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Increased chance of critical hit. Outboard weapon. Bombs SD Effective against armored ground targets. Autocannon 30 mm MK O. High single-shot damage. Large range of fire.

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High chance of critical hit. Autocannon 37 mm BK 3. Premium aircraft. Add standard configuration to compare. Gun Armament. Indicates the capacity to withstand enemy fire. Factors in aircraft durability and the coefficients of resistance to critical damage and fire.

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Indicates the capacity to damage aerial targets with forward-firing autocannon and machine guns as well as defensive turrets. Factors in damage, range, and accuracy. Indicates the capacity to damage ground targets with bombs and rockets.

Henschel Hs. 129 - IL-2 Battle of Kuban

Factors in damage and resupply time. Indicates the capacity to engage in maneuvering combat. Factors in time to turn degrees and rate of roll. Indicates the capacity to engage in combat at a high speed. Factors in airspeed, acceleration, and boost efficiency. Indicates the capacity to engage in combat at a high altitude. Factors in the optimum altitude range and maximum flight altitude. Compare Aircraft. Remove all Compare. All rights reserved. Select a region Selecting another region may affect the website content.

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Europe: Deutsch. Stash 96 mates. Started 0 mates Nobody. Completed 10x.

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