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The zombie - a soulless corpse raised from the grave to do its master's bidding - may have had its factual basis in the voodoo ceremonies of the West Indies, but it is in fiction, movies, video games and comics that the walking dead have flourished. What makes a zombie? This Twentieth Anniversary Edition of one of the first and most influential zombie anthologies answers that question with 26 tales of rot and resurrection from classic authors such as Edgar Allan Poe, H.

Lovecraft, M. Originally published by Calibre Press. Reprinted by permission of Gary Reed. From Acknowledgements section: copyright , Gary Reed.

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Originally published by Calibre Press, This story was originally planned for a failed internet project. Originally published by SLG Publishing Reprinted by permission of the writer and artist, and SLG Publishing. Wolff and Byrd are the creation of Batton Lash. Wil Wheaton, actor and comic fan, is used in this story as a famous actor that has died and returned as one of the "returners".

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From Acknowledgements section: copyright by Indio. Reprinted by permission of the author. From Acknowledgements section: copyright by Gary Crutchley. From Acknowledgements section: copyright by Askold Akishin. Based on an African folk tale. This story is 3 pages longer than the original printing as currently indexed in the GCD. It also has no lettering, the original index lists a letterer. Unclear if these are mistakes in the original index or alterations for this printing.

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Adaptation and paintings copyright by Scott Hampton. Originally published by Eclipse Books, Reprinted by permission of the artist and the author's estate.

The Mammoth Book of Zombie Comics

Reprinted by permission of the writer and Dark Horse Comics Inc. Reprinted by permission of the writer and the artist. The Mammoth Book of Zombie Comics. Running Press Book Publishers , Series. Published in English United Kingdom. Price View: Large Edit cover. Letters Typeset Synopsis Very brief biography of the editor. Letters Typeset. Letters Typeset Synopsis Introduction for the next story. Indexer Notes Includes a small reprint of Horrorcide 1.

Genre horror-suspense Synopsis A gangbanger goes to a cemetary to apologize to the family he killed. Unfortunately for him, the family has been turned into Zombies. Genre horror-suspense Synopsis A radical Stem Cell treatment turns the world's population into Zombies. But is one of them slowly becoming a zombie? Reprints From? Indexer Notes Unclear if this is a reprint.

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  • He awakes in the present, but must deal with the "mummy's curse". Letters Typeset Synopsis Introduction to the next story. Reprints from Negative Burn The Best from - Image, series Indexer Notes The reprint info is for a small cover reprint on this page.