the Royal Institute of International Affairs - are THE policy makers for what has essentially been a secret government in the United States since This ruling, occupational government, functions primarily through the Council on Foreign Relations, but only as the subsidiary of RIIA and through the Rockefeller Foundation which controls all government functions, the educational establishments, the media, all religions and the state legislatures.

And so it was that, in , when Paul Warburg, another Rothschild darling, engineered the institution of the Federal Reserve System, this was by no means an American invention or an isolated event. To the contrary, it was the next logical step of integrating a global banking system that had been evolving since the seventeenth century. Then, as now, speed, efficiency and easy access to limitless funds were qualities highly prized by all governments, with appropriate favours ever sanctioned accordingly. There is no evidence that the Rothschilds' predominant standing in European or world finance has changed.

To the contrary, as their wealth has increased, they have simply raised their passion for anonymity. Today, their vast holdings rarely bear their name - for obvious reasons. Edith Starr-Miller, Lady Queensborough who paid with her life for the meticulously documented expose' of the history of the Secret Societies of her day clearly proved the link between Freemasonic Illuminism and Talmudic Judaism — a crucial fact of which is vigorously denied by Jews everywhere.

Like most societies, it covers its political activities under the cloak of benevolence and philanthropy. It draws in notables such as President George W. Members also perform several plays, and gourmet food and expensive wine are plentiful.

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  • Membership is coveted, and people routinely wait 10 or 15 years before gaining admittance. There are currently about 2, members. With its high-powered clientele, coveted privacy and cabbalistic rituals, the Bohemian Grove has prompted considerable suspicion. Some past members include, George P.

    Shultz, Stephen Bechtel, Jr. Ford, the hideously evil Henry Kissinger, William F. Buckley, Jr. Swearingten, Casper W. Weinberger, Justin Dart, William E. Simon, and hundreds of other prominent politicos and businessmen. Washington statesman and prominent personalities. Some may dismiss their behaviour as immature, even pitiful, acted out by emotionally disturbed individuals, and not worth attention. However, this is actually where Bush, Cheney, and their friends members "the governing elite", gather to take part in bizarre, satanic rituals.

    Recent information will radically change the perception of Bohemian Grove.

    Not merely drunkenness, unbounded use of alcohol and drugs with vague homosexual tones, but reported activities much more serious — kidnapping, rape, paedophilia, illegal detention of children, sodomy and ritual murder. Investigation is blocked under the National Security Act. For decades, there have been vague rumours of weird goings on in Bohemian Grove in more remote parts of its acres. Scores of men work in the Bohemian Grove as servants, so this party is fairly well established.

    The Moloch Pagan Cult of Sacrifice is human sacrifice. About the mid s there were rumours of murders in remote parts of the property.


    A local police investigation went nowhere. State investigators on related criminal acts went nowhere. An observer and near victim has described the Bohemian Grove inner hideaways, the closed sanctum, even the decor at secret locations, places where no outsider goes or servants according to our sources.

    Others reportedly did not. These cults were based on human sacrifice. Why would a 20th century resort reproduce occult ceremonies? At the minimum, it demonstrates an attraction to the ceremonial practices of the occult, i. In brief, the charges are consistent with the tenants of Bohemian Grove as played out in ceremony. This is not a resort devoted to, for example, tennis or swimming. It is apparently devoted to blood sacrifices. There is video footage covertly shot by radio talk show host Alex Jones, www.

    It was taken around yards from the owl idol during the grove's annual and highly secret "Cremation of Care" ceremony. Jones says he was close enough where he could make out the form of a wrapped infant, which he believed was alive, apparently in the process of being sacrificed. Around ten years ago, Freemasonry boasted around 16 Presidents, 41 Federal Judges, 60 Congressmen, 14 members of the Judiciary Committee and 18 Senators.

    One can only guess today at the total numbers involved within the many governmental departments that intrude into our lives on a daily basis. Skull and Bones has curled its tentacles into every corner of American society. This tiny club has set up networks that have thrust three members into the most powerful political position in the world. Skull and Bones, in fact, has been running the United States for years. As a matter of factual record, Jewish control of American society, politics, media, and religions ever continues to increase.

