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Funny how family relationships are no longer important but pets are. I agree, I am so perplexed with this thinking that pets are on the same level as humans. Are you kidding me?! In your eyes they may be like family but for others they may not be. Because they are equal. Besides, whether you believe it or not, humans themselves are biologically animals. Keep talking about how humans are more important than non-humans simply because they can speak English rather than just making sounds, stand on two legs, and complain on the internet.

Crazy cat lady…? Think again. Everybody loves him. He roams around the backyard, gets to come in and out, travels and so on. But there are boundaries. A healthy and happy chap nevertheless. Those pets are placed on a pedestal above all, including her physical children. She turned out to be a malignant narcissist with a history of an alcoholic, abusive mother.

Yet the love for animals never stopped. There is a healthy way, and there is an unhealthy way. Some of the comments here are pathetic and sad. To all of those people rudely judging the poster who is rehoming her pet after her kid is born…how dare you. Im sure she looked all over for a good home where her dog would be given more time and attention. There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing that, and shame on all of you for calling her cruel for doing so!

Tips for tenants and landlords on renting with pets | Private Property

Anyone who puts the needs of their pet ahead of the needs of their child is a horrible person. That is wrong. There have always been toxic, selfish people and there always will be, people need to grow up and find people who will treat them with kindness. Get out and meet people and treat people the way you want to be treated. I love my pets, I treat them kindly and give them the best life I can…I also treat my human friends and relatives and co workers with respect and kindness as well. Pets are amazing and they do love you no matter what but you need to have relationships with other humans too…..

I love my cat, but come on.. You sound deluded, and that wall of text is you trying to convince yourself re reality. Dogs are animals. They take their dogs to public meetings, events, retail stores, etc… and then let their dogs rub up against people or run people off the walkways or clothing racks who prefer not to have direct contact with dogs or dog dander due to health reasons…safety is another isssue and another article can be written on that alone.

Rhetti, I totally agree with what you have said here!

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Well spoken and well said! What goes around, comes around! I know many people who have children and pets, and the children definitely need to be asupervised and taught how to care for and be kind and gentle to their pets. I also know many people who were pregnant and having babies and the pets were kept in the home and included in the joyous wonderful event as a family member granted it involves even more effort and work, but why destroy that bonded good home hopefully that your pet already has? You know what care and concern your pet has been given in your home, but releasing them off to another place or home, you really have no idea.

Most people anyway, do not have a lot of time to spend with their pet anyway, as life is very busy, but at least you know they are taken care of, loved, and given lots of clean water and healthy nutrition, elsewhere who knows?? Pet ownership bears with it, the commitment to vacuum up the hair, clean up right away, when observed the vomit, urine, or feces accident. Brushing your pets coat and teeth, start when pet is real young often or weekly and good hand washing after contact, I believe also aids a lot in prevention of pet dander allergies! Sounds like a FT job, I know, but definitely comes with pet ownership!

I personally find it cruel to separate pet families, selling puppies and the like. First, I will say that I have had a life-long asthmatic allergy to them, and they have either caused me much suffering not intentionally obviously or kept me away from social activities again, not blaming them but it is fairly annoying that pretty much everyone these days has one.

I see this again when I have gone on dating sites and at times all you see are pics of dogs, and the saying: must love dogs! That said, not in a million years would I compare the connection of a dog to that of a human. I lost an infant. My kids have brought me true joy - and yes, true grief as well.

Heck, had they been dogs, well maybe it would all be tummy rubs and slobbery kisses and tails-a-wagging. Cute, sure. In limited doses. But no depth, no challenge, no humanity. Cute and cuddly only goes so far. Humans have killed off so many animal species and continue to do so. I was born with a crazy love for all animals. I have no idea why. Humans decimated otters, whales, sunfish, etc. If we are not connected to and respect nature then we too will fail. Domestic animals are our last ditch but failing attempt to correct the wrongs of mankind.

The vitriolic language used by so many petlovers says it all in my opinion: these people are trying to repress the hatred they harbor for their own species by showering their beasts with the kind of love normal people feel only for humans. That was an inexcusable and offensive racist comment. Nothing is wrong with developing a close attachment with an animal.

She has become a part of our family. Yes, thats right, we consider her part of our family and we show her unconditional love. This superiority of humans that is driving many species to extinction. The superiority that is in the process of destroying this planet? We have created wars, weapons, discrimination against races, genocides, we have destroyed ecosystems, killed animals for selfish wants and causing the extinction of s is species, humans knowingly torture and abuse animals under the lame excuse of domination, we have polluted the atmosphere, causing suffering for both nonhuman and humans.

