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A learning organization restricts employees from experimenting with products and services. In a learning organization, employees learn from failure and from successes. In a learning organization, employees are discouraged from asking questions and admitting mistakes. Answer: C Difficulty Level: Easy 2. The strategic training and development process begins with: a. Answer: B Difficulty Level: Easy 3.

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The final step of the strategic training and development process involves: a. Answer: C Difficulty Level: Easy. Balanced scorecard b. Vision c. Mission d.

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A SWOT analysis is typically conducted in the development process. Internal analysis b. Gap analysis c. External analysis d. Which of the following is true with regard to SWOT analysis?

A SWOT analysis represents the strategy believed to be the best alternative to achieve the company goals. A SWOT analysis is typically conducted in the strategic training and development initiatives identification step of the strategic training and development process. A SWOT analysis provides a company the information needed to generate several alternative business strategies and make a strategic choice. Answer: D Difficulty Level: Medium 8. Business-level outcomes chosen to measure the overall value of training or learning initiatives are referred to as.

The considers four different perspectives: customer, internal, innovation and learning, and financial. SWOT analysis b. BCG matrix d. Answer: D Difficulty Level: Easy Which of the following is true of roles of managers? Line managers spend lesser time managing individual performance and developing employees than midlevel managers or executives do. Midlevel managers or executives are not involved in planning and allocating resources, coordinating interdependent groups, and managing change.

The roles that managers have in a company do not influence the focus of training development, and learning activity. Regardless of their level in a company, all managers are expected to serve as spokespersons to other work units, managers, and vendors.

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  • Answer: D Difficulty Level: Medium As a marketing agent, the CEO of a company is responsible for: a. Answer: A Difficulty Level: Medium Concentration strategy b. Staffing strategy c. External growth strategy d. Companies that emphasize innovation and creativity are labeled as a. Difficulty Level: Easy In , financial and other resources are not available for development so companies tend to rely on hiring talent from the external labor market.

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    Uniqueness refers to: a. Answer: C Difficulty Level: Medium Job-based employees are characterized by: a. Answer: B Difficulty Level: Easy Which of the following positions is characterized by high value and low uniqueness? Lab technician b. Scientist c. Secretarial staff d. Companies adopting the strategy need to train employees in job-search skills and to focus on cross-training remaining employees. A n strategy focuses on new market and product development, innovation, and joint ventures.

    Development of organizational culture that values creative thinking and analysis is typically the training implication of the strategy. Which of the following is true of centralized training? Centralized training function helps drive stronger alignment with business strategy. In centralized training, training and development programs, resources, and professionals are housed in a number of different locations and decisions about training investment, programs, and delivery methods are made from those departments.

    A centralized training function hinders the development of a common set of metrics or scorecards to measure and report rates of quality and delivery. A centralized training function is largely ineffective in assisting companies manage talent with training and learning during times of change. Which of the following is true of the corporate university model? The model allows a company to gain the advantages of decentralized training.

    The client group includes stakeholders outside the company. Corporate universities do not facilitate the use of new technology. The model is characterized by five competencies: strategic direction, product design, structural versatility, product delivery, and accountability for results. Answer: B Difficulty Level: Medium.