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Ask Us Contact a librarian via phone, email or instant message. It was a gala event that was well received by the public and by the reviewers. The play followed Defauconpret's translation of Cooper's novel fairly closely with some scenes played word for word. Mademoiselle Mars, the most celebrated actress of the time, played Frances Wharton.

She appeared in 39 of the 44 scenes in this five-act play. Although out of proportion to Wharton's role in the novel, Mlle.

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Mars' appearance helped insure the success of the play. It was presented seventeen times between its opening on December 13th and February 1, The play was enthusiastically awaited according to the article in the Albion. Odell provides a list of the full cast, but "Despite the good cast, The Pioneers failed to achieve the success of The Spy; it reached only the third performance --the traditional author's night.

III, p. Ireland noted that "The Pioneers" played with Maywood as Natty and lists the cast. William Dunlap's diary states that C. The new "Melodrama" was also produced on July 7th; it was revived on December 11, [Odell, full cast list, Vol. Odell lists the cast of a May 19, production at William E. The dramatization of this novel gave Cooper another first: the successful adaptation of a pirate novel to the stage [others followed: "The Water Witch" and "The Red Rover".

Paralleling the success of Cooper's first sea novel was the great triumph of the dramatization of The Pilot.

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Fitzball also wrote a burlesque version that takes place off the American coast with British sailors and which makes the ridiculous characters Yankees. This version had great success in England. Sir Walter Scott recorded his viewing the play and the support it got from British sailors.

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  8. H[enry] Wallack. It was first played March 21, at the Chatham Theatre. Wallack played Kate Plowden, and it is said that James M. Scott's Long Tom Coffin became a stage tradition with the name clinging to him. The 17th performance was on the 10th of April. Theater based on The Pilot was very successful over a year span as evidenced by Odell's reporting a first performance in and the last reported performance in in the United States. A comic opera entitled "Paul Jones" played in [Nicoll, V, pp.

    History of English Drama 1660-1900: Volume 6, A Short-title Alphabetical Catalogue of Plays

    Brown also reported a comic opera by H. The only connection may have been the name. Thomas R. Lounsbury called it one of Cooper's worse failures [Lounsbury, p. Boynton said, "The trouble with Lionel Lincoln is not that it is based on fact but that it fails to transmute fact.

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    Nevertheless, as adapted for the stage by Steven E. Glover we can see that it was performed for a period of 25 years from to The play incorporated much of the dialogue from the novel. The Last of the Mohicans , published in February, , was a great success as a book. Lounsbury states, "Of all the novels written by Cooper, "The Last of the Mohicans" is the one in which the interest not only never halts, but never sinks," [Lounsbury, p. One wonders why then with such wide acceptance it took until December 27, to produce a play from the novel. Captain Steven E.

    The developments of the characterizations, dialogue and the plot were close to the novel. Hoole says that the play was presented in Charleston January 6, ; and Fishman states that it played in New Orleans at the American Theatre intermittently from April to March The second of Cooper's sea novels was equally popular to his first.

    Gordon tells us that at least seven adaptations 3 American; 4 British appear to have been made with four available in print [Gordon, p. It only took six weeks after the book was at the printer to see an adaptation on the stage of The Red Rover. Francis C. The play followed closely the plot, the dialogue, and the characterizations of the book. Chapman added only two scenes of his own to the thirteen scene adaptation.

    The play was reported to have been a challenge for the author, painter and machinist. According to Wemyss all acquitted themselves well including the excellent music of Mr. The play was last seen at the Park Theatre on April 16, a fifty-one-year life span. James Rees wrote that F. This could have been Chapman's adaptation with which Wemyss had been closely associated. Fitzball was successful in persuading the management to put his adaptation ahead of another adaptation that they had commissioned.

    His nautical burletta was produced at the Adelphi on February 9, Thomas Potter Cooke, a former British seaman, who had great success on the stage, played Fid. Cooke again playing Fid. John Gordon speculates that this could have been Fitzball's adaptation because of Cooke's role. There was also an anonymous English adaptation presented at the Royal Cobough Theatre in IV, p.

    The February 15th John Bull announcement that the "Red Rover" a play "originally written for the Adelphi Theatre but from certain circumstances never performed there" would indicate that this was the burletta that Fitzball succeeded in edging out.

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    It was written by R. Weaver and performed at the Sadler's Wells Theatre on March 2, The three act, eleven scene play follows the story and uses Cooper's dialogue. Attesting to the popularity of Cooper's work, there was also a burlesque written years later by Francis Cowley Burnard [of "Box and Cox" and "Punch" fame] which played at the Strand Theatre December 26, The publication of Cooper's book in England spawned a school of nautical sketches and stories between Some writers feel that because of his peculiar origins and conflicting obligations, Frederick, the hero of Gilbert and Sullivan's "The Pirates of Penzance," is the replica of Cooper's Wilder.

    The dramatization of this novel gave Cooper another first: the successful dramatization of an Indian theme. The capture by Indians of the Heathcote's daughter Ruth , being an Indian Chief Conanchet's wife Narramatah and a mother, and her return to her family are the elements of drama. The last reported adaptation was a two act dramatization in Bernard played at the St.

    Charles in New Orleans in The plays ran intermittently over a duration of decades: November 12, to November 30, Dunlap lists a "Taylor" Charles Western Taylor? Hamblin gave over performances we do not know. There were at least two other versions produced after Penn Smith's attempt. Clapp [p. Wallace is listed as the author of the play at the Arch Street Theatre Philadelphia on September 4, , and September 30, , and C. Taylor is listed as the author of the play at the Bowery May 31, [Fishman, p. Performances are listed from This stage piece of was performed more often than any other play of the period.

    Richard Penn Smith wrote two adaptations. Quinn also indicated Penn Smith wrote a blank verse dramatization as a five-act tragedy in that was produced as "The Venetian" at the Arch Street Theatre in James Rees wrote an adaptation in for Hugh Reinagle, the scene designer who also helped write the prologue, that played at the American Theatre in New Orleans on May 17, Scott, who played Long Tom Coffin so often, played the Headsman.

    Odell reported an adaptation called "Mount St. It would seem that this play had a short life. There were only two references found to the dramatization of The Pathfinder. Jonas B. Phillips wrote the adaptation, and it reportedly played at the Bowery Theatre, NY in Odell reported a play by this name at the Bowery Theater in September of