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Please retain the following transaction details for your records. And even before the automated email goes out, customize the message on the thank you screen donors see after they give online. In particular, make sure to configure your online donation platform so that social sharing buttons appear on the thank you page; simply by inviting donors to click a button after they give to invite their social networks to join them can double your online giving income!

Boards and fundraising: practical ideas for small shops

Plus, those extra funds will come from folks that are likely not already in your donor database, expanding your base of supporters. This feature is common in most platforms, but it needs to be activated.

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Scheduling social posts ahead of time so you can enjoy well-deserved time off and vacations, building an automated email series designed to inform and inspire new donors, and automating other processes are all great ways to reduce the strain on your staff. Not all automated processes need to be donor-facing. If your online fundraising platform can accommodate it, build and save custom reports ahead of time to save yourself some work.

Fundraise Smarter

You can also set certain integrations between your fundraising platform and donor management system to save your bookkeeper or accountant the time and effort of moving data manually. Retaining donors is a more cost-effective fundraising method than recruiting new donors. You need to make them feel loved, appreciated, and valuable. And they need to be encouraged to give again.

Unique Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

To ensure your donors get the attention they deserve without overwhelming yourself, build donor retention time into your everyday schedule. Pick a couple of simple donor retention strategies and set aside a little time on a regular basis to work on them. Try things like:. Putting these strategies into practice will strengthen your relationship with existing donors, which will make them more likely to give again.

3 Online Fundraising Tips for Small Nonprofits

We know, we know. We can also see that a lack of access to tools is a major problem for many nonprofits, as a lack of resources and marketing assets was a commonly cited obstacle. By improving the software tools available to nonprofits or by convincing upper management to properly invest in fundraising resources , organizations can improve their donor acquisition to keep their mission budgets growing.

Topics: donor acquisition , donor research.

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Fundraise Smarter. Attitudes About Donor Acquisition Where things get really interesting is in respondents attitudes towards donor acquisition and whether or not they feel like their organizations are systematic in their approach to donor acquisition: The split between respondents who agreed or disagreed that their organization had a systematic approach to donor acquisition was fairly even, with a lean towards those who did not feel that their organizations were systematic in their approach.

The Biggest Obstacles for Finding New Donors To find out what kind of obstacles fundraisers face to find new donors, we asked for some short form answers about what keeps them from improving their donor acquisition. Follow WeDidIt.

The Biggest Obstacles for Finding New Donors

Popular Posts. Search this site on Google Search Google. If hosting a community event is not your cup of tea, another option is infiltrating a pre-existing event where the retail shop serves as the sponsor. Money need not be the only currency. Speak with the event coordinator to see whether a system of bartering could be established.

You might want to offer a product or a service in lieu of mention of your charity. Choose events that make sense, such as an auction, as well as those events with strong traffic flow and that are able to effectively communicate the purpose of the fundraising. In the age of technology, fundraising is not all about face-to-face contact. Establishing an online presence using social media tools, such as Twitter or Facebook, will allow you to extend your cause beyond the community.

48 Fundraising Ideas in Under 8 Minutes

Both an online raffle and a bake sale are ideas that will intrigue people from all over. Spread the word that for each online donation received, donors will be entered into a raffle to win a special prize direct from the retail shop. Also, you might want to consider collecting a donation of baked goods to auction off to the highest bidder. While it is OK to reach out to members of the community or even across the world, sometimes the most generous donations come from your immediate circle of influence, such as neighbors, friends and family.