Manual Partial Differential Eqns for Scientists and Engineers

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At the end of each chapter is suggested reading for exploring the topic in more detail. An auto-didact couldn't ask for more. I had so much fun going through this book! One of the reviewers mentioned that the answers to the exercises had a lot of errors, and I agree.

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I've listed the ones I found below, with the caveat that maybe a "typo" reflects my faulty understanding. You can decide for yourself. Other than this, I can't find anything to criticize in this marvelous book. Some specific comments: Table although the separation of variables method is listed as being inapplicable to nonhomogeneous boundary conditions, in fact it can be used to solve Dirichlet problems on a rectangle with one non-homogeneous boundary.

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Lesson 47 p. Answers to Problems: 8. Appendix 3: 3-d spherical Laplacian all thetas should be phi's and vice versa. March 29, - Published on Amazon. I have on occasion felt sorry for engineering graduates. Most of them don't get nearly enough math in their coursework. So, oftentimes, I would be called on to help them out with some math. This book will definitely develop your math skills and broaden the range of problems that you can understand and solve.

And, I will be able to spend more time on my own work. June 8, - Published on Amazon. There are several reviews listed for this title criticizing it for leaving out proofs and developments for PDES. With that said, it is important to keep in mind that this book is not written as a comprehensive introduction to the theories in partial differential equations. It is simply an overview of techniques and methods that might be useful to engineers and some scientists. If you study or studied physics or mathematics this book will likely put you to sleep.

Engineers, chemists, and other physical and social scientists that will usually never really study this subject too rigorously however, will find this a more useful and compelling read as it is designed to assist them.

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  • With that said, this book should not be listed as a required text for a math or physics course as it is not comprehensive enough for these subjects. Readers who wonder if mathematicians have a sense of humor might search the internet for a copy of Jerry's The Girl Who Ate Equations for Breakfast Aardvark Press, Critical Acclaim for Partial Differential Equations for Scientists and Engineers : "This book is primarily intended for students in areas other than mathematics who are studying partial differential equations at the undergraduate level. The book is unusual in that the material is organized into 47 semi-independent lessonsrather than the more usual chapter-by-chapter approach.

    The first appendix consists of integral transform tables whereas the second is in the form of a crossword puzzle which the diligent student should be able to complete after a thorough reading of the text. The author and publishers are to be complimented for the quality of presentation of the material.

    Table of Contents

    Morgan, University College, Swansea. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview Most physical phenomena, whether in the domain of fluid dynamics, electricity, magnetism, mechanics, optics, or heat flow, can be described in general by partial differential equations.

    Indeed, such equations are crucial to mathematical physics.

    Partial Differential Equations for Scientists and Engineers Dover Books on Mathematics

    Although simplifications can be made that reduce these equations to ordinary differential equations, nevertheless the complete description of physical systems resides in the general area of partial differential equations. This highly useful text shows the reader how to formulate a partial differential equation from the physical problem constructing the mathematical model and how to solve the equation along with initial and boundary conditions.

    Written for advanced undergraduate and graduate students, as well as professionals working in the applied sciences, this clearly written book offers realistic, practical coverage of diffusion-type problems, hyperbolic-type problems, elliptic-type problems, and numerical and approximate methods.

    Linear Partial Differential Equations for Scientists and Engineers

    Each chapter contains a selection of relevant problems answers are provided and suggestions for further reading. Show More. Table of Contents 1. Introduction Lesson 1. Introduction to Partial Differential Equations 2. Diffusion-Type Problems Lesson 2. Derivation of the Heat Equation Lesson 5. Separation of Variables Lesson 6.

    The Fourier Series and Transform Lesson The Laplace Transform Lesson Duhamel's Principle Lesson The Convection Term u subscript x in Diffusion Problems 3. Hyperbolic-Type Problems Lesson More on the D'Alembert Solution Lesson Dimensionless Problems Lesson Systems of PDEs Lesson Elliptic-Type Problems Lesson The Laplacian an intuitive description Lesson Interior Dirichlet Problem for a Circle Lesson The Dirichlet Problem in an Annulus Lesson Numerical and Approximate Methods Lesson Numerical Solutions Elliptic Problems Lesson Analytic versus Numerical Solutions Lesson Integral Transform Tables Appendix 2.

    Laplacian in Different Coordinate Systems Appendix 4. Types of Partial Differential Equations Index.

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