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And because you should be reading this book instead of being here, reading this crap. Nevertheless, me being the ever kind and thoughtful soul that I am [I know you're snickering back there, no need to pretend otherwise] , I shall give you My Magic Shifts In A Magic Nutshell : Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know that this is as lame as it gets. Please just pretend it is hilariously hilarious.

Thank you. Walking, breathing m-scanner? Sense and snark? Julie is going to be a mini-Kate one day, much to her many detractors' absolute despair. Oh my! Well technically he always was an egotistical bastard, but in a egotistically, bastardly, endearingly enjoyable way. Nuff said. The achievement of the century. We want Hugh! Was I insane when I wrote this? More insane than I am now, I mean? Because, Hugh? Most unvillainous villain ever. Oh, I think I know what the problem is. The Chronicles of the Black Company happened after I read this book. And believe me, my Little Barnacles, villains don't get much villainous than the ones in this glorious series.

The only one that ever was. The only one that ever will be. As a guy named Roland once said: Your magic is beautiful my daughter. Damn right it is. Bye now. You shouldn't still be here. You should be reading this book series right now. Because your life won't be complete until you do. No it won't. What seems to be the problem, you ask? Well these self-professed Kate Daniels fans stooped so low as to give this instalment less than 5 stars. Don't faint just yet, it's about to get worse.

Because some of these supposed Kate Daniels fans actually rated this book 3 stars or less. WTH is going on here? Are you people out of your minds? I stay away from GR for 5 minutes and all hell breaks loose?! You better get your act together dear friends. The countdown has begun. I'll be back in September. And I'll be coming for you. Things are about to get really ugly. Surprise, surprise. KD is too awesome for words, so why bother? PS: When is the first reread planned? Breathe Sarah, breathe. You are not even together. You just have this instalust thing going. Your moral integrity seems to be situational.

View all 56 comments. I'm shocked I can't bring myself to give this book a 5 star rating but it just felt like a step back for me, it was on the same level as the first two books, which were good of course but they hadn't reached the series' potential yet. The last two books, relationship issues and slight incosistencies in characters aside, were pretty epic in the revelations and bad guys department.

This book sadly lacked their allure. What I wanted in this book before starting was 3 things. I wanted to see how Kate and Roland would handle their new frenemies status, I wanted to see more of Hugh getting his ass kicked and I wanted to see how the whole "Pack without Curran" thing would work out. I got nothing on Hugh, very little on the pack and just crumbs on the Roland-Kate thing. Instead what I got was a new bad guy, who wasn't nearly as interesting as Roland, Hugh or even Esra had been.

And the side characters Were where my favorite side characters? Where was Desandra and Derek?? Why were they so unimportant in the story? Derek appears to be used as a tracking dog with no personality and wit at all That being said, this was Kate Daniels, from the one and only pair that is IA. The book still was better than most other authors have to offer. It still had great moments.

And Chapter 11 was an emotional roller coaster. I seriously hope the next book will have more Roland and Hugh in it and not some random baddie that I care not at all about or some new, uninteresting investigation plot. When you let yourself into my apartment before we were dating, did you fidget while you watched me? I came in, made sure you were okay, and left. I mean theoretically if you broke the spine above the pelvis, you could, but then there are ribs. You have problems.

Maybe not all my life but definitely the whole year!! Mean people! Don't open if you haven't read Magic Breaks. Do it. Do it or something bad happens. Because I said so. She shrugged. Most of the people will do just about anything you tell them to do, if you act with authority, give them no choice, and accept the responsibility for their actions. Curran opened his mouth. Oh snap! I swallowed the sudden clump in my throat. I knew the weight of that stare. It knew no mercy and no reason. It only knew that it was hunter and you were prey.

Blood rushed to your limbs, your breathing sped up, and your thoughts fractured and melted into your brain until only two options remained: fight or flight. Picking one was torture. He stepped back, almost in spite of himself, falling into a familiar defensive stance, half turned toward Curran, his hands raised. All of his bluster faded. Suddenly everyone knew who was the baddest monster in the room and nobody wanted to be his target. He wore a tailored pair of sleek navy pants and a woven grey sweater with a hint of blue. Both looked elegant and deceptively simple, which probably meant they were hideously expensive.

