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Editor in Chief : Prof. E-mail: ijse live. Publisher: Diponegoro University. Increasing of natural resources utilization as a result of population growth and economic development has caused severe damage on the watershed. The impacts of natural disasters such as floods, landslides and droughts become more frequent. Cisadane Catchment Area is one of priority watershed in Indonesia.

Auto calibration of complex watershed models using simulationoptimization framework

SWAT is currently applied world wide and considered as a versatile model that can be used to integrate multiple environmental processes, which support more effective watershed management and the development of better informed policy decision. The objective of this study is to examine the applicability of SWAT model for modeling mountainous catchments, focusing on Cisadane catchment Area in west Java Province, Indonesia.

The SWAT model simulation was done for the periods of — while it used landuse information in Methods of Sequential Uncertainty Fitting ver. The monthly average of surface runoff and total water yield from the simulation were This study showed SWAT model can be a potential monitoring tool especially for watersheds in Cisadane Catchment Area or in the tropical regions. The model can be used for another purpose, especially in watershed management.

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Adimiharja, A. Heuvelmans, G.

Agricultural watershed modeling: a review for hydrology and soil erosion processes

Hydrology and Earth System Science. Schuol and K. Article Navigation. Close mobile search navigation Article navigation. Volume 16, Issue 3.

Calibration and sensitivity analysis of HBV-SASK hydrological model for SCC watershed

Previous Article Next Article. Research Article December 23 A watershed water quality evaluation model using data mining as an alternative to physical watershed models Yongdeok Cho Yongdeok Cho. E-mail: choyong kwater. This Site. Google Scholar. Water Supply 16 3 : Article history Received:. Views Icon Views.

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Naeem, U. Sci , Vol. Nash, J. Part I-A, discussion of principles. Quick, M.

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