    And anyone who looks at this anomaly with an open mind cannot fail to see the outright dominance of high-level government positions that continue to be held by Talmudic Jews. A group that incredibly makes up less than 3 percent of the overall population yet manages to claim 10 percent of the U. Senate and two out of nine members of the U. Supreme Court alone. For all those unfamiliar with how Politicians are bought and paid for in so-called "democracies;" a brief overview. To almost guarantee election, aspirants have their campaigns openly funded by Zionist groups. This is paid back one hundred fold by these bought men and women when they use their office to authorise payments to Zionist groups, selected individuals and their particular state via aid packages, interest free loans, free pardons, censorship or elimination of critics, military aid and even destroying their enemies.

    Then when they have completed their stint in office, they can look forward to a rich Kosher gravy train of executive positions on the boards of Zionist corporations, book deals and serialisation payments from Zionist owned publishing houses and media conglomerates, consultancy fees from the same type of organizations that funded their political careers and then free dinners and big money for after-dinner-speaking gigs.

    All it takes is unbridled greed, ambition, a total lack of morality and basic human dignity — useful idiots as the protocols calls them! As a further illustration of this political degeneration, the U S Congress has around elected members. This is the same group of politicians that crank out hundreds of new laws each year, designed to keep the rest of us in line. So far, 29 of them have been accused of spousal abuse; 7 have been arrested for fraud; 19 have been accused of writing bad checks; have directly or indirectly bankrupted at least 2 businesses; 3 have done time for assault; 71 cannot get a credit card due to bad credit; 14 have been arrested on drug-related charges; 8 have been arrested for shoplifting; 21 are currently defendants in lawsuits and so far, 84 have been arrested for drunk driving in the past twelve months.

    According to yet another new book, government crimes and cover-ups are just "Business As Usual. He reveals details of wholesale corruption and unimaginable financial fraud foisted on US taxpayers. The book's premise is simple: Organized crime, comprised of government bureaucrats, military officers, intelligence officers and associated Zionist lackeys have, in essence, taken over the US Government.

    One of the biggest lies being perpetuated by the Bush Cabbal, is that they are "conservatives" in the traditional sense of the word. While some of Bush's policies tax breaks for the rich, giving corporations free reign to destroy the environment are familiar "conservative" themes, the reality is Bush and Co. Expansionist abroad and reactionary at home, the Bush Administration is on the verge of enshrining near-dictatorial Executive power, similar to that of the Roman Caesars.

    Here is yet another project with occult overtones for the Mystery Babylon program. Judging by their stated areas of research, I think the plan is to marry ' psychic spying ' with Echelon technology - hence the use of a blatant Cabbalistic symbol for the logo. The Information Awareness Office is brand new and is lead by the ageing shabbas goy, John Poindexter.

    Remember him? His CV states that, "He was directly involved in implementing The President's policies on a strong defence, freedom and democracy around the world, human rights, world hunger, economic and military assistance. By stating "Scientia est potentia," they're just coming out and saying, "Knowledge is unconstitutional political power for a few private individuals. More proof yet again of those in control pushing us further and further toward a World Police State - commencing with the U.

    Clearly, the U. So in order to keep the genie in the bottle, the U. Over the last twenty years or so, several states, lead by the U. Today, those efforts have resulted in an overabundance of raw data; much more data than can be analysed effectively. They now want to use the Internet - the tool which has the potential to set us all free - to track us down and silence us when we get too close to the REAL truth. In fact, t he Pentagon is on record, boasting of the stealth, deception and psychological warfare it uses on its so-called enemies.

    If one considers the possibility - in the wake of government atrocities such as Ruby Ridge and Waco - that the US government regards Americans themselves as a potential enemy, one might reasonably consider the likelihood that some form of psychological warfare is indeed being directed at their own people. For years now, a small army of faithful pastors, ministry leaders and laymen have been warning Christians about the dangerous U-turn of Billy Graham into false teaching and apostasy. However, the rich, influential, and powerful Judeo-Christian establishment has, regrettably, blocked this message from getting out to the masses.

    Millions of Christians and non-Christians alike are therefore totally unaware of Billy Graham's liberal, antichrist positions. They do not know of his often strange, unscriptural, false teachings and statements. Nor do they know of the hidden origins of and the secretive men behind this man's meteoric rise to stardom. What might God have to say about a man popular with the world who sings the praises of bloody Communist dictators and who enthusiastically promotes the spiritual authority of the Vatican and its Pope?

    What might God conclude about a man like Graham who endorses false bibles and supports the blasphemous worst of Hollywood movies? And ask yourself: Would God look favourably upon a "Christian" evangelist who is painfully and embarrassingly silent on the crucial issues of Abortion and Homosexuality? Moreover, Oral Roberts, Jerry Falwell and a host of religious and other authorities have put him up on a pedestal. Billy Graham born in now has Parkinson's disease, a progressive nervous disorder that has already made it impossible for him to drive a car or write by hand.