A small black velvet triangle interrupted the texture of the weave just below the flat-knit collar. The clothes fit him with some slack. He needed to eat more. For some reason, the thought of Ghastek and food made me uneasy. I puzzled over it until the answer floated up oh so slowly: we starved together in Mishamar. That was it. I had sent it to him for Christmas. I don't like the cover much, which sadly happens a lot with this awesome series.

In the beginning I hated it but it's growing on me, I guess it was only because I prefered the previous model for Kate. I liked the last two though so this was bound to happen. Damn, I can't wait!!! View all 26 comments. Jul 29, Lila rated it it was amazing Shelves: uf , dhasg-challenge , favorite-authors , favorite-couple. I loved this book to pieces. It's my precious. It leaves her place to be focused on more important things. Their unwavering relationship is one of the strongest points of this book. Andrews' trademark humor - these characters are all so sassy, I giggled more than once.

I have 4 words for you: Tactical use of vamps. View all 17 comments. Oct 08, Adina rated it really liked it Shelves: urban-fantasy-pr. Kate Daniels is my go to series when I am in a bit of a reading slump. It help this time as well because I love her character, with its humour and bad-assness.

I am not going to spend too much time reviewing this one because If you already read the series you don't need me to tell you to start this one and if you've never read KD then why are you here and not reading the first in the series? When I read the blurb I thought it will not be as exciting as the others but i was wrong. The action-mete Kate Daniels is my go to series when I am in a bit of a reading slump.

The action-meter is at maximum from the beginning and the challenges Kate has to face are satisfying for a long time reader of the Andrews. I am always amazed by their imagination. The relationship between Kate and Curran stabilised and it was refreshing not to read again about power struggles. In addition, Julie wasn't annoying which is definitely a pleasant surprise. I am glad the authors decided to end the series after 10 books and not milk the cow forever. I don't want to get tired of Kate before her story is over like it happened with other series that I've read.

Shelves: adorable-alphas , kick-ass-heroines , quit-crying-robin , stars , chick-i-want-to-hang-out-with , buddy-read , cool-creatures , book-boyfriend-material , sexy , re-read. Even better on the re-read. I fangirl over them any chance I get so I might not be impartial in my reviews of their books, and I probably add way too many status updates while reading them ….

I liked the emotional journey that Kate was starting to take I just missed Kate and Curran together. The thing that was missing for me in the other books was really Kate with Curran and fighting the good fight together. What about all the side characters I love…what about Curran being the Man…. First, what about all the side characters I love? As always IA has some of the best side characters. That has to be hard with such a great cast to choose from. Luther was my favorite new addition to the cast. I quit to maximize my earning potential.

The pay is shit and people hate you for it. Second, what about Curran being the Man - I was never worried about Kate, she is always a badass. He has time to spend with Kate and really dedicate himself to their lives together. Which translates into more page time together and I definitely love that. The banter they have with each other is one of my favorite things. Chatpers 11 and 12 of this book absolutely gutted me emotionally.

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If there was even any doubt about the true feelings of these two characters for each other these chapters should take care of that. They are quite possibly the best written chapters that IA has ever done in any of their books. If you thought that Curran would be less without the pack well you are dead wrong. He will always be Curran and he will undoubtedly always fall into a leadership role. It will just be very interesting to see how that transitions. I thought it was a crown. I like it. I thought they did a great job of showing this in a single telephone conversation.

Roland is so powerful that just over the phone to see how he affected the people in the room with Kate really hit it home. Roland is such an interesting bad guy because part of him wants to be a father and the other part is ready to destroy Kate. But their conversations with each other are mesmerizing. How does your own bitter medicine taste, Father? Have another spoon on me. You were there till the end. You saw the light go out of her eyes. Ask me. Walk away, because that way lie dragons. He seems like he is there to cause a lot of trouble like a few other bad guys we know and love.

