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But I know from experience those happy reunions also harbor potential for emotional eruptions.

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We recently endured an unmatched gauntlet for head-exploding drama and heart-pounding anxiety on both sides of our family. An eerily similar craziness boiled over from two different, unrelated people in two different, unrelated occasions separated by several weeks. I know to pay attention to what happens next and be in prayer about the people and circumstances around me, because they are being used by the Holy Spirit to teach me something. Baseless accusations, foaming rage, vociferous cursing, unjustifiable suspicion, and alternative realities left us all reeling in confusion.

Is it us? Is it them?

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At some point we just want off the roller coaster of instability. Strained relationships, debt, busy schedules, insatiable children, and all other forms of dis-ease can really weigh on us. What causes this instability, this inability to find and live in lasting peace? Double-minded means unreality or untruth, not necessarily in the sense of deceiving others but in the deeper sense of deceiving oneself.

So one who is two-hearted is in every sense a self-deceiver. The self-deceit causes insecurity and doubt, as he hedges his bets and gives himself first to one thing and then the other, but never fully to either. He doubts because he knows himself to be disloyal and unreliable, and he projects that unreliability on God and others. Often we understand purity as cleanness, especially sexual or spiritual cleanness.

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But biblical purity is better described as spiritual single-mindedness, whole-heartedness. Purity is so powerful because it is focused single-mindedness.

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This whole-heartedness leads inexorably away from instability and doubt, unto rest and stability when its object is God. Oddly enough, the Bible says the cure for the hot mess of instability and sin is the purity of an undivided commitment to God. As we draw nearer to God, our hands are further cleansed and our hearts more deeply purified. Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God? Double-minded literally means two-souled or two-spirited, wishy-washy, uncommitted, divided, doubting, wavering, uncertain, and especially a division of interest between the world and God.

So the double-minded man has a heart divided between the world and God, like a husband with a wife and a girlfriend. Purity of heart, on the other hand, is to will one thing, namely, full and total allegiance to God. In his book, purity is understood as right willing. Purity is not so much whiteness, then, as it is a matter of being true to God and his will. Sin is to be eliminated only so that potential and goodness may flourish, not for its own sake. In our longing to be pure in heart, we can truly know our Lord.

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Many theologians have written about the difficulty of self-discipline and change. This entire study focuses on the incorporation of eternal values and in reality this is the journey of every committed follower of Christ. We desire to know Him more, to be more like Him, to walk in His ways, and to do His will.

The pure in heart are those whose eyes are sound. The pure in heart are those who can say with the psalmist:. One thing have I asked of the Lord, that will I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life.

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To seek but one thing, the face of the Lord, is purity of heart. Her heart was pure. Her mind was sane. Her soul magnified the Lord. Her spirit rejoiced in God her Savior.

Her body was His spiritual temple.