    The Cove was started in and includes an Inn and a Cove camp for youths ages Approximately , adults are trained there annually in Graham-style evangelism. Graham's magazine, Decision, reaches 1. Angels, published in , sold one million copies in just 90 days. George Bush called Graham "America's pastor. There have been a lot of speculations, accusations and denials about Billy Graham and his Freemasonic membership, connections and associations.

    However there does appear to be substantial proof from a number of credible websites, that Billy Graham is indeed a thirty-three degree Luciferian adept. She replied that they indeed did have such a file on hand. On page 23 of Morey's book entitled "The Truth About Masons" he refers to Billy Graham when he states: " Or that one of the most well-known evangelists in the world is a Luciferian because he is a thirty-third degree Mason? Jim Shaw, one of the highest-ranking Freemasons to ever defect to Christianity, says that Billy Graham took part in Rev.

    Jim Shaw's 33rd Degree Masonic initiation. This was before Shaw left the Lodge for Christ. Only 33rd Degree Masons and candidates participate in that particular initiation. In fact Huntington House refused to print this book unless they took out Billy Graham's name and substituted it with a general description "internationally prominent evangelist," p Before Jim died he confirmed this fact to many people. The most prominent guest was Norman Vincent Peale. The men were later embarrassed when the conference was exposed.

    Kennedy was never a Freemason. Interesting to say the least! Billy Graham said that we should all embrace this. It is a secret society within a secret society, a circle within a circle etc, so that only the Adepts, or Luciferian elites knows its real agenda. Attracted by his flaming torch, celestial spirits will descend and he will send these messengers from unknown spheres to earth. Then the torch of Lucifer will signal 'From Heaven to Earth! It is only by placing key 33rd degree Freemasons at the apex of political, religious and economic institutions that their satanic NWO goals can succeed.

    This man's descent into Satan's tantalising world has been gradual and unsuspecting, as it has with so many others. The Devil only asks us to take one small step at a time. Satan positioned Graham at some vulnerable point in the past, where he could see "all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time," and Graham fell for it — selling his soul for temporal riches and fleeting fame. Oral Roberts - founder of Oral Roberts University.

    William Booth - founder of the Salvation Army. In fact, the founder of the Jehovah's Witnesses was also an initiate of the 33rd Degree. Continuing with the theme of Jewish funding of popular evangelicals; last, but by no means least, was their trump card avid Freemasonic adept, C. The mindset is that Israel cannot possibly ever do anything wrong. People therefore cannot hate anything Israel does; therefore all criticism MUST result from unreasonable and totally causeless hate of Israel. Israel's group psychology is one of total denial. The only people filled with unreasoning hate is Israel itself.

    Among the many followers of this 'new religion' is one Richard Armey, the House Majority Leader, who has publicly advocated the ethnic cleansing of all Palestinians from the West Bank. This new 'constituency for repression' believes that Israel has a biblical sanction to administer collective punishment and torture, destroy personal and public property and generally make life miserable for the native people of the Holy Land. It seems to make little difference to these 'Zionist Christians' that the community they seek to 'cleanse' includes the oldest and most faithful Christian community in the world.

    Today, between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean, ten million people are locked in a bitter struggle over land and destiny. Nearly half of the population between the river and the sea are native Palestinians. Their desperate cry for liberty is not only ignored, but tens of billions in United States tax revenues are spent to assist their tormentors.

    Israel's excuse for its genocide policy against the Palestinians can be summed up as follows with some very strange logic indeed: The Nazi holocaust was so horrible that the Jews must be granted the right to commit even worse atrocities in order to fend off any possible future holocaust??. Israel's precarious situation in Palestine elucidates how important the continuous promotion of the holocaust myth is for the survival of the Jewish state.

    Without the holocaust-story, the land of robbery and murder would be deprived of its fundamental principles of existence.

    Spitting Out the Feathers of the

    Knowing this, it becomes crystal clear why most of the Western world introduced, under pressure of the Jewish power centres, new laws which punish anybody who expresses doubts about the official holocaust-story. But the chief use of this cleverly contrived myth of the Holocaust is to undergird the legitimacy of the state of Israel. The Holocaust therefore proves that Jewish existence is always in danger, unless the Jews have their own state in their own homeland.