Should You Allow Pets in Your Rental Property?

My girlfriend, wife to be, can be considered crazy cat and dog lovers and we do in fact consider them our family because to us they are. Good for everyone who has children and those with children who feel superior. Even if we did want them, neither of us would want to raise children in a climate of society that is becoming more morally bankrupt, confused, and violent. Our cats and dogs and the time we share with them makes life that much better and is satisfying and enough.

As for animals not having souls, people are animals too, you need air, eat, sht, bleed, and die just as animals do.

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What is a soul anyhow? Being self aware, having thoughts, emotions, knowing love? Animals know all these as much as people do, just in different ways, but it takes a forward thinking mind to understand that. Quit being psychotic people. Their dogs, cats, pigs, skunks, bears, etc. Their deserving of love as is any living thing. I remember my grandparents allowing outside pets. And as always I think they had it right. People nowadays have animals in bed and so forth. So pets should be considered our lowers?

Our slaves? Just for the record, the same Greek philosophy that put man above the animals also put elephants above women. Basically, putting any animal below mankind in the earthly pecking order is grounded in primative thought and the illusuon that the human species is somehow special. Without their protection from predaators and innate hunting skills the dogless man was outcompeted by his canine loving counterpart.

We have modern, undebatable scientific evidence from Hungarian and Japanese researchers that interacting with dogs produces more oxytocin release in the human brain than even that between a mother holding her own baby. I digress. Anyway, we know dogs are not only capable of understanding human facial expressions better than any other nonhuman animal, but also human language to a frightening degree, well beyond commands. There have been studies concluding that the loss of a pet can be more traumatic than losing a close family member, including a child or spouse.

It embarrasses me, actually. The Yanomami in the Amazon treat dogs as something worth starting a fight to the death over because of their bond. Bedouins will only share their meals and tents with their salukis. There are groups in Africa who put their basinjis on a level above best friends, as their closest companions. The Aztecs had house dogs, separate from those used for eating. They were often brown or red in color because you needed a dog who recognized you to lead you on the journey to Mictlan land of the dead.

These are just the few examples that come to mind at the moment. In fact, from the perspective of the universe, your child is basically WORTHLESS who will contribute NOTHING - literally nothing - to the universe and that bugs such as ants and bees are more important than your child will ever be because unlike your child, these animals sustain life that all other species, including humans, are dependent on to not just survive but to EXIST.

You think just because someone is human, their life is automatically more important than other species all because they happen to be human.

New California divorce law: Treat pets like people — not property to be divided up

This line is thinking is as self-serving, absurd, irrational, bigoted as a white person thinking that their life is more important than other races all because they happen to be white or a man thinking his life is more important than other sexes all because he happens to be a man. The plain truth is you are a speciesist, a human supremacist, who is YET to evolve. Your last sentence nailed it. I was agreeing with your post until the last two sentences.

We are all animals. So giving money to a human with a drug addiction, someone with a significant weakness a bad evolutionary trait amongst animals , is counter productive to your finances and the earth. A dog in a foreign country would actually benefit much more. It could increase the happiness of an Argentina child living in its neighborhood. Wow, you should not be allowed to breed your stupidity. People like you make this world a very depressing place.

Poor kid, to grip up with such looser parents. Look at all of you here talking shit about how great you are compared with the poor animals that will not ever hurt you! You kick a dog and he still loves you! You kick a human and he KiLLS you! Or better yet, he kills you without kicking him! Humans are evil species and you just all proved how intelligent you are compared with the animals.

Animals are 1 mil times better than all of you and you just proved that with all your brains.. Just sad pathetic losers that prove humanity is such a sad and depressing place. A pet is not a pair of shoes. You two are just the most insensitive and the reason why this world is such a bad place filled with people that are selfish and only care about themselves. That animal is like a kid itself, shows love and is happy to see you every time you come home! How can you say that this is okay?

To have a pet until you have a kid? Shame on you!!

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  • It is not us who own, or who have owned dogs or cats, that are mentally ill. It is YOU! You obviously have at heart of stone, nor any love within you! I happen to have had three kittens that I raised until they were adults. My first kitten Cocolani changed my life! She woke me up from my false reality! I had Cocolani for 13 years, as she sadly died of heart failure due to heat exhaustion from a failed swamp cooler! My second kitten, Elsie who was born 5 months after Cocolani.