The Story Ilona Andrews always finds a way to put a new spin on old lore. They keep raising the bar on both the weirdness of the creatures they fight and the peril. Seems very un-alpha like right. But he has his reasons…they suck but they are reasons and they fit him. George is determined to find someone to help find Edwardo.

Like regenerating when they die into something else. Just another day for Kate and company. Once we hit our stride there in never a dull moment. Curran has some really interesting ideas of how to parent. Most parents try to keep you out of danger but Curran is more hands on and if Kate is your adoptive mom well you will need some practice.

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I shoved him back into the Guild and he began running back and forth behind us, growling. Look at him. Kate is the strict parent who knew …. Never look at a Genie or Ghouls the same again. Best written chapters in the entire series to date in my humble opinion. My heart still hurts. Thank you thank you thank you they are finally together on page more often and I freaking love it.

View all 20 comments. Aug 22, carol. Shelves: shifter , my-library-hardcover , fast-and-fun , female-lead , my-library , urban-fantasy. The Kate Daniels series was originally plotted to end at book seven, culminating with the classic father confrontation "I am your father". While Magic Breaks had a satisfying ending, there was material that felt like it was catering to new readers in response to a hardcover edition as well as providing Easter eggs for fans, such as 'guest appearances' by former characters, making it a less than stellar read.

Apprehensive of the next, I delayed ordering. Silly rabbit. Magic Shifts hits its firs The Kate Daniels series was originally plotted to end at book seven, culminating with the classic father confrontation "I am your father". Magic Shifts hits its first fight within three or four pages and doesn't let up until the epilogue.

Fast paced, it's filled with plot lines that open up the series to continued development. Kate Daniels and Curran the ex-Beast Lord have moved with their adopted daughter Julie to a new section of Atlanta, giving the Andrews a new setting to play in and new interpersonal dynamics to explore it becomes a bit of a running joke how often Kate and Curran run into people that say, 'yeah, the Beast Lord is such a jerk'. In book seven, Kate experienced the potentially trope-ridden 'power-up' syndrome, but the Andrews compensated in very clever ways.

But the new beings didn't exist in isolation; they had implications for some local creatures as well. Just really interesting stuff. On a personal level, I appreciated the general lack of teenage angst that played a role in earlier stories, as well as pulling back on Kate's "I don't want people I love hurt" mentality. We've also passed beyond the self-doubt phase of Kate and Curran's relationship as well, and instead start to see the push and pull of an equal--and respectful--relationship.

That puts the focus back squarely where it belongs, in my opinion--on the clever world-building of shifting Atlanta, the myriad of problems it creates, and the external relationships effecting Kate and Curran's lives. As always, the humor made me chuckle. In an era of stagy self-awareness, it is often misused, but here it is appropriate to character and situation. Kate herself is challenged by admitting emotional intimacy, but there were a couple of scenes where her attempt being funny is quite touching because she is trying so hard to minimize fear and loss.

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This one kept me up far past a sensible bedtime, just so I could find a good place to stop. But I never did Still holds up. View all 11 comments. Jan 09, Sophia Triad rated it it was amazing Shelves: 4fantasy-lovestories , lions , shifters , ghouls , vampires , 1paranormal-lovestories , gryphon-griffin , djinn , manticore , unicorn-shadhavar. Roland has arrived in Atlanta So, all the major characters are repositioning in this book.

The king is here and he has just adjusted all his subjects to his liking: 1. He made his daughter claim the city. Now there are invisible boarders around Atlanta and Kate feels responsible for every living soul inside these borders. Not that she did not feel responsible before…but now the pressure is really on. He blackmailed his fut Roland has arrived in Atlanta So, all the major characters are repositioning in this book. He blackmailed his future son in law.

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He made Curran abandon the Pack, he made him deny his kingship and his lordship. He made him move to the suburbs for crying out loud and to become one of the common humans. Not that he can really mingle. He jumped into his truck and slammed the door. I can only imagine the horrified face of the mailman. Jim is forced to become the new Beast Lord. Dali, I just spent eight hours arguing with the Pack Council. Do you think you could postpone yelling at me until later?

