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National Poetry Month began in April National Poetry Month is the largest literary celebration in the world honoring poets and poetry throughout the month of April. When choosing a book of poetry to read, I tend toward anthologies. I like being introduced to many poets as well as discovering unknown-to-me poems by favorite poets.

Garrison Keillor of Prairie Home Companion fame has edited several anthologies of poetry. Our library has Good Poems: American Places. This is a great poetry anthology. He succinctly captures a moment at dinnertime. It was a miracle. To have the ability to capture a moment with words. To describe a scene so another can experience it too. To move the reader to laugh or cry or smile is a great gift.

Some people think reading poetry is risky business. Maybe, maybe not. Go searching the and sections in non-fiction. Pick up an anthology and peruse the poems. Perhaps you will happen upon a miracle. Jul 30, Melinda rated it really liked it Shelves: poetry. This book has been riding with me in the door pocket of the car for six months or more.

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Turns out that reading poetry while taking a short drive, provided someone else is driving, is a most wonderful activity. Read a poem. Chuckle or muse while watching passing landscape, share the poem with someone whose hands are on the wheel aka captive audience. How else is someone who doesn't read poetry going to get his recommended dose? Wendell Barry's poem "They Sit Together on the Porch" is a favorite, This book has been riding with me in the door pocket of the car for six months or more.

Jun 05, Sarah rated it liked it. I marked this book as high as poetry books can be rated. The poems aren't actually written by Garrison Keillor, which surprised me at first. However, they are a collection of poems written about experiences of traveling in America. They are written by all manner of poets. But a book of poems is certainly something you have to be in the mindset for and definitely not something you can get easily lost in.

I found that if I sat outside while I read these, I could con I marked this book as high as poetry books can be rated. I found that if I sat outside while I read these, I could connect more with wha the poets we saying. Some of them i marked because i really like them. I just have no idea what to do with them now. Do i want to copy them somewhere and let them sit forever in a notebook or just write down the poet and refer to them later? What do you do with poems you like? Apr 23, Ken added it Shelves: poetry , finished-in This is a geographical tour of the United States, though some sections are named for areas out west, the city, etc.

As you might expect from an anthology of modern poetry, some good, some bad, and some ugly poems in here. Very few are "wonderful" poems, but they're there.

Sometimes Keillor sticks in songs like John This is a geographical tour of the United States, though some sections are named for areas out west, the city, etc. Mar 08, Mark rated it it was amazing Shelves: poetry. I think this is the third of these Garrison Keillor collections that I have read.

The others were called "Good Poems" and "Good Poems for hard times". I must say that they are the best multi author poetry anthologies that I have, and I see about a dozen of them across the room. Keillor's selections are often relatively short, simple and direct, include many different modern poets, and are arranged well with both similarities and differences between consecutive entries apparent. Ultimately, I suppose, he just has good taste. If he has no plans to publish a new collection, I will start over again with the first one.

Jul 10, Ariel Gordon rated it really liked it. And although Thompson traffics in strong images and abrupt juxtapositions, she also allows room for doubt and ambivalence. Which is to say: Very nice! More poems, please! I read some each night at bedtime and read one selection out loud to my partner Andy as a 'bedtime poem'.. For some, I could hear Garrison Keillor's voice reading them on Writer's Almanac, complete with theme music!

The most dog-eared pages were about romance. I guess because I just read all of Maya Angelou's autobiographies I was aware that most of these selections are about a certain slice of America the worl I read some each night at bedtime and read one selection out loud to my partner Andy as a 'bedtime poem'..

I guess because I just read all of Maya Angelou's autobiographies I was aware that most of these selections are about a certain slice of America the world of white middle class. Jun 10, Harley rated it it was amazing Shelves: poetry , read Garrison Keillor continues to edit the best anthologies of poetry being published today. It took me almost a year to read this book because I sipped its contents slowly. Each small sip is to be enjoyed and savored. If you love poetry, read this book. If you are new to poetry, read this book. It is great introduction to what is being written today.

Put this on your reading list today. Jul 08, Holly rated it it was amazing Shelves: poetry. I plucked this off a bookstore shelf with the resolution to 'read more poetry. Keillor, literary extraordinaire, picks the poems for you. All you have to do is sit on a back porch with a glass of iced tea and turn the pages. The poetry is funny, heartwarming, intelligent, and often reminiscent of times gone by.

Aug 14, Annie rated it it was amazing Shelves: , poetry. I steer clear of most poetry collections because they tend to have "love poems" in the title, but Keillor has excellent taste, and his Good Poems series is a great way to discover new poetry for people who like finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.

The poem that I liked best on my first reading was "Baseball" by John Updike. Jun 26, Jenny W rated it liked it. I'm probably not the world's best judge of poetry collections I did really enjoy this book. It read quickly, and I laughed out loud at parts of the introduction and then some of the poems. This was a good book for someone who has not properly delved into the world of poetry. I liked it. Apr 29, Carol rated it liked it. Nesbitt, Hi, it's Mandy, do you remember me? You visited my old school, Glenbrook Elementary School.

I am in middle school now. You see, he passed away a couple of months ago, and it makes me sad, but when I read your poem book, it makes me smile. That's why I wrote you, to say thank you. A poem you wrote can make a better gift to a friend than just about anything money can buy. It looks like a great book. Another book to make me smile would be wonderful. My mother says thank you to you because she's heard so many poems from My Foot Fell Asleep that it would be great to hear some new material.

