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The various extensions for approximately flat systems are validated in simulation and experiments on a thrust vectored aircraft.

A system may exhibit a two layer structure where the outer layer is a flat system, and the inner system is not. We call this structure outer flatness. We investigate trajectory generation for these systems and present theorems on the type of tracking we can achieve. We validate the outer flatness approach on a model helicopter in simulations and experiment.

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Repository Staff Only: item control page. A Caltech Library Service. Trajectory generation for nonlinear control systems.

Abstract This thesis explores the paradigm of two degree of freedom design for nonlinear control systems. This produces movement trajectories that appear lifelike while still permitting the primary controller to execute useful tasks. The control scheme is implemented in the form of a novel nonlinear controller based on a dynamic model of the robot system.

This creates a general system where a practical application has been achieved through a controller grounded in theoretical mathematics. Designing a robot to move in a human-like way is intended to improve human-robot interaction for the next generation of robotic applications where robots are envisaged to work in close proximity to humans and elements of trust and predictability are linked to efficient working and safety.

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Meet the Nonlinear Control in Robotics Team. Guido Herrmann Research Lead g. View more.


The cover image, by Cong Wu and Ren Jiaojiao, is based on the Research Article External stability of Caputo fractional-order nonlinear control systems. The cover image, by Yuan Yuan et al, is based on the Research Article A resilient consensus strategy of near - optimal control for state - saturated multiagent systems with round - robin protocol. The cover image, by Yao Zou and Ziyang Meng, is based on the Research Article Distributed hierarchical control for multiple vertical takeoff and landing UAVs with a distance - based network topology.

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