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Tommy Tzeng. The NTC Pioneer Award in nanotechnology is to recognize individuals who by virtue of initiating new areas of research, development or engineering have had a significant impact on the field of nanotechnology. The award is intended for people who are in the mid or late portions of their careers, i. Weiss is known for determining the mechanism of function of the smallest switches and motors in the world.

These tools and methods have broad applicability in many fields of science, engineering, and medicine. He is the founding and current editor-in-chief of the leading nanoscience journal ACS Nano and an international spokesperson for nanoscience and nanotechnology. Paul S. He received his S. He was a postdoctoral member of technical staff at Bell Laboratories from and a visiting scientist at IBM Almaden Research Center from Before coming to UCLA, he was a distinguished professor of chemistry and physics at the Pennsylvania State University, where he began his academic career in His interdisciplinary research group includes chemists, physicists, biologists, materials scientists, mathematicians, electrical and mechanical engineers, computer scientists, clinicians, and physician scientists.

They develop new techniques to expand the applicability and chemical specificity of scanning probe microscopies. They apply these and other tools to study self- and directed assembly, and molecular and nanoscale devices.

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They advance nanofabrication down to ever smaller scales and greater chemical specificity to operate and to test functional molecular assemblies, and to connect these to the biological and chemical worlds. He has written over publications, holds over 30 patents, and has given over invited, plenary, keynote, and named lectures. He was also elected a senior member of the IEEE Weiss was a member of the U.

The Nanotechnology Council has established an Early Career Award to recognize individuals who have made contributions with major impact on the field of nanotechnology. Up to two awards may be given per year. Hadjilambrou , P. Nikolaou , Y. Sazeides , P. Trancoso , G. Kaliorakis , A. Chatzidimitriou , D. Lawthers , S. Gizopoulos , R. Canal , A. Gizopoulos , M.

Iacaruso , M. Pipponzi , R. Mariani , S. Tselonis , S. Di Carlo, D. Kaliorakis , S. Vallero , A. Savino , G. Politano , S. Di Carlo, A. Chatzidimitriou , S. Tselonis , M.

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Riera , R. Gonzalez , M.

IEEE Communications Society - IEEE ComSoc

Kooli , A. Bosio , G. Gizopoulos , A. Chatzidimitriou , T. Kolan , A. Koyfman , R.

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Morad , V. Kaliorakis , N. Foutris , G. Foutris , A. Gizopoulos , J. Kalamatianos , V. Paschalis , Y. George Xenoulis now Atypon Systems. Andreas Apostolakis now Nokia. Nikos Foutris now U Manchester. Archimedes Pavlidis now U Piraeus. Manolis Kaliorakis now European Dynamics. AMD — unrestricted research grant. Cisco — unrestricted research grant.

IBM research — faculty award and shared university research award. Nvidia — equipment donation graphics cards. AMD — equipment donation workstations. University of Athens. Computer Architecture I undergraduate link to eclass. Computer Architecture II undergraduate link to eclass. Advanced Computer Architecture graduate link to eclass.

Program Committee Member including :.

Institute of Networked and Embedded Systems (NES), Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt

External Review Committee Member :. General Chair.

Program Chair.