    I watched him being born, I held him the day he was born, my son named him as he was being born, and sadly, I held Elsie as he passed away in my arms on December 20, Now I have trouble sleeping and coping with his absence since he passed. I had Elsie for 15 and half years! My third kitten Everette, was brought home to me by my son, upon being the runt from one of two litters.

    More so, rejected and denied my parents trust fund when they passed away due to being adopted! My son felt rejected when I got my cats, yet he ended up getting his own cat, yet he stressed the cat out so much it would constantly throw up! Grant you, there are some folks who go overboard on pampering their pets, to the extent of dressing them up in cutesy pet clothes, BUT!! We clearly understand the distinction between them and ourselves, yet we still love our pets as they have been our best friend and our family.

    That is a pure distinction that defines that we DO NOT suffer from a mental illness, while it displays the level and deepness of our ability to love beyond ourselves, which is purely a healthy state of mind and being! Dogs r just takers and users. Humans are more important than animals. We are at the top of the food chain. They were created for US, for we humans, to serve us. They are not our equals, they are animals and we are humans. I am not ready to give up my superior human status because I am a human to any dog, cat, pig, cow, etc.

    I will eat cows, pigs, and chickens with no guilt. No, they stated that humans are more important than animals and I agree. We have all these charities for starving abused dogs, and do nothing for starving abused children, we have a foster care system that almost guarantees emotional, physical, and sexual abuse for our unwanted children, but nobody cares about that.

    They want you to send your money to take care of an abused dog or cat, because after all dogs and cats are people too? NO, they are not. You missed the point. No animal should be with the likes of individuals like yourself. Hopefully your dog will have a home where he or she will be loved, appreciated and be a part of the family. Obviously the bond people have with their animals is something someone like you could never understand. Anybody who thinks that animals are better than human, should never get married nor have kids nor have human friends.

    Why the hell would you interact yourselves to your co-human when you think of them less?

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    If you cant handle a human being, go live on an island, or anywhere without a trace of a human, dont eat human foods, dont wear clothes and dont live on a house built by a human. Dont use your phone, dont use a computer nor an ipad. And dont you dare use an internet. And one more thing, try getting married to an animal, cause that is what you wanted.

    They are the only ones you wanted. Your lengthy rant is a perfect example of why I prefer animals. So Rocky, you do believe that humans are still better than animals. Loving an animal is different from prefering them over other humans. If you prefer animals over human, leave your humanity behind. Dont interact with things humans included that you dislike. I chose not to have children because I knew it was not for me. Animals are not disposable items to be discarded like a pair of old shoes.

    I understand that there are circumstances when an animal must be given up, and if I found myself in a situation like that and had no other option, I would make sure my pet would be placed in good home, but it would definitely break my heart to lose them. And if I ever had children I would want them to grow up with a pet and a variety of different animals. I could go on and on for the reasons why I feel this way, too many to explain in detail here. Thank you, you have said what I was feeling but could not put into words. I would and do , trust most animals more than most humans because with animals you know exactly where you stand.

    People on the other hand hide their true intentions most of the time. Not sure if you actually meant animals or pets in your response…. My experiences with animals have, for the most part, have been positive. So, to get back to my original comments in this thread…. And if someone wants to baby their pets, treat them like their children, etc. I believe that animals wild and domestic are highly intelligent and need to be protected from cruel and stupid people who hurt and neglect them.

    Sorry think I accidentally sent the same reply twice, anyway I treat my animals, my pets like family. My two kitties are like kids to me. What is wrong with treating your pets like family or like equals? And why does it bother people so much? I know. I have a rescue dog and a horse and they are family. I have no use for people who do not like animals. Best to ignore them and move on.

    Animals will always hold a special place in my heart and be a part of my life! For example pets really for the most part have nothing to do but sit around and miss you and they need you for everything. Which is why they great at the door they have did nothing but miss you. They can do nothing for you but provide emotional support and base level protection. And goes out their way to make time for you out for there valuable time. Because the people are more valuable and can do more for you then a dog can. You get it! You get on Fakebook and carry on about someones dog out in the cold as you eat your hamburger or chicken sandwich.

    That cat on your bed just scratched in a litter box. That dog thats giving you all those wonderful kisses just licked its butt clean…. At that point I consider you mentally deficient and lacking normal social skills at best. Dogs are just that, dogs. Since the beginning of our time, humans have established deep bonds with animals beyond those of labor or sustenance.