    The Holocaust stands as the historical objectification of all the world's gentiles' eternal "anti-Semitism. Their circumstances it seems, are forever anomalous. In short, the Holocaust has become a device for exempting Jews from normal human obligations. It has authorized them to bully and blackmail, to extort, oppress and cold-bloodedly murder.

    This is all quite irrational, because even if six million Jews were murdered during World War II, the survivors are not entitled to commit the slightest injustice. If your father was mysteriously stabbed to death in the street, that's a tragedy, but it's no excuse for taking the head off the next person you see.

    Christian Zionism is a dangerous and growing segment within evangelical Christianity, which was popularised by the 19th-century American, Cyrus Scofield, when he postulated his judaised interpretation of events in history. Estimates vary, but most students of Armageddon theology agree that as a result of these relatively recent and grossly flawed Biblical interpretations, 10 to 40 million Americans firmly believe Palestine is God's chosen land for the Jews.

    It is hard to fight terrorism and conquer Iraq without Arab allies. But any attempt to win Arab support by pressuring Israel might lose evangelical Christian votes.

    15 Potential Illuminati Headquarters Around the World

    Interest groups have long influenced American foreign policy. Rarely, however, has foreign policy rested on theology. Even the vast majority of American Jews who support Israel do so more on ethnic than on religious grounds. But now some Christians are attempting to turn the U. Sympathy toward Israel is understandable: there is no excuse for murderous suicide bombings. Yet Washington needs to develop a Mideast policy that advances the interests of America, not one that advances a peculiar interpretation of Christian theology.

    Georgia's Republican state chairman, Ralph Reed, recently wrote: "There is an undeniable and powerful spiritual connection between Israel and the Christian faith. It is where Jesus was born and where he conducted his ministry. This has nothing to do with the formulation of foreign policy for the secular nation of America, which represents non-Christians as well as Christians. Onetime Republican presidential candidate Gary Bauer goes further: "The Bible is pretty clear that the land is what is called covenant land, that God made a covenant with the Jews that that would be their land forever.

    Moreover, why assume that nonreligious Jews who established a secular state in the Mideast are entitled to the same land once held by religious Jews following in the line of Moses? As Marvin Olasky, editor of World Magazine, notes, "A biblical case can certainly be made that Israelis who are atheists have tossed away their inheritance just as Esau did.

    Surely God does not require America's assistance to give it back. Finally, to how much are Jews entitled? Another group of Christians, primarily Protestants, cite their dispensationalist eschatology, or end times theology. Never mind the complicated details of this minority interpretation. Backing whoever happens to be Israel's Prime Minister is supposed to accelerate Christ's return.

    Of course, there is no way to prove what God actually intends. But the dispensationalist case is particularly strained. In fact, the book of Revelation is best understood in the context of the Roman Empire, when it was written. It foreshadows an apocalyptic end of mankind; it does not provide an exact time line of events. This argument also arrogantly assumes that the God who reconciled mankind through the sacrifice of his son requires Washington's help to get the end right. Interestingly, some Orthodox Jews are hostile to Zionism precisely because they view it as hubris for man to try to supplant God's timing.

    Another argument is that only by supporting Israel will America prosper. For example, activist Ed McAteer cites the promise that "I will bless them who bless you and curse them who curse you. Jerry Falwell declared that God had been kind to America only because "America has been kind to the Jews. Curiously, there's no verse explaining that to bless the Jewish people or to be kind to them means doing whatever the secular government of a largely nonreligious people wants several thousand years later.

    This is junk theology at its worst. Or almost worst. James Inhofe R-Okla. God is punishing the American people because their government, which has long supported Israel more firmly than any other, is insufficiently pro-Israel. Speaking for the creator of the universe is a dicey proposition and I won't try.

    But presuming that a biblical injunction to "bless" the Jewish people requires a secular state run by nominal Christians to offer a blank check to a secular state run by ethnic Jews is simply bizarre. The key purpose of this pseudo-Christian doctrine of Dispensationalism, is to instil a fiercely loyal evangelical support for the state of Israel - regardless. Even though Israel today is largely atheistic, totally unrepentant and persists with the demonization and wholesale slaughter of Palestinian men, women and children as if they were the very enemies of God, these glaring facts are deliberately ignored by the spellbound Christian sheeple.

    For the majority of Western Christians to continue to ignore the suffering of the indigenous Palestinian Church in such a troubled situation, where they are ignored and maligned, is not only deeply offensive to them, it is surely a contradiction of our faith, and ultimately immoral before God. It is nothing less than to perpetuate the evil of the Levite in the Parable of the Good Samaritan who carefully walked by on the other side. I vow that I'll burn every Palestinian child that will be born in this area.

