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Drawing in customers once is usually much easier than getting them to return time and time again--a new restaurant will attract people out of curiosity, but only if the food and service is great, will those customers bother to come back. TQM can also result in products and services with fewer defects which meet customer needs more exactly.

The downside to TQM can be said to be a loss of productivity as a result of worker's need to be focused on customer at all times. Training and other exercises use up time that could be spent producing value, and such a system may have negligible impact for certain positions, especially those with no customer contact, such as janitorial staff or assembly line workers for instance. Gregory Hamel has been a writer since September and has also authored three novels. He has a Bachelor of Arts in economics from St.

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Olaf College. Hamel maintains a blog focused on massive open online courses and computer programming. Share It. What is total quality management?

FAQ Policy. Show all. Creating robust product and process design Pages Bajaria, H. Leadership in the 21st century Pages Joiner, B.

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TQM and Organizational Development

Planning for excellence Pages Liston, Ann. Forget managing change — get back to managing the business Pages Macdonald, John.

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Principles of quality in the community Pages Marsh, J. Implementation of a holistic quality concept at a university as a tool for increasing efficiency and effectiveness Pages Carlsson, M. Assessing service quality in charity and voluntary organisations Pages Vaughan, E.

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Total Quality Management

Achieving culture change in an integrated steel works rolling mill Pages Dobson, P. Best practice implementation of Total Quality Management: multiple cross-case analysis of manufacturing and service organisations Pages Terziovski, M.

Total Quality Management

Cultural change for survival Pages Hogg, P. The investors in people and total quality Venn diagram Pages Solomon, H. Are quality plans necessary in a total quality organisation?