The other shifters have to choose sides. The Pack lives its weakest moments. The strongest members of the Pack are split into two teams. Everyone is now looking Kate with different perspective. And not in a very nice way. Our deepest apologies for the misunderstanding. Nick leaned back. I believe that her stroke must be the less favorite part for most readers. Hurray for the story of George and Eduardo! Finally After the last two books, I like Curran again.

I had missed the playful Curran, always in tune with Kate: A hand rested on the small of my back and slid down. I sped up. When are you going to stop living in sin? Strong and funny. So Roland is here. Everyone stands by. Let the games begin! View all 28 comments. Denise H. Fabulous review dearest Sophia! Sophia Triad Denise wrote: "Fabulous review dearest Sophia! Oct 24, Brigid is currently reading it Shelves: urban-fantasy , need-it-naow , lions-werewolves-witches-oh-my. Here Kitty Kitty I shall lure you into a trap my dear.

View all 6 comments. Oct 14, Anne rated it it was amazing Shelves: paranormal , read-in , urban-fantasy. I'm not sure I'm even capable of giving a Kate Daniels book less than 5 stars anymore, so take my opinion of this book with a grain of salt. Some of my friends were disappointed with this one because it was maybe a transition sort of book. So, yeah, this book is sorta setting up how they're going to live, what they're going to do, etc..

Didn't matter. I could Kate Daniels' grocery list, and probably fangirl over it. To m I'm not sure I'm even capable of giving a Kate Daniels book less than 5 stars anymore, so take my opinion of this book with a grain of salt. To me, this was gold, and I loved every minute of it! I can't get enough of him!

Anyone else kinda loving him a little bit? And, no, I'm not going to spoil any of the details Just know that team Andrews manages to put their special spin on these characters, and makes it all very unique to the KD world. I thought end bit about the ghouls was pretty cool! Ok, there are already way too many awesome reviews for this one out there, so I'm not going to go into depth with this one. However, I feel the need to mention one more thing Bottom line, if you're a Kate Daniels fanatic, you definitely don't want to miss this one! Also reviewed for:. View all 65 comments.

Jul 14, Jen Davis rated it it was amazing. Nothing compares to the charm, wit, action, and emotion of the Kate Daniels series. Simply put, if you aren't reading these books, you are missing the very best that Urban Fantasy has to offer. I think I say this every time I sit down to review a new installment, but it bears repeating. The last story was epic and left us in a very different place. Kate and Curran have left the Pack. She has claimed Atlanta and her father has gone from a distant idea of Something Scary to a flesh and blo Nothing compares to the charm, wit, action, and emotion of the Kate Daniels series.

She has claimed Atlanta and her father has gone from a distant idea of Something Scary to a flesh and blood reality intruding on Kate's life. The evolution into these new circumstances feels as smooth as silk. Despite the fact that everything is different, everything I love about Kate Daniels remains the same. Her loyalty; her fire; her determination, doggedness, resourcefulness. All topped off with a wry sense of humor and deep appreciation for the family she has created over the course of the series. As the book begins, Kate and Curran are living in their new home with Julie, and they have just one month left until their separation from the Pack is complete.

But life is never boring. Between fighting off ghouls and searching for a missing shifter, they have their hands full. I love how, with each book, Ilona Andrews really goes out of the way to give Kate an adversary that is markedly different from the one before.

It's cool because it continues to add layers to the already vast worldbuilding; it gives the reader new puzzles that don't have obvious solutions; and it gives realism to Kate's struggles. I mean, let's face it. She is crazy-powerful. She needs a real challenge to give us emotional investment. In this case, we delve into the realm of Arabic mythology and a powerful djinn. The plot is great. I love how Andrews artfully ties the ghouls to the Big Bad and back around to Kate's missing friend. The pacing is spot on. The laughs are pitch perfect. I laughed out loud as Ghastek tried to draw an apple.