    I vow that if I was just an Israeli civilian and I met a Palestinian I would burn him and I would make him suffer before killing him. With one hit I've killed Palestinians in Rafah in I wanted to encourage my soldiers by raping Arabic girls as the Palestinian women is a slave for Jews, and we do whatever we want to her and nobody tells us what we shall do but we tell others what they shall do. Christian Zionism offers an uncritical endorsement of the Israeli political right and at the same time shows an inexcusable lack of compassion for the Palestinian tragedy.

    In doing so it has legitimised their oppression in the name of the Gospel. In practice, they reject the teaching of The Lord Jesus in the New Testament: that each of us is equally precious in the eyes of the Lord. Judeo-Christians will seemingly do anything for Israel and the Jews, whom they worship as God or God's little brother, although they would never admit it. They are only too happy to be the Jews' mind slaves, and insist we all join in their bondage. Certainly their beliefs are anti-Christian. More to the point: Zionist "Christians" are traitors to the cause of Christ.

    Along with Jews, they urge us to spill the blood of any who stand in the way of Israeli ambition. Essentially, Christian Zionism fails to recognise the deep-seated problems that exist between Palestinians and Israelis; it distorts the Bible and marginalizes the universal imperative of the Christian gospel; it has grave political ramifications and ultimately ignores the sentiments of the overwhelming majority of indigenous Christians.

    It is a situation that many believe Israel exploits to her advantage, cynically welcoming Christian Zionists as long as they remain docile and compliant with Israeli government policy. Behold, it is not of the Lord of hosts.. It is impossible to overstate the influence of this immoral conman, outright deviant and dishonest trickster, Cyrus Ingerson Scofield, on twentieth-century Christian belief. Scofield has served as the primary agent by which Evangelical Christianity has become corrupted - teaching and propagating the doctrine of a Jewish New World Order for over years.

    And who was Cyrus Scofield? History records that as a young con-artist in Kansas after the American Civil War, he met up with the notorious John J. Ingalls, an aging Jewish lawyer who had been sent by the "Secret Six" some thirty years before to work the Abolitionist cause. Pulling strings both in Kansas and with his compatriots back east, Ingalls assisted Scofield in gaining admission to the Bar, and procured his appointment as Federal Attorney for Kansas.

    Ingalls and Scofield became partners in a railroad scam, which led to Cyrus serving time for criminal forgery.


    While he was in prison, Scofield began studying the philosophy of John Darby, pioneer of the Plymouth Brethren movement and the "any moment now" Rapture doctrine. Upon his release from prison, Scofield deserted his first wife, Leonteen Carry Scofield, and his two daughters Abigail and Helen, and he took as his mistress a young girl from the St.

    Louis Flower Mission. He later abandoned her for Helen van Ward, whom he eventually married. Following up his Illuminati connections in New York, he settled in at the Lotus Club, which was listed as his residence for the next twenty years. According to Peter Champoux, there is a powerful flow of energy in the city channeling through the lines amid 9 million people.

    A little research shows alignment through Corona Park and other areas where people congregate. The Wheel is expected to open 2 or 3 years from now. Our guest author and occult researcher Matthew Delooze has written about Ferris Wheels and in his article Spitting Out the Feathers of the Benu Bird, he points out some very interesting ideas. I have explained previously that Ferris wheels are notoriously uneconomical.

    So why are they appearing all over the bloody place? Who is funding it all? The London Eye alone is losing 25 million pounds a year. Tuesday, 3 April The Beatles and the search for the light. Did the Beatles have access to hidden knowledge about the origins of Christianity? Were they taught the secrets of the Freemasons? Had they discovered the history of the Knights Templars or the occult connections of the Illuminati to whom they became exposed?

    Does the inclusion of Aleister Crowley on the record sleeve reveal their satanic black magic — or black magick - roots? According to the article of October 10th , the cover of Beatles For Sale was originally going to show the boys with lit matches under their chins standing under the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. The Arc de Triomphe is a building with established masonic links.

    An eternal flame also burns next to the grave of President John F. This is also reminiscent of the torch that is held by the Statue of Liberty in New York, a monument that was donated by French freemasons to their American brethren. The Arc de Triomphe is placed at the centre of a circle from which 12 roads go out across Paris. On the road circle around the Arc de Triomphe are 12 points on the road making a pointed star.