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Can auto-process incoming support requests, auto-assign technicians, enforce service level, set due date and send automated notifications to cut the overhead of manual tasks significantly. Includes Web Access sites for technicians and end-users. Improves your efficiency to enable faster response time.

Contact manager, integrated with Outlook for e-mail, calendar, task, and activity functions.

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Contact databases can be shared. BizAutomation CRM. Customer relationship management application built on Outlook and Exchange , with sales force automation, customer service, and marketing and campaign management modules. Integrates with QuickBooks Pro Available either for in-house installation or by subscription as a hosted application. Version 2, now supports Exchange Business Contact Manager compatibility pack for Outlook.

Business Contact Manager for Outlook You can download Business Contact Manager for Outlook at no additional cost if both of the following conditions are met: You purchased a copy of Outlook with Business Contact Manager with Microsoft Office , Microsoft Office , or standalone Office Outlook , and you purchased a copy of Microsoft Office Home and Business , Microsoft Office Professional , or standalone edition of Microsoft Outlook CloudsPlus is your no software solution for synchronizing Microsoft Exchange and Salesforce data.

Tutorial - Business Contact Manager E-mail Linking and Tracking

Supports all versions of Outlook including Outlook 64 bit, iPad, Mac Outlook and any device that can connect to Microsoft. Synchronize, contacts, calendar, tasks, and log email plus more Contacts Database. Outlook has 65 usable fields for contacts. This utility captures all of them and presents them to you in a easy to read Access database. The information in Outlook is not altered at any time and the information presented in our application is read only.

All contact additions and editing take place in Outlook. The user can refresh the database at any time. CRM for Outlook. Outlook CRM is a cloud solution that is built specifically for Outlook. It provides all aspects of a traditional CRM solutions including, accounts, contacts, pipeline, issue tracking, campaigns, reporting, workflow, as well as QuickBooks integration and more! It uses Exchange Public Folders to store and share information.

What is Business Contact Manager for Outlook? - Office Support

It incorporates and enhances all the features in Outlook which your team already use, so getting your team to use it will be straight forward. Davton CRM will improve your sales processes and help your team to become more efficient and effective. CRM solution for Outlook. Includes advanced workflow features for tasks and project management. InfoFlo CRM. A complete contact management solution that tracks, manages, and automatically links all vital contact information back to the appropriate contact, providing single click access to all information.

Supports custom fields, integrates with Skype. LinkPoint Vue. View other data besides your CRM data, like Social Networks, data aggregators and soon internal corporate systems. Get maps and directions to the contact's address with just a click. Set of intranet collaboration applications that offer synchronization with Outlook. Available for local server installation and as a hosted application. OnContact CRM 7. CRM software with Microsoft Outlook integration.

Synchronizes contacts, appointments, and tasks with CRM 7 to increase productivity and maintain an accurate history of all customer interactions. Integration between the applications is bidirectional, so that contacts, e-mails, and activities created in one may be shared with a couple clicks of the mouse. Contact management tool for Outlook or later, storing information in an Access database.

Tracks correspondence and other items, and shares that data with everyone in the organization. Can associate any contact with any company. Performs merges to Word and keeps a record of the documents created.

2. Connect to the BCM database

Maintains a group calendar collating colleagues' appointments. Pivotal Relationship CRM. Heavy emphasis on the needs of mobile users. Separate SyncStream for Outlook tool also supports offline users. Prophet 5 includes improved usability and more advanced contact management features fully integrated with Outlook, eliminating the need to shift back and forth between multiple applications.

Version 5. Public Contact After Reply. Generate customized sales quotations that include Outlook data, and link the quotes back to the Outlook contact. Can be networked to maintain a central price list and generate unique quotation numbers to multiple users. SalesCTRL Sales force automation database that integrates with Outlook tasks, appointments and mail, plus several accounting packages. Includes capability of doing bulk mail with attachments. Log sent and received email messages and log them into the Salesforce. Users can also keep Outlook contacts, tasks, and activities up to date in Salesforce.

SalesOutlook CRM. SAM automatically sets the sender, signature, and folder for sent items based on several criteria.

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  • Works with Outlook , and Outlook , Tired of fumbling through business cards, looking through different lists, or combing through past emails to find someone's contact information? With all of your prospects, leads, and customers in one place you can get more done. What about other sales staff, customer service, and admin personnel that need to have access to the same contact information.

    Is it always up to date? With AddressTwo, everyone can access the same database of contacts simultaneously. Updates from one user are instantly accessible to all others. I use Outlook to store information pertaining to my home-based business. Do you know of a way to run reports of the information stored in the Contacts folder, based on user-defined criteria?

    Contact Management Tools

    For example, I might want to run a report of all of my contacts that are over 50 years of age. Or I might want to run a report of all of my contacts that have a birthday coming up this month. Or I might want to run a report of all of my contacts that I have categorized according to the service I provided for them. You can use custom views for that sort of thing. I wouldn't call it a report but you CA copy the results to excel or notepad. This is one example of a view. I am looking for a good tool for updating a large number of contacts in Microsoft Outlook Just select Outlook Mail from the list, type in your Outlook credentials and all your contacts and emails from Outlook will be imported to Zoho ContactManager and you can read and reply to all your emails from the email module of Zoho ConactManager.

    And If you face any difficulties please write to us at support zohocontactmanager. It seems that everything must be learned by trial and error. What resources are available. Is there more? While I like this write up of yours, a video showing how this works would be very helpful. But if you need immediate assistance regarding the product, you can write to support zohocontactmanager. I am n ot getting it. How is this different then Zoho Crm I am using now. Also I have a connection with outlook at the present time.

    To answer your question, this Integration is solely for Zoho ContactManager. So Zoho CRM users are not affected by this any way. This is meant for the people who use Outlook for Email management and a separate software for contact management. This integration is introduced to bypass the use of multiple software for email and contact management, and let users access both at the same place namely Zoho ContactManager. Hope that answered your question. Thanks for the explanation. I migrated fron ACT and used outlook as my email.

    I still have out look and all my mail cone into Zoho as well as I use outlook for a backup just for email. There are features there I use from time to time that Zoho does not have. Zoho Forms 2 Min read Read. Zoho Cliq 3 Min read Read. Zoho Blog Zoho Products About us. Zoho ContactManager integrates with Outlook to bring seamless access to contacts and emails Zoho ContactManager February 22, 2 min read. Shashank Product Marketer.

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