But, as always, what really takes the book to the next level is the emotional component. Kate's best battles are ones that are directly connected to her. Saving a friend. Keeping a promise. Protecting her family. That's here and that's great. Andrews takes it a step beyond though You can really see what her mortality means to the people who love her. It brings home just how loved she really is. It carves out more depth for Curran and Julie. It gives great feels.

And did I mention I cried at the end? In the big battle, when Kate must face her innermost fears? I'm not going to spoil it, but there was a person there with grey eyes and the stage is set with potential for so much heartache -- it totally got me. The bottom line is that Andrews successfully combines the otherworldness of Kate's environment with emotions that any of us can relate to. We could never be Kate, but we can all relate to the things she feels. We feel them with her. I could go on and on, but how much gushing can I do before it gets a little embarrassing?

I will say that I beta-read for this book, but almost all of the magic in the final product was already there in its earlier incarnation. Fans of the series shouldn't miss this one. And if you're new to Kate's world, what are you waiting for? Start from the beginning with Magic Bites and get ready for a great ride. View all 14 comments. It kind of defeats the purpose of fitting into the neighborhood in a low-key way. But more pressing problems soon arise, distracting Kate from their neighborhood and lifestyle issues. The slightly disjointed plot, which lags just slightly in some chapters, reminded me of Magic Bites , the very first book in this series.

Still, some of the subplots in Magic Shifts were definitely worth the price of admission. Mahon, the werebear Alpha who has made life difficult for Kate in the past, gets called on his current and prior antics by several other characters. He can be tremendously charming, though Kate deeply distrusts his motives. The Andrews team, as usual, does a fine job of weaving together various plotlines and elements. Most of the books in this series focus on mythology from a particular part of the world, and the Arabic mythology developed in Magic Shifts has some unexpected and intriguing elements.

These are combined with some interesting developments in the lives of characters who fans of the series have come to care for. Magic Shifts is a solid entry in the overall series. View all 7 comments. Oct 24, Sh3lly rated it it was ok Shelves: magic , hot-guys-alphas-rawr , shifters-weres , paranormal , urban-fantasy , buddy-read , maybe-its-just-me , vampires , 2-stars , gurrrl-power. Ok, unpopular opinion time. I know it's blasphemy and all, but this book was just okay to me. I found it a struggle to get through. A couple months have passed since the last book. Kate and Curran are going through the final process of full separation from the Pack.

They now live in a suburban neighborhood with Julie and we see a lot of domesticity in the beginning. I don't know why, but this is a trope in urban fantasy that really annoys me. However, it's not like I didn't know it was coming. The main plot in this one was a werebison goes missing, Eduardo. To further complicate matters, we find out his girlfriend is the Alpha Bear, Mahon's, daughter, and he is a long-standing bigot we all know and are aware of.

So we get lots of family and romance angst, mixed in with the domesticity at the beginning. She knows how to use her powers more, she's in her prime. Then, she view spoiler [ has a stroke and it feels weird. I felt like a lot of characters just made a token appearance. The side story of Curran view spoiler [ taking over the Guild hide spoiler ] was okay, I guess. He had to have significance established for the future books. None of my favorite characters really had a significant role and maybe that was part of it. Saiman has one scene you'd miss if you blinked.

The conversation with Roland was nothing more than a huge info-dump, really. I felt like a lot of this book was transitional or info-dumping or just There's a lot of things that are repeated, like how many times have we heard Roland described something like I just didn't care about Mahon or Eduardo or George or the big bad in this one. The writing is fine and for people who really get into seeing all the appearances of the various characters in the world, it is great.

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  4. I hope the next one is a little darker and maybe I just like the "bad guys" in this world too much. They are much more intriguing to me. I will re-read this in the future and probably will like it more. At least, that happened with the previous book, so I'm thinking it could just be my current mood. I just couldn't get into this one. Buddy read with Ilona Andrews Addicts group. Aug 24, Evgeny rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy. The image above shows now extinct North American gray lion. This was the largest species of cats ever. People familiar with the series already know how the lion above relates to it.

