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It is impossible to overstate the significance of The Shortest Shadow 's philosophical achievement. Read these essays and you will see what kind of a spiritual explosion a writing bomb can produce in the hands of a true pyrotechnist. Rebecca Comay and Frank Ruda.

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Search Search. Search Advanced Search close Close. Preview Preview. Shadows are the holes in light From Amazon There are a few holes in this book that upon the reception of a little light might be considered, how might one say, augmented shadows of distortion But the itch, like curiostity, can be its own reward. Not only does she move the reader in and through Lacanian theory vis-a-vis Nietzsche, but she also developes Lacanian concepts themselves. If you are expecting a long and sustained study of Nieztsche's entire body of work through the lens of Lacan, then, this is not the book for you.

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Rather, Zupancic focuses in on a couple of Nietzschean concepts in order to give them a new look. She also unfolds some of Alain Badiou's ideas--particularly, the Event--in relation to Nietzsche and Lacan she also studies with Badiou in Paris , which is very informative. This book is short and sweet, and by using art and comedy to unfold the ideas it is also entertaining. For me, the highlight of this book is the appendix, which is a reprint of an article she wrote on love and comedy, which is helpful for understanding drive and desire in Lacan.

Indeed, Zupancic is the next Lacanian superstar! Get into Nietzsche again for the first time From Amazon This is an exciting study, that will be striking in its insights even to those who thought that they got Nietzsche long ago. What Zupancic's book brings out for me is the feeling of reading Nietzsche for the first time This book also makes nice use and comparison of the works of Weber, Lacan and Badiou among others, but in much more enlightening ways than a lot of other recent scholarship.

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And its readable without having a PhD background in the stuff. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Oct 24, Owlseyes inside Notre Dame, it's so strange a hour blaze and Nietzsche is the anti-philosopher; Malevitch the anti-artist. Lacanian psychoanalyst and author Alenka Zupancic posits so.

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The Slovenian essayist considers Nietzsche as being a metapsychologist. Truth and "nothingness" are approached as well. Interesting essays. Jun 05, Kathryn rated it really liked it. Yet this does not mean that statements are meant ironically; they are subversive precisely because they are meant very seriously. Fundamentally, irony is simply an assertion of the ego, and of its supremacy. Most avant-garde manifestos go to great lengths she made me a little depressed toward the end, but this is my favorite quote: What seems like a megalomaniac aspect of most manifestoes should in no way be read as shameless subjective arrogance on the part of the artists themselves as individuals.

Most avant-garde manifestos go to great lengths to abolish the notion of the artist as the ego "who makes art" : they accomplish this not by means of irony, but by substituting the subject-work in place of the ego. In other words, the subjectivity that so vehemently affirms itself in manifestoes is the art-object itself. Megalomania or, rather, its effect is strictly correlative to the withdrawal of the ego.

The point is that the declaration is part of the Real it declares. This is why it cannot declare the event from the outside but, rather, takes the form of r"I, the event, am speaking" Take the example of the "event love," of an encounter that makes us fall in love and, in this process, declare our amorous state. The Real here is the very ground in which we stand when we are declaring it, and this is what redoubles the declaration of love at its core. A declaration of love is always a precipitated statement.

It involves a leap in causality not only in relation to the preexisiting situation, but also in regards to its own begetting. The declaration love is a precipitated statement that creates the condition of its own enunciation and the conditions of the what it declares. Jul 07, Eric Phetteplace rated it liked it Shelves: philosophy. I enjoyed this because I love Nietzsche and have a weakness for Lacanian terminology though not necessarily the correlative concepts. That being said, Zupancic's work is not too original or interesting. Overall, if you love Nietzsche and Lacan and wonder why they never get a sustained treatment together, then this book is for you.

Apr 13, Tomasz Gil rated it it was amazing.

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Fantastic book on Nietzsche written in the light of the thought of Lacan. The view of the two - as the beginning of multiplicity, as the challenge to be overcome and pressed into a single "truth". The author clarifies the ideas of Nietzsche as those of Lacan - both known for insights impenetrable to newbies.

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Jul 21, Gonzo rated it it was amazing Shelves: philosophy. Probably the best book I've read on Nietzsche.

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