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She reviews with herself how easy it is to get into the minds of those she thinks deserve to die for their crimes. As she takes us back through the events that led to the militia leader, she reveals a deeper and darker agenda at work.

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She kills these people not only because they deserve it but also because she likes it. Savant only stays long enough to get Jet situated and then teleports out before Stormwatch's security systems identify her. For Jet, on the other hand, Savant has used the fact that Marc Slayton Backlash is her father in order to fool the security system into thinking Jet is really him. The computer, however, is not fooled. Jet's mission is to steal some files and erase any information Stormwatch has on the two of them.

But Diva catches Jet and attacks. Unfortunately, this bold initiative quickly lost steam. The new Authority series, originally slated to be bimonthly, lasted only two issues, the second of which was published some five months after the first. The delays were reportedly caused by Grant Morrison being busy co-writing the weekly mini-series 52 , set in the DC Universe. Still, the new Authority series fared better than the new Wildcats title, also written by Morrison and launched as part of the WorldStorm event; that title lasted only a single issue.

Months after WorldStorm debuted, its two flagship titles were on hiatus, their fate uncertain and their storylines left incomplete. Stormwatch: P. Midnighter wound up being one of the more successful titles to come out of WorldStorm. The series was only expected to run six issues, but it survived the departure of its original team of Ennis and Sprouse; their work was not only critically favored but proved the viability of a solo Midnighter title.

While the Authority languished, the six-issue The Authority: Prime , published in , helped fill the gap. By Christos Gage and Darick Robertson, the mini-series featured a new version of Stormwatch Prime and saw the titular team investigate a hidden bunker left by Henry Bendix.

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