    One of the main characters - Curran - happens to be a shapeshifter whose beast form is that guy. I hope I made a convincing case explaining why another main character - Kate Daniels - called Curran a one-man army at one p The image above shows now extinct North American gray lion. I hope I made a convincing case explaining why another main character - Kate Daniels - called Curran a one-man army at one point. So Kate and Curran were having quality fun time together destroying a horde of ghouls threatening Atlanta when Curran's stepsister came in asking for help.

    Her fiance Eduardo was missing and because of the complications of the Pack's politics nobody bothered looking for him. Eduardo happens to be a werebison which in Kate's world means equivalent of a tank. One needs some serious power to stop such a guy and messing with Big Powers with capital letters is Kate's favorite pastime, so she jumps at the opportunity to investigate the disappearance.

    Epic fights where both sides are not shy about using very powerful magic ensure. After the events in the end of the previous books I was not sure whether this one would work at all. It also had all signs of being a filler. My expectations were quite low and this is probably why I actually like this one more than the previous installment I mentioned.

    It also answered the biggest question I had - some other people had at as well a very minor spoiler follows : view spoiler [did Kate and Curran just leave Christopher in the Pack? It is not a nice place for outsiders hide spoiler ]. There were some nice character developments. Julie was the only exception, but even she showed some human sides - for the first time, but briefly.

    She is still her regular useless self though. I felt there were not enough Desandra and Ascanio: they really shined before. Sadly Derek is back to his usual gloomy brooding self. The overall series plot while moved very little and practically at the end, still moved so I would not call this book complete filler material. As to the rating I give this novel 4 stars ; these are weak 4 stars, but 4 stars nonetheless.

    The next book of the series promptly goes to my to-read shelf. Jul 29, Maja The Nocturnal Library rated it it was amazing Shelves: so-many-vampires , open-ending , reviewed-in , werewhatevers , favorites , urban-fantasy , mythology , own-a-dtb , magic , my-flat-army. After the pivotal 7th installment, I spent about 0. No downturns for Kate, and certainly none for this fabulous husband-and-wife writing team.

    Magic Shifts opens up a new chapter for Kate and Curran. Some of the dangers they face are the same, and some are completely new and challenging. In fact, only thirty pages in, it was time to recognize that Ilona and Gordon made the right choice for their characters and the series. Kate and Curran might be magnets for trouble, but they are also magnets for violent, deranged and insanely loyal shapeshifters. Most of the usual suspects are back in full force, and the humor they bring with them is stronger than ever. This time, the story is centered around lesser known Islamic myths and as usual, it is accurate, precise and done tastefully.

    There were parts of this book that were heartbreaking for me, more so because they were unexpected, and in the end, with some distance, I concluded that these authors keep growing and taking us in unexpected directions, and instead of going stale, they just keep getting better every single time. By now, Ilona Andrews spoiled us for all other urban fantasy author. They write, we read, and the world keeps spinning. A copy of this book was kindly provided by the publisher for review purposes. No considerations, monetary or otherwise, have influenced the opinions expressed in this review.

    View all 5 comments. Can I still call myself a hard-core Kate Daniels fan if I give this book 3. Please say yes. Do you have any idea how much I love this series? Do you?! Wanna know how many times I've re-read these books over the last 7 years? Yes, that's a real number. I know entire sections of the first five books by heart. Much like the way my husband can say the lines of the entire Billy Madison movie along with the characters which is irritating as hell btw, I don't recommend you ev Can I still call myself a hard-core Kate Daniels fan if I give this book 3.

    I'm not exaggerating.

    Magic Shifts ( Kate Daniels #8) by Ilona Andrews Audiobook Full 1/2

    I LOVE this series. I devour each book that comes out, even the last couple ones that I had some problems with, I still was totally into it and devoured 'em. But this one? I did not devour it. You know what, though? I don't think it's the book's fault. The book is fine. No, fuck that -- the book is GOOD. It's not the book's fault. It's the series' fault. This series has just been so freakin spectacular, that good feels like a let down. That makes no sense, I know. A good book is a good fucking book.

