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When liberals are running the show, you can bet that their narrative has gone unchallenged. No member of America's founding generation had a greater impact on the Constitution and the Supreme Court than John Marshall, and no one did more to preserve the delicate unity of the fledgling United States. From the nation's founding in and for the next 40 years, Marshall was at the center of every political battle. As Chief Justice of the United States - the longest-serving in history - he established the independence of the judiciary and the supremacy of the federal Constitution and courts.

Trump Saves America is the story of the unlikeliest of heroes who emerged from the unlikeliest of places to take up the impossible cause of a truly forgotten people. They are people who love their country, trust their higher God, obey laws, and will do anything for their family and neighbors.

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They are the very people the Founders envisioned when they hatched the radical idea of self-governance. The law was weaponized for partisan purposes.

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Justice Gorsuch draws on his year career as a lawyer, teacher, judge, and justice to explore essential aspects our Constitution, its separation of powers, and the liberties it is designed to protect. He explains, too, the importance of affordable access to the courts in realizing the promise of equal justice under law. With nearly two-thirds of the essays written by Hamilton, this enduring classic is perfect for modern audiences passionate about his work or seeking a deeper understanding of one of the most important documents in US history.

Based on exclusive interviews with the justices and dozens of their law clerks, Kaplan provides fresh details about life behind the scenes at the Court. Wade to Bush v. Gore to Citizens United , to rulings during the term.

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Author Bryan Garner's friendship with Justice Scalia was instigated by celebrated writer David Foster Wallace and strengthened over their shared love of language. Despite their differing viewpoints on everything from gun control to the use of contractions, their literary and personal relationship flourished. Justice Scalia even officiated at Garner's wedding.

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  • In this humorous, touching, and surprisingly action-packed memoir, Garner gives a firsthand insight into the mind, habits, and faith of one of the most famous and misunderstood judges in the world. Unfreedom of the Press is not just another book about the press. They find our faith and our devotion to family distasteful.

    And our commitment to liberty positively sends them into a panic.

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    As soon as the Democrats get power anywhere, they stand ready to throw our God-given rights under the bus of political correctness, transgender insanity, and socialism the economic system that always promises equality and utopia, but somehow always delivers resentment, poverty, and decay. An incisive biography of the Supreme Court's enigmatic chief justice, taking us inside the momentous legal decisions of his tenure so far. Chief Justice Rehnquist's engaging writing illuminates both the high and low points in the Court's history, from Chief Justice Marshall's dominance of the Court during the early 19th century through the landmark decisions of the Warren Court.

    Citing cases such as the Dred Scott decision and Roosevelt's Court-packing plan, Rehnquist makes clear that the Court does not operate in a vacuum, that the justices are unavoidably influenced by their surroundings, and that their decisions have real and lasting impacts on our society. On July 1, , Judge Robert H.

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    Bork was nominated to the Supreme Court by Ronald Reagan - but by October 23 of that year, his confirmation was denied. In this candid account of his experiences, he describes the Senate Judiciary Committee's hearing from his point of view. He also expounds on his view of politics versus the law, which he was able to see in action, close up, during the second half of His wisecracking interruptions during oral arguments, his unmatched legal wisdom, his unwavering dedication to the Constitution, and his blistering dissents defined his leadership role on the court and inspired new generations of policymakers and legal minds.

    Ring, former counsel to the U.

    Scalia's Court: A Legacy of Landmark Opinions and Dissents

    Senate's Constitution Subcommittee, has taken a close look at the cases that best illustrate Scalia's character, philosophy, and legacy. Academia is sick and broken.

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