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Tell Us Where You Are:. Preview Your Review. It first aired on October 15, to 0. It's the day of the Moon Festival. Celia is hosting a huge feast to celebrate not only the festival but also Bex and Bowie 's engagement.

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The girls are disappointed to learn that CeCe also invited her sister, Aunt Mei. They know it's going to be a disaster like the Chinese New Year festival, where Aunt Mei and CeCe turned everything into a contest trying to one-up each other. Their fears are confirmed when Aunt Mei and her daughter Ling arrive, announcing that Ling is pregnant with twins.

How can CeCe's news top that? The tension begins. Andi has invited her friends - Buffy , Cyrus and Jonah.

Howl At The Moon: A Spooky Family Arts Night

Jonah is the first to arrive. This time, he is careful to make sure he's properly dressed for the festival to avoid repeating the awkwardness of Chinese New Year. Andi doesn't have time to explain things to him because she and Bex are busy trying to moderate the arguments between CeCe and Aunt Mei. So, Jonah starts snooping around trying to figure out things by himself. He picks up a red-wax candle, which causes him to sneeze.

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Now Noah's true loyalty is put to the test as he fights to protect The Others—and his beloved Sam—and find the imposter I thought Sam and Noah were good together and they had pretty good chemistry. I liked that even though Noah was following the direction of his military superiors, he This is Noah and Samantha's story. Annie Cryer is working the Lupine genome and discovers sum things that would be better off left alone.

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  2. Howl at the Moon: A novel of The Others.
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Noah is working a secret mission that has him feeling guilty Born and raised in coastal New England, she now lives as a transplant in the Pacific Northwest. She completely bypassed those states in the middle due to her phobia of being landlocked. When not writing, she enjoys horseback riding, playing with her pets, identifying dogs from photos of their underbellies, and most of all reading things someone else had to agonize over.

Howl at the Moon : A novel of The Others. Christine Warren. Chapter One.

Chapter Two. Chapter Three. Chapter Four.