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Cameras should be on every POS terminal and the entrance to the store, as well as any loading or delivery areas.

Level 2 Davis Training Award in Retail Loss Prevention

You can use basic cameras that simply record the scene or employ more advanced technology. American Apparel, for example, used video recordings to analyze foot traffic and how customers moved through the store. For a more human touch, consider hiring security staff. This could be a single guard who stands by the entryway or a third-party security company which specializes in preventing retail theft.

No budget to get your own LP force up and running? Make friends with your local law enforcement.

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Visit the U. While this overlaps with physical security and staff in many ways, cash handling is one of the most important aspects of LP. In the event that theft does happen, you can pin down who was in charge of the register at that time. Many POS options will allow you to create different users with varying levels of permissions and access, which is also useful in LP. Regular reviews and audits, by period and associate, can help you and management stay on top of discrepancies.

Leaving a till unattended puts you at further risk, and opportunistic shoppers could take advantage of the situation. Almost as important as cash itself, the merchandise is what helps you continue to generate profit.

How to Put Together a Loss Prevention Plan for Your Store — In-person Selling and Pop-Up Shops

After all, your products are on display — not the cash. If a customer tries to walk out of your store with a tagged item, the EAS will alert them and your staff along with the rest of the store. Cameras and mirrors, as discussed previously, help, and they should be placed according to your store layout. Surprising for some, how you design your physical space also impacts theft. Place small, easy-to-steal items in displays that are harder to reach. Signage is also an effective LP tool. Chris Guillot, founder, Merchant Method and instructional designer, The Merchant Map , recommends setting up your space so that you or your associates always have a clear line of sight.

Target detractors without detracting from the shopping experience.

She also encourages staff to move about the space, making their presence known not only from an LP standpoint but also for customer service. Your return policy plays an important role. Institute a policy that mitigates fraudulent returns; require the original receipt and customer ID to process and refunds.

Make sure customers are educated on the policy during every purchase and print it clearly on every receipt.

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And it all starts with the hiring process. These are good indications of how they might handle a potential shoplifting situation.

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If LP is a major priority and your budget allows, you might even hire a loss prevention manager to oversee it entirely. LP training should be part of your onboarding process, as well as mandatory for all retail employees on a regular basis.

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Written policies about LP, theft, what to do in certain situations, returns, defective products, etc. Give your employees the chance to ask questions so they can feel confident and empowered in their role — remember, every employee is an LP officer to some extent. You might also consider an official training program. Printed manuals and POS companies with helpful customer support can help mitigate clerical errors made during transactions.

Retailers also refer to the process as asset protection. The primary focus of loss prevention investigations usually includes investigating losses related to:. In most situations, a company designs, implements and executes their own loss prevention strategy.

Company executives are usually responsible for developing the overall strategy and management at all levels is responsible for the day to day execution. In many cases, companies have dedicated departments, such as risk management or corporate security that focus on preventing losses.

In some cases, outside consultants who specialize in loss prevention are hired to help develop the strategy and implementation plan, and may even provide the service as an outsourced service. In situations where losses occur, the company then conducts its own internal investigation. This investigation is critical to gather evidence for proof of loss, which may be necessary for insurance claims. In more serious situations, law enforcement may be called in to investigate further and possibly to make an arrest.

The following books provide helpful information on the subject of Loss Prevention, preventing corporate theft, embezzlement, employee stealing and crime prevention. The loss prevention books help you:. Provides practical advice. All aspects of safety and security within the retail premise are covered here in detail—making this text an invaluable part of the retail security officer training curriculum. It exposes students to the extent of functions, tasks, and prerequisites required to efficiently protect and preserve the assets of a corporation in the retail environment.

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