    So what the hell is my problem?

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    Expectations I guess. They can be a bitch. The Case of the Missing Shapeshifter was not gripping at all to me. You know, I love so. There's really only a teeny tiny handful of characters that I don't have any feelings one way or another about. And they chose to have the plot of this book revolve around one of those few. I tried to care about him. I did. But it just never happened. The whole investigation was a little. But it's true, I was kinda bored. I just didn't care enough. As for the other side characters, I gotta say, I was a tiny bit disappointed in some of them as well.

    I mean, is it just me or has Derek seemed to have lost all traces of a personality? And Mahon! I have issues with how his character has 'developed', it felt a little lazy. And so many of the others felt just thrown in here, like Raphael and Andrea, just a quickie to show us that they're still alive but no real substance to them. Btw, just curious -- am I the only one who cringed at the sex scene?

    It felt so awkward to me. Was it just me? And anyway, I think my biggest problem with this book is this -- it just feels like a huge letdown after what has been building up for so long throughout the series. A delayed reaction from the last book? I dunno. Most of the earlier books had this same case-of-the-week type plot, some of them good, some not so much, but what made me love them all was that there was so much more going on. Stuff that's not in this book, cuz we've moved past it now. There was the mysteriousness of Kate's heritage. There was getting to know the awesome supporting cast.

    And shadowing over all of that was that slow, steady build-up of the Roland arc; that build-up that increased in intensity with each book, that made my anticipation grow and grow and grow until it turned into this And here we are at book 8, and I'm left still waiting. I'm getting tired of waiting. EDIT to add: I see a lot of people now calling this a "transition" or "bridge" book, and yeah, it makes sense.

    I just wish there had been a bit more forward movement going on here in the whole overall story. We're getting near the end of the series, and I'm getting tired of just treading water, even if it is in a different area of the pool. Let's start swimming to the finish line, man!


    I sound like I hated this book! There were lots to love in this book, LOTS. The humor was really great, as usual. The fight scenes are written well, as is expected from this seasoned duo who are no strangers to thrilling action. And yep, my heart strings got tugged in this book too, there was a part that I got a little emotional over.

    I don't know if I'll ever feel about him and them again the way I did before book 6, but at least this is a step in the right direction for me. Thank goodness, I want to be into their relationship, I really do. I do think it gets a little too cheesy now sometimes, but eh, I can live with it. Very, very, VERY excited. Backtrack to that vision earlier in the book: "Any hint at all at what he might be holding? How big is it? It feels like a weapon, Kate. It frightens me. Oh, and one more thing. The core of my power, those closest to me, knew about it and expected action A betrayal that deep required public punishment If she was dead, the public demand for revenge would be satisfied.

    I dunno man, I think I want to call bullshit. He's fucking Roland. Why should he care about what the public wants? He says that those closest to him are the core of his power, but like Hugh aren't they powerful cuz HE gave them power? HE'S the most powerful! I think it's baloney. If my logic is faulty here, feel free to school me. Don't get me wrong - I fucking love Roland.

    His ambiguous nature is completely intriguing and cool. Having left pack life behind, they moved to a nice suburban neighbourhood.

    Magic Shifts (Kate Daniels Series #8)

    After a book that made some huge steps in the overall story arc of the series, Magic Shifts is a slight return to the monster-of-the-week format. I was glad for this break, allowing some more character growth as roles and relationships change. Events in Magic Shifts illustrate how far Kate has come. Gone is the solitary mercenary, as she has gained responsibility not only for people she loves, but also Atlanta as a whole as she claimed the city.

    The loving and stable relationship between Kate and Curran is continued in this book, which makes me terribly happy. Without saying too much about the mystery in Magic Shifts , it draws from Egyptian, Middle-Eastern and Islamic mythology and tradition. These books have been great in highlighting mythologies beyond the Anglo-Saxon, and this was no exception. I will leave the judging the accuracy of representation to actual Muslim readers — it is not my place. The portrayal of the Muslim characters however was sympathetic and complex.