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SPAZ: This is your first album in nine years.

Why did it take so long for the album to come to fruition? JIMMY nowadays we are considered to be 1 essay writing service for students. I think that we were without knowing it by then trying to write some kind of sequel to the previous album, but I guess we kind of reached a dead end. No escape doors whatsoever! We found this place with just concrete walls, floor and ceiling so we had to start building it all by ourselves, from scratch.

Since none of us had any experience with this kind of construction, we googled most of it. Obviously this took a lot of time. Then, a lot of things have happened on a personal level. Some of us have become parents multiple times, and if anything is time consuming, that is!

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Our drummer Dennis Ekdahl left the band in the middle of writing this album. SPAZ: Has your songwriting style changed over the years? How do your songs come together? Does the riff come first and does that dictate the direction the lyrics will take? At a few times we stepped out in the rehearsal room to jam the riffs but more often than not we just stayed in the studio and recorded it.

I personally like to have a completely written riff to write my lyrics to. Do you feel that thrash — and metal in general — is often misunderstood by critics?

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When you step outside that box people have opinions. We definitely have a lot of influences from thrash bands, both bay area and European but still we do have a lot of other influences. SPAZ: With such a long break between albums, was their an abundance of material for you to choose from when it came time to decide what tracks were going to make the album?

Except for the earlier material that went right in the trash bin, of course. The delay of this album depends on a lot of other things, as I talked about earlier. SPAZ: The band has gone through line-up changes over the years yet your fans have stood by you as you continue to evolve musically. Why do you think metal fans are more loyal to the bands than other genres? I think Metal and rock fans are sort of like football supporters… Damn!

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And if there will be a new album I definitely will buy it. SPAZ: When the band first started out, what was your local music scene like? And has that changed over the years? Of course we were influenced by that, but Slayer and Metallica was the style we grew up with, so we mixed those styles together and found Raise Hell.

Today I think we still have the melodic parts here in Sweden, but now bands are getting influenced by the American Hardcore, and the New Metal that are growing stronger. But I guess the popularity of the bands from this part of the world depends on many things. First there is a typical Swedish or Scandinavian sound that put this music in a special box. Then I think that politics and society reflects a lot, not only the lyrics but probably the music as well. It also seems that our geographical location combined with some mythology plays a big part in all of this.

DJ turntables used to be a huge market, and there are still brands gamely trying to take on the market-dominating Technics SL and , despite over 40 years of consistent failure to do so. Chief amongst these are Stanton and Numark, who serve up this multi-speed, deck for a tonne. It is decidedly plasticky but has a bit of heft to it, and setup is simple, because the output is line level rather than requiring a phono pre-amp.

That said, output is on the quiet side, but feed it through a half decent mixer, into an amp, and you get perfectly acceptable results, for the money. It's definitely more of a house deck than a hip-hop one — don't even think about scratching with it; you'll ruin your records and the needle. However, we could be said to be at its borders, having our passport eyed suspiciously by a man in a blue uniform.

The die-cast aluminium platter, thick, vibration-quelling rubber mat and damped bass for reducing bass feedback are all hallmarks of a more grown-up record player, and sound quality is again a noticeable step up from the cheaper models. Setup remains easy, but here you have the switchable option of line level or phono level output.

The cartridge is easily replaceable with a range of others, should you want to tweak its sonic characteristics. Not the most attractive turntable ever to roll off a production line, this Marantz is nonetheless a solid bargain. Again, it has a cartridge included and outputs at line level, so no phono pre-amp is required. Given its small footprint, that helps make setup a doddle.

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Audio is a noticeable step up from the first two turntables, although still by no means 'haiigh-faiigh', but what makes it really cherishable is that the the tone-arm moves onto the record on its own, at the press of a button. Then, when it reaches the end of the side, it lifts off and returns to base, rather than sticking in the run-out groove and making a static-y noise indefinitely.


Unfortunately, however, it stubbornly refuses to turn the record over for you. Samsung's secret weapon may have just been revealed. Keep them quiet, entertained and protected with our pick of the best headphones for kids. Can the wires and keep great sound quality, with great sounding wireless Bluetooth headphones and buds. Sweat-resistant, Bluetooth wireless headphones will drown out your groaning whilst running and working out. Don't settle for weak, tinny television audio. Soundbars and sound bases sit in front of or under your telly to big up its sound in stereo, 5.

Block out the sounds of planes, trains and colleagues with these active noise cancelling wireless and wired headphones.

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Stream music from any phone, tablet or laptop with the best Bluetooth wireless speakers. T3 is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Visit our corporate site. All rights reserved. England and Wales company registration number T3 Smarter Living. Sign up to our newsletter Newsletter. That's where we come in… If you've been thinking of making the first move into analogue musical appreciation, but are baffled by the choice of turntables available, we have a possible solution: a big list of turntables, starting with our favourites, and then continuing with more great choices arranged in descending order of price.

Prefer it digital? Best Bluetooth speakers… Best multi-room speakers The best record players T3's favourites 1. Specifications Weight: 5kg. Output: Analogue with pre-amp. Dimensions: x x mm. Reasons to avoid - Setup is a bit of a pain. Specifications Weight: Not quoted but fairly weighty. Output: Analogue with pre-amp and HD wireless digital.

Reasons to avoid - You do pay a premium for the wirelessness, clearly. Output: Analogue. Dimensions: mm x mm x mm. Weight: Reasons to avoid - Retro look won't be loved by all - This thing is very pricey. Specifications Weight: Dimensions: cm x x mm. Reasons to avoid - You should only buy if you're serious about turntables.

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Specifications Weight: 5. Reasons to avoid - Glossy finish means fingerprints Reasons to avoid - Much pricier than entry level turntables. Output: Analogue with pre-amp, USB. Reasons to avoid - Empty List.

Rega Planar 1 Best affordable hi-fi record player 2. Specifications Weight:. Dimensions: mm x Reasons to avoid - You'll need to buy a separate pre-amp.