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Aug 22, Beth rated it really liked it Recommends it for: abuse victims, mental health providers, those with an interest in dyfunctional behavior. For me, this book was a journey into an alien world without resorting to science fiction. I've had no experience with abusive relationships personally and have not had much interaction with anyone in this kind of relationship. It was extremely educational, and I got a much better picture of behaviors and interactions, that honestly, strike me as very very strange.

Beyond opening up the strange world of abusive relationships, this book has additional fascinating features. To begin with, there is For me, this book was a journey into an alien world without resorting to science fiction. To begin with, there is the controversy that it apparently stirs up.

When I looked through reviews of this book on Amazon, I found absolute screeds to the effect that this book was just wrong because it was somehow denying that women are victims of domestic violence. So while men are currently more equal in most areas of life, there are striking exceptions think parental rights and this is one of those exceptions.

Then are the screeds a case of defending what little territory you have? That is no real excuse. As always, I find irrational, emotional reactions to well researched fact filled presentations, disturbing and frustrating.

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The author and the researchers cited in the book have my sympathy for the resistance they had to have encountered in working on such an unpopular topic. The book manages to be scholarly yet accessible in reviewing what existing research there is on the topic. It's clear that a big problem for researchers in this area is gross under reporting by victims. Think for a half second about the gender sterotypes that both men and women are indoctrinated with and you can see why this would be.

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In addition, the book pointed out that male abuse victims face real dangers in reporting abuse. Female abusers may try accusing the victim of abusing either her, or their children and those accusations have much too good a chance of being taking seriously by authorities. Male victims have much more limited counseling and support services available compared to female victims and also, apparently have much more trouble being taken seriously if they go to the hospital, until their injuries are quite severe.

I thought it was interesting that while women usually have black eyes, lots of possibly severe bruises, perhaps broken arms, male abuse vitims with injuries are much more likely to have stab wounds, to have been hit over the head with heavy objects, or to have been shot. Basically, men pound on other people with their fists and women use weapons. In addition to the review of research, there are quite horrifying and moving stories from victims included in the book.

One thing I think could be a problem with this book is that other victims might read it and say, "well she's not coming after me with a knife so my relationship is okay". It would be a shame if these stories deterred victims from trying to improve their situation. The book mentions that in interviews with both male and female victims, the abuse victims find the psychological and emotional abuse more damaging and long lasting than the physical abuse.

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This book was heavily oriented toward considering the physical abuse and I would have been interested in learning more about the psychological and emotional aspects. I think this would also have made sense for the potential audiences of the book since apparently much of abuse in general is of the psychological and emotional type, and particularly for male victims.

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  • The book has a nice collection of information about helpful resources, counseling service and support organizations, in various countries. This was a strange choice of book for me to read, but I feel like I learned a lot about something that I knew nothing about. I think this could be a useful book for people who are in abusive relationships and for people who work with them professionally.

    Also, could be a good read if, like me, you enjoy learning about new types of disfunctional behavior. View 2 comments. Dec 12, Maria Casey rated it really liked it.

    Intimate Partner Abuse Against Men

    Read for my thesis on this topic. Oct 02, Manda rated it liked it. Very informative, and eye opening. Nov 09, Aceso Under Glass rated it liked it. Dec 04, Rosemariee marked it as to-read.

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    I want to read!! Feb 20, Mary rated it really liked it Shelves: books , self-help , domestic-violence , non-fiction. Great resource and informative. Provides a balancing perspective on domestic violence with the hope of empowerment and healing for both women and men. Dec 06, Dr. A clearly needed subject for all human and social scientists to investigate! Feb 14, sohrella rated it really liked it Shelves: research-purpose.

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    Aleks rated it liked it Dec 16, Steven rated it really liked it Jan 10, Rayn Roberts rated it it was amazing Sep 02, Em rated it liked it Oct 30, Jun 04, Clivemichael rated it it was amazing Shelves: gender-studies , political , pyschology , social-comment. Katherine rated it it was amazing Jan 27, Rhea rated it it was amazing Sep 09, In fact, many do, the in-depth phone interviews suggests.

    Five percent said they had experienced domestic violence in the past year and 29 percent said it had happened to them at some point in their lives. Myth 2: Abuse of men has no serious effects. The researchers instead found domestic violence is associated with serious, long-term effects on men's mental health. Women are more likely than men to experience more severe physical abuse, Reid said, "but even nonphysical abuse can do lasting damage. Myth 3: Abused men don't stay, because they're free to leave.

    In fact, men may stay for years with their abusive partners.

    Male abuse survivor speaks out as we lift lid on hidden side of domestic violence

    Myth 4: Domestic violence affects only poor people. The study actually showed it to be an equal-opportunity scourge. Myth 5: Ignoring it will make it go away. Not so, the survey suggests. Group Health is a Seattle-based nonprofit health care system that coordinates care and coverage and researches various major health problems.

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