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Victims include male civilian, 20, with mental health disability and elderly disabled man. Published: 22 Jul In a world full of wars, why are so many of them ignored?

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Simon Tisdall. Published: 9 Jun Hundreds of opposition members arrested in Cameroon. Published: 4 Jun Childish Gambino choreographer urges fans to step up for young rural Africans. Published: 29 May Cameroonian soldiers accused of killing baby as family flees.

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Published: 27 May The illustrated city 'If you sleep, your life sleeps': Friday night in Cameroon's nonstop city — a cartoon. Published: 10 May Fifa Foundation community programme — in pictures. Published: 19 Mar Cameroon arrests opposition leader who claims he won election.

Maurice Kamto and several others held following protests against result of October poll.


Published: 29 Jan Thousands of Nigerian refugees fleeing Boko Haram forced back by Cameroon. UN voices alarm and urges Cameroon to keep its doors open after it denies entry to thousands fleeing unrest. Published: 19 Jan Thousands flee north-east Nigeria after devastating Boko Haram attack.

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More than 8, refugees cross border into Cameroon after Nigerian town of Rann is burned to the ground. Published: 17 Jan Sportblog Egypt wins right to clean up another avoidable Africa Cup of Nations mess. The country endured abusive military operations against a secessionist insurgency in two Anglophone regions, attacks by the Islamic militant group, Boko Haram, in the Far North, and a worsening humanitarian crisis.

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President Paul Biya, 85, won a seventh seven-year term on October 7. In the South West and North West, government security forces have committed extrajudicial executions, burned property, carried out arbitrary arrests, and tortured detainees. A Human Rights Watch report documented a range of abuses by both sides in the Anglophone regions, including arson attacks on homes and schools. According to the International Crisis Group, government forces and armed separatists killed over civilians in the regions since the crisis escalated in The humanitarian consequences of the Boko Haram attacks and separatist insurgency are of growing concern.

About 32, Cameroonians found refuge in Nigeria. Also, Cameroon has continued to forcibly return Nigerian asylum seekers, fleeing Boko Haram attacks in northeastern Nigeria. While the government maintained it did not tolerate serious crimes committed by security forces, it failed to demonstrate progress in investigating and punishing them. Biya was sworn-in for a seventh term as president on November 6. In the Anglophone North West and South West regions, the absence of a genuine political process to address decades-old grievances against the Biya government contributed to the radicalization of the discourse and tactics of Anglophone activists.

Since mid, Anglophone separatists have attacked government institutions and threatened, kidnapped, and killed civilians perceived to side with the government. During demonstrations in late , government forces used live ammunition, including from helicopters, against demonstrators and bystanders, killing at least a dozen people and injuring scores.

Some individuals detained in the context of the demonstrations were subjected to torture and ill-treatment. In October , separatist leaders unilaterally declared independence of the North West and South West regions, and the formation of a new nation, Ambazonia. Security forces committed extrajudicial executions, used excessive force against civilians, tortured and abused suspected separatists and other detainees, and burned homes and other property in scores of villages.

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During attacks documented by Human Rights Watch, security forces allegedly shot and killed over a dozen civilians, including at least seven people whom witnesses said had intellectual, psychosocial or physical disabilities who did not flee because they were unable or refused to. At least four older women died, burned alive, after security forces set their homes on fire. Human Rights Watch also documented three cases where security forces detained people suspected of supporting the secessionist cause, and then tortured and killed them in detention.

In a fourth case, Human Rights Watch analyzed evidence of torture filmed by perpetrators, who appear to be gendarmes. On September 24 and 27, a total of nine men were allegedly executed by security forces in the town of Buea, according to videos reviewed by Human Rights Watch and a report by the Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa, a local nongovernmental organization NGO.

To enforce boycotts of schools following protests by Anglophone teachers against perceived discrimination by the Francophone-dominated national government, separatist groups attacked and burned dozens of schools, threatened teachers, students and parents, kidnapped principals and violently attacked teachers and students.

In March, people believed to be armed separatists attacked a high school dormitory in Widikum, North West region, and shot dead Emmanuel Galega, a student. The pressure tactics forced the majority of schools to close during the academic year, and as of May an estimated 42, children were still out of school, according to UN Office for Humanitarian Affairs OCHA. Most schools did not re-open in He was released two days later. The school suspended classes on the day of the abduction.