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This may mean offering advice for free to someone in a networking group or referring your clients to other members of your networking group for complimentary products and services. For example, if you are a real estate agent and you network with an interior decorator, you have the foundation for a strategic alliance.

The key is would you put your good name on the line for someone you barely know? Probably not. Hence why speed networking does not make the cut. Powered by WordPress and the Graphene Theme. While getting your message out to as many people as possible can be beneficial in many respects, personal contact is just as important if you are hoping to develop a long-term relationship with your customers and clients.

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We decided to clean up our email marketing system, and deleted the leads that came from free tools we offered on landing pages- free book, free PDF, free webinar and only tagged leads when they requested a discovery session or completed a marketing assessment. Those are not leads! They are not even prospective customers. So let me tell you about this list. It has both digital marketing ways and offline marketing strategies. For example, business cards.

Speed Networking – Speed Dating for Business

But, are your business cards strategized to turn someone from contact into a prospect? If your business cards just have your contact information, then you are missing a GREAT opportunity to generate leads. Your 30 second commercial or elevator pitch is another big one. Learning how to communicate in a way that you can promote your business with ease and grace might take some practice, but with some strategies, you can master this skill. Features tell what you can do. Benefits sell by relating how the product or service features help the buyer. The list also includes places where you can have a listing.

This is HUGE for small business owners. You want to take the time to explore where can you add your name and listing, to add more opportunities to connect with prospects. With the list, take an inventory of what you have done to generate leads and which strategies you would like to add. Then, add:. You have no time to lose! You should have at least 15 lead generation strategies to incorporate to your prospecting activities. Take a moment and work on the list! She traded in her law career in order to pursue her passion: helping entrepreneurs build wealth by taking advantage of the thriving content economy.

In case this is your first time at The Greatness Blog, let me get you acquainted with the context of this information. I guess you can call me an extrovert. VIP Strategy day is a day where my clients come and spend a day together. We are actually planning a 2-day VIP Day, since we always feel like time goes way too fast and we want more. Unlike attending to a video call or a webinar, when my clients come to an event, I get a face-to-face experience that takes the mentorship and coaching process to another level.

I can see and feel their breakthroughs. Our VIP Day allows participants to build more meaningful relationships with other entrepreneurs. I have seen collaborative projects, introductions, and ideas being born during our VIP Days. And if you think about it, it makes sense to cut the noise have intentional conversations with like-minded individuals.

It builds a level of trust that cannot be built through a computer screen. In my opinion, after being an entrepreneur for about 6, days and still counting and mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs over the last decade, the main reason why entrepreneurs have lots of unfinished projects is due to the fact that they overproduce ideas. They are in a constant search for solutions, systems, and resources.

During our VIP Days, we discuss big-picture strategy, find the areas of opportunity for growth, and set up goals around them.

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  • Having access to a community who provides encouragement and support makes a difference. For this particular event, I added the Business Model Canvas as a tool to map a successful business model and develop a clear plan of action, focusing on revenue generating activities. Please note, there is no particular order to complete this Canvas. But in my experience, to bulletproof a business, you must start with the fundamentals. Customers are the heart of your business model.

    Without profitable customers, your company can not survive for long.

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    • In order to better satisfy your customers, you may group them into distinct segments with common needs, jobs-to-get-done, common behaviors, or other attributes. Your business model may have one or several large or small Customer Segments. If you have been serving a group of customers that are no longer bringing profits to your business, you must make a conscious decision about which segments to serve and which segments to ignore. Once this decision is made, your business model can be carefully designed around a strong understanding of specific customer needs and jobs-to-be-done.

      This Business Model Canvas serves to take a look at your business taking the big picture approach. See for example Amazon Business Model and note that they added Content Creators as part of their customer segments. You have an idea of how to address your customers, understand their needs, and speak in their language. The WIIFM are all the features and benefits your prospects could get from your products and services. Customer segment 1: Service providers Local business owners E-commerce. Customer segment 2: Marketing agencies and enterprises. The UVP is: outsourced social media marketing, content marketing, and search engine marketing.

      Your Channels are customer touch points that play an important role in the customer experience. Your Channels serve several functions, including:. Your channels can be own by you or by someone else. For example, if your business is e-commerce, you might have Amazon as a channel versus creating your own e-commerce website. In order to identify which channels are key to drive revenue to your business, take a look at your best customers and recreate their journey. The decision-making process is a more circular journey, with four primary phases representing potential battlegrounds where marketers can win or lose: initial consideration; active evaluation, or the process of researching potential purchases; closure, when consumers buy brands; and postpurchase, when consumers experience them.

      When it comes to owning your own business, word of mouth referrals are gold. This is key to remember because customers rarely purchase products or services solely based on the products intended result. The answer includes all of the feelings and desires that come with that product and the results.

      According to research from Harvard Business School, increasing customer retention rates by 5 percent increases profits by 25 percent to 95 percent. Research from the Corporate Executive Board that included 7, consumers from across the U. If you want loyal customers, you need to create real connections with them.

      What do you stand for? If you have the steps covered, you have a proof of concept , congratulations! Designing your revenue model is, perhaps, the biggest challenge. You might have trouble assigning a real valuation to your services, or calculating your profit so you can create a stable financial model. You must ask yourself, for what value is each Customer Segment truly willing to pay? From the revenue model perspective, ecommerce has created a revolution. This number is expected to skyrocket to 2. Retail shops are suffering a big hit. These chains are closing stores in Target is included.

      Have you noticed that Uber generates revenues without having to own physical products, hire direct labor, or get inventory? Starbucks started as a small, independently owned coffee joint in Seattle. The owner at the time was just selling coffee. Businesses that do this from the get-go carve a following of brand ambassadors who are loyal and loud.

