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It's clearly not easy to hang out and actually have a good time with an ex or your S. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Sylvain Gaboury Getty Images.

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A-Rod had the funniest reaction to the encounter and got it all on camera. View this post on Instagram. Related Stories. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Analyzing the data, the team found that sedentary behavior, on average, accounted for about Life expectancy differs by 20 years between some US counties. Previous studies of adults have found daily sitting time to average just nine to 10 hours per day.

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The higher average in his own study is likely "due to the fact we studied a middle- and older-aged population," Diaz wrote. Measuring duration, the researchers clocked participants sitting, on average, for As total sedentary time increased, so did early death by any cause, the results indicated. And the same was true for longer sitting stretches.

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Overall then, participants' risk of death grew in tandem with total sitting time and sitting stretch duration -- no matter their age, sex, race, body mass index or exercise habits. Diabetes: Yet another reason to get out of that chair. Finally, people who frequently sat for more than 90 minutes at a stretch had a nearly two-fold greater risk of death than those who almost always sat for less than 90 minutes at a stretch, he said.

How sedentary behavior impacts our health in negative ways is "unclear and complex," wrote Dr. David A.

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