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Richmond, United States. Sharepoint Sharepoint Knockout. Bengaluru, India. I am an experienced. NET trainer who has 10 year's of experience in handling training on Microsoft Technologies. Lagos, Nigeria. Ismail Shareef. Hyderabad, India. Ankara, Turkey.

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Pro SharePoint with JQuery by Phill Duffy (2012, Paperback, New Edition)

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About This Article Posted on: Related Linkage experiments javascript DZSlides 2. Using JavaScript seems so natural for this type of programming. Implements a custom event for hashchange which is the nicest way to do this. JavaScript fail. This article looks like a good read though. Let's see if it convinces me otherwise. Taming The Beast Slides for my presentation at media Ajax It's mostly about Low Pro Behaviours and how they can be used to architect complex applications.

Degrading Script Tags This is potentially very interesting for library developers. A great trick. That's clever. Very very useful. I could be paranoid though. QUnit jQuery's testing framework has now been documented. It's great they've done this as it's a nice simple testing framework that doesn't get in the way of the tests themselves.

I wonder why people make these things though. Scripteka :: Prototype extensions library A site bringing together lots of Prototype related code. June 14, at AM. Harold Liles said…. I downloaded your sample syltes and tabpage. Is it easy to move that around? February 3, at PM. Jovix said….

This was very useful to me, however I'm trying to use it with calendar views and it does not seem to work right.

javascript - Is there any book/books dedicated to Jquery & Sharepoint? - Stack Overflow

The calendar in the first zone renders fine, however the calendars on the other forms don't render the events correctly. The calendar entries show up in the top left corner. Has anyone else encountered this and solved it? August 8, at PM. Hi,Moreover, clients need their personal and financial details to remain private. As a result, it is essential to consist of security on the website.

If a website is an e-commerce website, make the purchasing bag or seek the Web Design Cochin services of someone to do it for you. September 18, at AM. Ambalica said….

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Hi, so I am already using it. But there is an issue I faced and i dont know if anyone else is facing it. The tabbed pages appear for some users, but for some, all the 8 webparts appear on the same page! Did anyone face the issue? December 9, at PM. Dave Francoeur said…. February 19, at PM. Darrell said…. I have a question. Does anyone know how to select the Tabs with a link or code?

Getting started with jQuery for SharePoint: reference to the jQuery library

I have found that the anchors do not work. If you type in the page with an anchor, such as tab-2 or tab Any suggestions would help. April 18, at AM. Post a Comment. January 10, This will be the first of many SharePoint posts. As the product becomes more final there might be some changes to the class names but I will be sure to create a new post if that happens.

This will be quite a lengthy but it should be helpful. I will be using a basic team site as my base for the screenshots. Here is a basic structure of the main areas that I will cover. Read more. August 18, I was recently asked: " How can I hide the side nav bar on the main homepage layout?? I want to be able to use the side NAV with in the team site etc etc, but I don't want it on the front page.. Once you are done, simply modify the web part and hide it on the page. If you are using a publishing site for your homepage simply add the same styles specified above to a custom page layout.

That way if you have a need for other pages that do not need the left side navigation you can re-use the page layout. March 18, I hope this post will help many of you feel comfortable with using the Content Query Web Part. In this post I will walk you through the process of creating a content query web part and configuring it to show custom field types. I will also give details on how to use XSLT to stylize and format the data being pulled.

I will be using the following scenario as an example. Say that you had a site collection with a top level publishing site.