I have read it about times! I have even memorized a few. Thanks for taking the time to answer my e-mail personally, it makes me feel special when I get e-mail from somebody. Number one: Make it FUN! Share the funniest poems you can find with your students. Dress up. Act them out. Use a booming voice or a whisper or a creaky old voice or a French accent or whatever is appropriate for the poem you are sharing. Memorize and recite. Have students memorize their own favorite poems and recite them aloud for the class. Laughter and applause will have them wanting to do it again and again.

Celebrate holidays with poetry. Find a new favorite funny poet. Familiarize yourself not just with Dr. Have kids find a poem from the library. They'll find them under Scroll down or click for work sheet text and answer key. Click for our archive of Every-Day Edit activities from previous weeks. Over the summer, the players practis and train.

The season ends with playoffs and the championship game. Do you have a favorit football team you will watch this year.

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In April, the league holds a draft where teams pick players. Over the summer, the players practice and train. Starting in September, each team spends the next 17 weeks playing games. Do you have a favorite football team you will watch this year? Materials: Printable Student Worksheet Starter: Say: Why do you think that drawing inferences is something that you need to do? Allow the students to answer. Main: Say: We all draw inferences when we are reading. It is important to be able to draw inferences because many times you need to be able to draw a conclusion based on information that has not been stated.

Drawing an inference is also called reading between the lines and you do it when you are reading and when you are having a conversation with someone. In science texts, you are often given many details and a lot of information.

You need to be able to understand that information and draw conclusions about what is being stated. For example, you might read a text that says that there were pieces of an egg found in a nest. What inference would you make? You would infer that a bird had hatched out of the egg that was in the nest. In science texts, it is important to understand the difference between an observation and an inference. An observation is something that someone has seen and then written about. Scientists use inferences all of the time, especially when they are learning about something that they cannot actually see or touch, like fossils or outer space.

Now, you are going to read a paragraph about a science topic. While you are reading, pay attention to the details and to any inferences that you might be drawing while you read. Then, you will answer the questions. Does anyone have any questions? Feedback: Say: Who would like to share their answers? Allow the students to share and go over the answers. Why or why not? Main: Say: A fairytale is a story written for children that has magic or imaginary beings and lands.

Fairytales are meant to be entertaining. All fairytales have certain elements that are the same. One of the characters in the fairytale is usually royalty, such as a prince, princess, king or queen. One of the characters is usually poor or from a poor working family. Another element of a fairytale is that something magical happens. There might be a spell cast, animals talking or fairies, trolls or elves.

Fairytales have a problem that needs to be solved. Generally, it takes three tries to solve the problem. Numbers or patterns are also common in fairytales. Now, you are going to read two fairytales. While you are reading them, think about how they are the same and how they are different.

The Company of Crows. A good poem surprises your senses, shakes you awake, stirs your emotions, and startles your imagination. Each poem is an act of discovery. Poetry helps us widen our vision and our hearts. Joan Bransfield Graham. Splish Splash. Houghton Mifflin, Flicker Flash. A good poem awakens the senses, allowing me to see, touch, experience something in a powerful way. A poem for children—what makes it good?

Perhaps it comes down to an original voice saying something that sounds almost as if we had never heard it before. Rhythm is the skeleton that holds a poem together, so a strong but still interesting rhythm pleases the ear and tongue.

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Rhyme, if it is not old tired rhyme, can be funny, explosive or just a neat way of completing a thought in a poem for the young. Rhyme is also great for reading aloud, and some attention needs to be devoted to the sounds of the words themselves. Last, or possibly first, is the thought, idea, that centerpiece around which the poem is built. Maybe I can boil my answer down to sense and song, a helping of each. And always new and therefore a little surprising. Karla Kuskin. Dogs and Dragons, Trees and Dreams. A good poem is a photograph capturing the most forgettable and the most unforgettable moments in our lives.

Janet S. Behind the Wheel: Poems About Driving. Night Garden: Poems from the World of Dreams. A poet is a little like a photographer who shoots a subject from an unexpected angle. Even when its subject has been written about many times how many new subjects are there?

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The language a good poem uses is similarly fresh, surprising, memorable—a flavor that lingers on the tongue. Alice Schertle. A Lucky Thing. Harcourt, I Am The Cat. I think a good poem is like a vitamin. Packed with energy, it might be playful or serious, but a good poem is always nourishing.

Bobbi Katz. We the People. Dutton, Answering that question is like cooking calamari: either do it in five seconds or for five hours. I love poems to know and say to myself, silly poems to read once and giggle over, poems that touch my soul even if they hover outside my rational understanding. Of course, there are matters of form, meter, rhyme, scansion, but all the mechanics can only enhance and facilitate a thought, a feeling, an expression of being that needs to be articulated.

Then, it will be savored by that person and nourish him or her. There are at least a hundred different ways to respond to that question. Like a good poem, it says more in a few words than some novels do in three hundred pages. A good poem is like medicine. It can be made up of almost anything, but only when its ingredients are put together in the right proportions—neither too much nor too little—can it affect your life.

Taking that medicine analogy even further, just a little dose of good poetry is sometimes all you need to be helped and even healed. This, of course, ties into some very old ideas. My Abenaki ancestors said that words have power, that a song can be medicine, can restore balance, can bring back joy after sorrow. Words of power make things happen. Good poems touch that sort of power. Joseph Bruchac. No Borders. Holy Cow! Press, Above the Line. West End Press, By a good poem, I take it that you mean a great poem. Liz Rosenberg. Children of Paradise.

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