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First Comes Love. Then Comes Marriage. Then Comes Baby in the Baby Carriage.

In , 80 percent of African-American families were headed by two parents, even though many had started life in forced family separation under slavery. Even in the s, when black Americans were in the height of civil rights strife, 23 percent of black babies were born out of wedlock, a modest figure compared with 70 percent today.

And today's single moms aren't just welfare teens, either. Most out-of-wedlock black babies are being born to women in their 20s and 30s across the economic spectrum. While the stigma against children born out of wedlock has diminished, the impact on community bonds has not. A recent study for the journal Criminology has revealed that "neighborhoods with larger portions of adults who are less 'invested' in marriage and residential stability are more likely to see higher rates of assault by African-American males.

In most cases, no matter how strong or diligent a mother may be, children have a subconscious knowledge of what is right and wrong in a family set up. Boys turn to their fathers for their sense of masculinity and manhood. If their dad isn't around, the streets and group aggression are the next best thing for most. This doesn't mean that African-American men are less interested in marriage. I've come to believe they just don't have the encouragement to get married.

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In fact, 65 percent of the calls I received when the word got out that I was trying to find couples willing to participate in a free wedding came from men. I earned nothing in return but the satisfaction of seeing 20 beautiful brown faces say, "We do," on Sept. It is my intention that these 10 couples will help to start a trend back toward single mothers encouraging marriage - for themselves as well as their daughters. And that single fathers will once again see marriage as a way to increase their value to their community.

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The phones haven't stopped ringing from people wanting to participate or help in some way. Already I've heard from the couples I interviewed for "Marry Your Baby Daddy Day" how this small incentive has helped improve their relationships. Many of them come from generations of unmarried couples or long-term "engagements.

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And the men have begun to see that marriage is not only a father's way of committing to the mother, but to the child as well, in a legally binding commitment that protects all - including his own rights. US Edition U. News U.

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  8. After dropping to one knee, he asked her to marry him. She said yes and he slipped the glistening diamond on her finger. It was a scene straight out of the most sickeningly-sweet romance film. It was clear they loved Cape Town and each other, and as I scrambled down the dark mountain, I could not help but be enchanted by the brightly lit city center below. PASSOP assists asylum seekers and refugees, many of whom have fled their home countries due to persecution based on their political views, sexuality, or gender.

    The organizations represented in the room had advocated for a constitutional challenge to the section that is now before the Court.

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    The arguments presented for the amendment included: 1 South Africa is a secular state, 2 a civil union is a public service and the workers are public servants so they should not have the right to refuse this duty, 3 it is a human right to be in a civil union, 4 the government should prevent the affordability and access issues presented by allowing refusals, and 5 government workers have a commitment to non-discrimination against sexual orientation.

    These groups are often marginalized and many live in the outskirts of the city in townships.

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    I will go more in depth into townships in a later post, but for the purposes of this marriage and civil union discussion, the important thing to note is that people living in townships are more frequently refused civil unions than people in the city.