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When shooting with wide apertures, precise focusing is essential, so move your focus point over the nearest eye and take the time to focus precisely. Review your shots, zooming in to check the eyes.

Online Boudoir Course & Boudoir Photography Education

The arms and legs are often key to posing, so look for ways to make interesting shapes out of them. A slight side-on angle like this works too, as it presents a slimmer view of the body.

So what the heck is Boudoir then?

Take some posing guides to the shoot for inspiration. Sometimes natural light may not be enough. Try using LEDs light panels for constant lighting.

Dramatic Boudoir Photography Lighting

For our opening image we combined window light with a ring LED to light the face, then added a second LED positioned behind her and to the right to create an edge highlight along the body. A space with big bay windows is ideal. Make your model comfortable by keeping the room warm and providing soft cushions and furnishings. Keep a dressing gown to hand for downtime. UK Edition. The genre has taken off so much that member groups have formed to help photographers master techniques and grow their businesses.

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The Association of International Boudoir Photographers , formed in , offers cash prizes and publishing opportunities for exceptional boudoir photographers. Women like to mark special occasions like anniversaries and birthdays, or life milestones such as pregnancy and weight loss, or even as a way to celebrate overcoming domestic violence or breast cancer. Most of the six or seven boudoir shoots she does every month in her Gardena studio are of brides-to-be, who give albums to their fiances as wedding gifts.


Then, in an upstairs bedroom filled with natural light, Woo teaches them how to pose on couches and bean bags. Some women want to wait until they get in shape to do a boudoir shoot, Woo said, but she has all the right lingerie, corsets, lighting and angle know-how to hide certain areas and enhance others.

And when you see the photos, they should make you feel really good about yourself and allow you to look back at a particular time in your life. Lawndale photographer Sandra Surkow began doing boudoir shoots six years ago when she studied photography in college in Arizona. Now she does 10 to 15 a year at her photography studio, Sunshine Studios. She tries to break the shyness by making women feel as comfortable as possible and finding their most flattering shots.

She also has never had a male boudoir client.

Boudoir Photography: Flattering the Female Form

Most of hers are women from their mids to 40s taking the photos as gifts for their partners. Though most women want to see their shots immediately, Surkow spends time carefully editing them.

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Elias, who photographs only three or four clients a week and is booked several weeks in advance, tries to create fine art out of boudoir photos. In many cases, boudoir photos will never end up on the wall of a home office, library or bedroom. Instead, the photos will go straight to social media sites such as Facebook.

Mark Carrier, a psychology professor at Cal State Dominguez Hills in Carson, said people are crafting an image and looking for social approval when they post boudoir photos or other risque images on social media.