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Lecture 10 - Electromagnetic waves in a plasma, ordinary wave, extraordinary wave, cutoff, resonance

Quantitative experiments on the parametric decay instability of near-acoustic plasma waves provide strong evidence that trapped particles reduce the instability threshold below fluid models. At low temperatures, the broad characteristics of the parametric instability are determined by the frequency detuning of the pump and daughter wave, and the wave-wave coupling strength, surprisingly consistent with cold fluid, three-wave theories.

However, at higher temperatures, trapped particle effects dominate, and the pump wave becomes unstable at half the threshold pump wave amplitude with similar exponential growth rates as for a cold plasma.

Overstability of cold plasma waves

Affolter 1 , F. Anderegg 1 , D.

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Dubin 1 , F. Valentini 2 , and C. Library subscriptions will be modified accordingly. This arrangement will initially last for two years, up to the end of Solid curves are one parameter fits to Eq. Solid black curve is three-wave theory. Measurements a and simulations b of OCR and exponential growth rates at different plasma temperatures. Affolter, F. Anderegg, D. Dubin, F. Valentini, and C. Driscoll Phys. Abstract Quantitative experiments on the parametric decay instability of near-acoustic plasma waves provide strong evidence that trapped particles reduce the instability threshold below fluid models.

Research Areas.

Plasma instabilities Wave-wave, wave-particle interactions. Physical Systems. The power density radiated from a type of dipole antenna is studied as a function of direction of radiation in all bands of wave frequency. Input reactance is not treated, but the dependence of radiation resistance on wave frequency is described for the entire electromagnetic spectrum. Also described is the relation between beaming and guidance for Alfven waves.

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Elementary properties of a plasma. Isotropic plasma. Alternating current in a magnetoplasma. General properties of phase propagation in a magnetoplasma. General properties of group propagation in a magnetoplasma. Propagation of phase along the imposed magnetic field.

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  6. Energy flow and group velocity for longitudinal propagation. Propagation of phase transverse to the imposed magnetic field. Elliptic polarization of the X wave for transverse propagation. Energy behaviour of the X wave for transverse propagation. Propagation at any angle to the imposed magnetic field.. The radio approximation.

    The hydromagnetic approximation. The quasi-longitudinal and quasi-transverse approximations.

    Frontiers | A Fresh Look at Waves in Ion-Electron Plasmas | Astronomy and Space Sciences

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