    Tribesmen with wolves, even back then they were companions. Romans, Greeks, soldiers of ancient civilizations that held great respect and had deep bonds for their steeds, animals that were treasured allies and not mere mounts. That they are animals is no impediment, the only impediment is the one inside of us, of how much affection we can muster to love the living beings around us. So yes, I can love my dog, and just as a dog and nothing more it can love me back. Treat animals like you would every human.

    Animals were here before us, and we just barged in and started doing things. To actually think about it, humans are actually crueller than these animals. We came in and started acting like the boss of the world. I guess you think of yourself as the awesome, smart and normal person in the community, huh? Yes, you have explained my point better than I could have. If a human laid around your house all day crapped and pissed on the floor and stunk up the place I have no doubt you would kick them out.

    If you love animals more than humans you have a mental illness plain and simple. They never do. Most of them are close minded, thinking that since we dont treat animals like human, they thought that we hate animals all together. Calling us cruel and heartless. I pity these people. I have pets of my own, but I treat them as pets. Jean Keats that is a stupid argument.

    You seem to just hate dogs in general, after only ever dealing with one dog because it barks frequently. Animals are just that, animals. We are the caretakers not their family member. If they bring us happiness, good. The problem lies with dog owners in particular, who, just because they think their animal is human, their universal law dictates that everyone else should love it also.

    I love animals and have given them wonderful homes all of my life. They are not human and do not need to go shopping with us and heap even more horror upon the general public by taking them into a restaurant where we just want to have a meal without animal hair flying around along with the accompanying smells that follow four legged creatures.

    I also understand the need for service animals which prevent serious injury to their owners who may be blind or be prone to seizures. However, the ease of obtaining a bogus service certificate has seriously undermined the perception of genuine need. It is equivalent to someone taking a handicap parking space because they hurt their big toe instead of leaving it open for the truly handicapped.

    Our society is teaching everyone to lean on an object whether organic or inanimate instead of teaching people to face challenges head on. Growth comes through difficulties, not sitting on a marshmallow pad or putting our head in a hole. You seem to be implying that lack of empathy equates to hurting others. Where did you hear that? It exists on a continuum of extent. Humans are not all either empathic or not empathic, the vast majority of us have varying degrees of empathy. Animals who can…. Everyone is an individual. It had nothing to do with their physical or mantal atributes.

    So, why does that recognition of individuallity suddenyl mysteriously stop just bevasue of the DNS structure of the individual s0 involved? Asnwer… no reason at all. Oh, please. You make dog babble at them, take them to the bathroom with you and sleep next to them in an attempt to fill a void of companionship. Not to mention, force them to take selfies and post them on your social media or dating profile. Mental behavior, that. In any event, crack a window open because your place reeks of Mr.

    Sniffles and wash your dishes. This is a trait universally common among sociopathic personal disorders. As a purely personal moral judgement, the author of this article and many of the commenters are complete fucking scum who should have been desexed before further spreading their deletorious waste among the gene pool. You sound more like a sociopath than a normal person.

    If an individual chooses to love and care for any animal, what possibly could be wrong with that? And as much as you believe they are not family, you are sadly mistaken. And judging people by saying that people who love animals are bitter, scorned, weak individuals is so cruel and callus on your part. In terms of shared, public spaces, the law states that you will be responsible for cleaning up if your cat or dog does their business in the corridors, staircases, elevators or anywhere else in the building.

    In short, acting with understanding and respect towards your neighbours will ensure a harmonious cohabitation and help to make sure that no one takes exception to your pets. As well as the aforementioned rules for having pets in a Spanish home, there are other legal obligations you have as an owner. These include the requirement to provide suitable accommodation for your pet, which means you cannot keep them on a terrace, patio or balcony on a permanent basis. You are also required to make sure your pet is free of diseases and vaccinated against rabies every year.

    This is obligatory, for example, in all dogs over 3 months old. You will even have an animal health card that gives them their own animal identification number. Potentially dangerous animals must also be entered onto a separate register, the Registro de Animales Potencialmente Peligrosos. At the end of the day, the rules for having pets in Spain are fairly self-evident and common-sense laws.

    Facebook Twitter Whatsapp Email. Other things you should know about having pets in Spain As well as the aforementioned rules for having pets in a Spanish home, there are other legal obligations you have as an owner.