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I then asked them why they would care and what difference joy would make. Their answers gave me all the data I needed:. It became quite clear to me that everyone understands that there is, in fact, tangible business value to joy.

Anecdotally, one measure of joy is through the stories we collect. People tell us how much better their lives are now because of the software we have designed and developed.

Richard Sheridan

Business-wise, we build one measure of joy right into our contracts. Thus, we only win in the business financial sense if we help our clients win market share and user adoption. Pairing is a time-honored tradition in many industries: police, fire, airlines, surgery, to name a few. Everyone who does project work for Menlo works in pairs.

These pairs are assigned, and we switch at least every five working days. There are many benefits; some are obvious, others more subtle. At Menlo, we design and develop software. Software controls our cars, our airplanes, our air traffic control systems, our bank accounts, our medical records, point of sales systems, etc. Errors can be costly and potentially even deadly. This approach also helps with sustainability and scalability.

If we have four people working on a project in two pairs, and suddenly the client wants us to go twice as fast, we add in four more people, adjust the pairs and assign twice as much work.

His own experience in the software industry taught him that, for many, work was marked by long hours and mismanaged projects with low-quality results. Some called it a 'death march.

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Sheridan's enthusiasm is infectious, and his business style and insights are valuable. If you love where you work but see your company's faults and want to improve them, read Joy, Inc. Our Lists. View all online retailers Find local retailers. Also by Richard Sheridan.

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Joy, Inc. How We Built a Workplace People Love with CEO Rich Sheridan [Podcast]

Getting to Yes. Our team looks forward to being part of your next event. Contact Us. We've been developing custom software since , and there's not a lot we haven't done.

Book Review: Joy, Inc.

You can learn a lot at Menlo. But if coming here isn't an option, we can bring the lessons, the perspective, and the inspiration to you. It's exactly as it sounds. We study end users in their native habitat.

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Every interaction your end users have with technology provides us with invaluable information. Menlo can't adequately be explained in words, though many of our visitors try. When they can't, they return with their colleagues. All are welcome. Our culture can be positively perplexing to outsiders People leave wanting to know how they can create something similar.

AgileCamp 2017 New York Metro: "Build a Workplace People Love - Just Add Joy"

We want that for them, too, and we can facilitate that. It's not always obvious where the problem lies or how to fix it. Fresh eyes mean a fresh perspective. We can help.