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But first I will start by clarifying the terms ambitious digital experiences one by one. I believe there is no need to lose too much space on Drupal, as we all know very well what is it capable of delivering. I don't want to dwell too long and try to figure out how Dries came about this idea but there had to be an underlying ambition. An ambition to steer Drupal and agencies in a direction where we would be able to differentiate ourselves.

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Not just from direct competitors but also from simpler SaaS solutions. So, there is a clearly defined and stated ambition by Dries what he thinks Drupal should aim for. And he is ambitious in achieving that. But the more important issue is that this ambition is also nurtured in digital agencies to embrace the idea and become more ambitious.

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Some of them have been already doing this, focusing their business on ambitious digital experiences, some of them embraced the idea but not fully incorporated it into its daily dealings with clients, and there are probably also some agencies who still cope with accepting it. Back to ambitious. What do dictionaries say about this word? It is an adjective. And it can mean having a strong desire and determination to succeed.

Some synonyms are motivated, eager, energetic, committed, driven, enterprising, And the other meaning is connected to digital experience. A piece of work intended to satisfy high aspirations and also difficult to achieve. An ambitious digital experience for whatever client does have high aspirations, it does have a set of goals it wants to achieve with it and, of course, there is a lot at stake.

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But is it also difficult to achieve? Probably the harder part of this journey is getting clients who appreciate and utilize the value of such a digital experience. The technical part of delivering it should be the easier part of it. Let's start with digital. The most obvious definition would be the opposite of analog. Digital involves or somehow relates to the use of information technology. Computers distinguish just two values, 0 and 1, so all the data that the computer processes must be encoded digitally. As a series of ones and zeros.

But again, let's move away from the technology debate and focus instead on what digital should represent and what can deliver. Somehow that doesn't feel it is enough. We have to move away from simple definitions and focus not on what digital is but to understand it as a way of doing things. We will return to those three attributes at a later time. But with defining digital as a way of doing things we are coming closer to creating experiences. Any digital device is just a tool until used in such a manner it creates an experience.

Let's look at what dictionaries say about the experience. It can be a noun or a verb. If noun it can mean these two things. The majority of the work on the project was contributed by the rest of the group.

Beginning Drupal

In the near future, we will also add free Drupal training videos created by various providers. All videos on this website will always be free. You may have noticed some videos are tagged with conferences. In fact, all videos are tagged with conferences, but you can only see the published ones. We ask DrupalCamp organizers to reach out so that they can populate their own conference pages. We want this site to be globally useful.

And if you are recording Drupal conferences in your country, reach out to us with your youtube playlist! Video submissions are open to the public! Approved content administrators will have the ability to import entire playlists from youtube, but anyone can import an individual video! Debug Academy students and alumni will continue to build and maintain the website as a non-profit project for the Drupal community.

We will periodically share articles about what new Drupal developers were able to build using the website.

Instead, they could simply create a conference page on Drupal. At the moment, we have plenty of development capacity for the project, and we would like this project to continue to enable graduates of Debug Academy to land their first full time jobs as Drupal developers. You can help by spreading the word!

Beginning Drupal

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