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Thomas E. Goodwin, L. Rasmussen, Bruce A. Schulte, Patrick A. Brown, Ben L.

Davis, Whitney M. Dill et al. Assessing chemical communication in elephants. Bruce A. Heineman, Helen Loizi et al. The gland and the sac — the preorbital apparatus of muntjacs. Susan J. Rehorek, Willem J. Hillenius, John Kennaugh, Norma Chapman. The chemistry of scent marking in two lemurs: Lemur catta and Propithecus verreauxi coquereli. Soiled bedding from group-housed females exerts strong influence on male reproductive condition.

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The role of the major histocompatibility complex in scent communication. Michael D. Thom, Robert J. Characterisation of proteins in scent marks: Proteomics meets semiochemistry. Duncan H. Hurst, Robert J. Jane L. Hurst, Michael D. Thom, Charlotte M. Nevison, Richard E. Chemical signals and vomeronasal system function in axolotls Ambystoma mexicanum. From the eye to the nose: Ancient orbital to vomeronasal communication in tetrapods?

Prey chemical signal transduction in the vomeronasal system of garter snakes. Mimi Halpern, Angel R. Cinelli, Dalton Wang. Mode of delivery of prey-derived chemoattractants to the olfactory and vomeronasal epithelia results in differential firing of mitral cells in the main and accessory olfactory bulbs of garter snakes. Communication by mosaic signals: Individual recognition and underlying neural mechanisms. Sexual dimorphism in the accessory olfactory bulb and vomeronasal organ of the gray short-tailed opossum, Monodelphis domestica.

Jennifer H. The neurobiology of odor-based sexual preference the case of the golden hamster.

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Retention of olfactory memories by newborn infants. Lixing Sun, Wendy A. Williams, Corinna Avalos. Predator and Alarm Cues in Fish and Amphibians Local predation risk assessment based on low concentration chemical alarm cues in prey fishes: Evidence for threat-sensitivity. Learned recognition of heterospecific alarm cues by prey fishes: A case study of minnows and stickleback. Pollock, D. Chivers, R. Kusch, R. Tremaine, R. Friesen, X. Zhao et al. The response of prey fishes to chemical alarm cues: What recent field experiments reveal about the old testing paradigm.

Chemical Signals in Vertebrates, Volume 10

Robyn J. Tremaine, Michael S. Pollock, Robert G. Friesen, Robin C. Kusch, Douglas P. Response of juvenile goldfish Carassius auratus to chemical alarm cues: Relationship between response intensity, response duration, and the level of predation risk. The effects of predation on phenotypic and life history variation in an aquatic vertebrate. Robin C.

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Kusch, Reehan S. Mirza, Michael S. Pollock, Robyn J. Tremaine, Douglas P. Nocturnal shift in the antipredator response to predator-diet cues in laboratory and field trials. Aaron M. Sullivan, Dale M. Madison, John C. Long-term persistence of a salamander anti-predator cue.

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