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With the detailed explanations and numerous illustrations, it compasses all fundamental areas of problem solving from the basics of mathematical functions and operations to the design and use of codes, indicators and arrays. Hands-on programming projects utilising any computer language is covered. Lectures are presented in a sequence that allows students to learn how to deal with visual interface while acquiring important programming skills such as creating projects with objects, decisions, loops, and data management. CIS - Database Systems 3,0 3 This course introduces the basic concepts and elements of file management techniques and database management systems.

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Prerequisite: CIS Emphasis is made on the conceptual nature of statistical topics to enable students to make effective interpretations, judgment and decisions by using SPSS. Structure and elements, organizations, functions of management, leadership, organising and controlling planning and the decision making process, elements of control in the organisation, information technology and MIS, and the influence on MIS design are covered.

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Emphasis is made on different types of information systems. The languages, protocols, services and tools that enable the web in order to understand all the pieces of the distributed computing puzzle are studied. Emphasis is placed on new and emerging technologies of the Web. Students will also develop an understanding of some important regulatory requirements.

The course assumes the students to have a preliminary knowledge of computers and the internet.

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The student will apply techniques using a modern object oriented implementation language. Students will learn practical skills in human computer interaction, databases, image manipulation, Flash programming, and teamworking and project management. Students will apply these skills in a second year team project and a final year individual project to develop sophisticated systems. Students will explore the design of effective, interactive multimedia systems, particularly Child-Computer Interaction and education.

Functions, arrays, sort and search techniques, characters and strings, and file processing are included. Industry experts say that while the Internet of Things IoT had a false start particularly in regard to the augmented technology, in , we should expect to see it improve our ways of doing things at home, work and even during leisure activities. This is why we expect to see it be among the biggest IT trends of The IoT is usually driven by the industry and will succeed the most if it focuses on getting solutions for some specified problems.

The industry focuses on firmware and software that is hardware centric and suits those who love creating solutions and meets the demands of the engineering field.

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The technologies that are related to the big data will continue rising in importance in Due to its great return on investment, impact speed and measurability, digital marketing are now more popular as compared to the traditional marketing. This means that big data is now applied to the big business as many of the digital marketing campaigns can rely on the huge data quantities to ensure effectiveness and a greater reach.

This is why companies are now relying on the data management to ensure conversions from online connections. Nowadays, more users are expecting a better online performance from mobile devices.

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This has resulted in a race for the improvement of the mobile performance. This means that the web trends will include user-triggered animations, mobile-only development, secured apps and pages and natural language processing. There will also be an increased usage of white or negative spaces. According to a leading essay writing service , Artificial intelligence AI is definitely among the biggest hits when it comes to IT trends that has impacted creativity in the online space.

AI can be manifested through different algorithms for machine learning. Continue Reading.

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Oracle used the Code One section of its Oracle Open World conference to detail some of the more developer-centric elements of its total platform. Code One derives its name from JavaOne, the Five simple testing techniques that will help developers test their software systematically, thoroughly and quickly. The UK technology sector does not want a no-deal Brexit, and recognises the damage it would cause. If we're leaving the EU, the Prime Minister needs to get a deal.

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