      They also gain more visibility and sales that way than through traditional means of growing a business. What can you learn from Uber, Amazon, and Starbucks? Let me know what you think of the Business Model Canvas and share some of your own experiences. I would love to hear from you. Stay tuned for more steps from the Business Model Canvas. This article is packed with LinkedIn profile tips that will give you more visibility, more connections, and more opportunities to grow your revenue. According to LinkedIn, the site has million members, 61 million senior-level influencers, and 40 million decision-makers using the website.

      The network does not just boast large amounts of users, but the users are influential, high-level executives that most businesses are targeting in their B2B marketing campaigns. LinkedIn, therefore, is a clear place to reach these decision-makers when trying to promote a product or service. LinkedIn users are educated and earn high incomes. Furthermore, according to the site itself, LinkedIn is the most-used social media platform amongst Fortune companies. LinkedIn is a serious website to use for business, unlike other social networks which have a familial element to them as well.

      While this statistic does not necessarily mean that the traffic is relevant traffic, LinkedIn does bring users to the company website hopefully to be nurtured in the sales funnel. B2B Marketers not only use LinkedIn to network but also to share content. There are nine billion content impressions in the LinkedIn feed every week LinkedIn study. Content published or posted on LinkedIn has a good chance of getting in front of the target audience or a decision-maker, which means it must be high-quality and well-written.

      Recently, LinkedIn released this helpful graphic that visually explains how their algorithm works:. There are also a lot more unknown factors affecting your visibility in the main feed. If people mark it as spam or hide it from their feed, LinkedIn is going to take that into account—and not in a good way. This is because LinkedIn wants to avoid rewarding spam accounts and content with viral visibility.

      Finally, humans enter the process. At this point, editors review your post to determine whether it should keep showing, whether they might include it somewhere else like a channel, or whether they can derive any takeaways from it for future algorithm tweaks and product development. The Profile Strength meter gauges how robust your profile is. The strength of your profile will increase as you add more relevant content to it. The meter is displayed on both desktop and the LinkedIn mobile app. These are tactics very similar to the tactics used in Google, to get you more views and more users.

      No logo. Not your team. Not your office. A photo, professional, showing you approachable and trusted. Not sure if your photo makes the cut? Try this software! What do you do? Speak directly to your potential leads. Assume they search for you. Use common and clear words.

      If you make it the exact same way as your competitors are writing their summary, nobody will be compelled to read it. Use emojis and bullet points. This is a great way to show your authority. Most people forget to add their contact info or they hide it. Follow these tips and you can ensure that you have a killer LinkedIn profile that will stand out to recruiters, hiring managers, and potential customers.

      If you need a killer LinkedIn Bio, our content experts can totally get that done for you. Complete the contact form and we will reach out. My family and I recently made a new tradition — to skip Christmas and go on a family trip to make memories instead. This year, we went to Disney — the ultimate magical family vacation. Let me say this: The Disney magic is strong. While we wandered around the park, I was intrigued and impressed with their ability to make every level of their operations feel magical.

      When Walt Disney created Disneyland , he bought acres of land to build it. Disneyland was soon surrounded by fast food restaurants, cheap hotels, and billboards. He knew Walt Disney World would be a success, so he went all-in. He purchased 47 square miles of land in Florida — over 30, acres. Only about one-quarter of that land is developed today. Why did Disney buy so much land when there was no certainty it would pay off?

      He had a vision and he bet on his success. Like Apple, Disney uses a premium model for differentiation.

      Replace Every SEO Tool You Own With This Ninja Suite Of Tools

      This means:. Disney gives guests the power to create a story. In their parks, they offer photogenic corners and hire professional photographers to capture guest moments. Join our Free Marketing Tips Facebook group for more insights. Plus, new members get a link to book a coffee connect call with me!

      So, how can you leverage this strategy for your brand? This article will give you some quick, useful ways to bolster your WOMM strategy right now. There are multiple ways to activate inbound traffic, and each depends on the industry, revenue goals, target audience, and marketing budget. However, WOMM is a crucial and dynamic tool all digital marketers should include in their overall marketing strategy. Here are a few ways to incorporate it into yours. Social media is all about word of mouth, and you can expect outstanding results from tapping into it.

      For example, Instagram reported that one in five Instagram stories leads to a direct message. For a business owner or marketer, that opportunity for dialogue is a huge win. To further expand your reach on social media, use mentions. Target your clients via shout-outs and ignite their conversations — and your influence! You can expand WOMM reach by co-opting the influence of others through events. These can be local and in-person, or online. Whether you choose to network virtually or in real life, be strategic.

      Define goals ahead of the event and work towards them. Then, after each event invite participants to participate further in a social media private group. I host monthly events in which I encourage participation in our Facebook community afterwards. Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook allow users to share location data, which can be analyzed to determine your return-on-investment ROI. Even someone with few marketing skills can learn to leverage word-of-mouth for their brand.

      You can do this! Want to see word-of-mouth marketing in action and discover how to make your next product launch an extraordinary success? Join our Inner Circle today and get your next launch or your current endeavor off to a flying start! How many networking events have you attended in the last 12 months? And how many leads have you gotten from this assortment of coffees, meet-ups, conventions, and luncheons?

      If not, pick up a copy here. These rules, when applied correctly, help boost your social media presence and help you become the thought leader you were meant to be. Additionally, they may help you with your next networking event. At the event, offer relatable , personal anecdotes that can help you tell a story about the kind of value you can offer as a connection.

      Forensics at a networking event? You can use forensic marketing after your event to analyze outcomes for better results next time. After each event, organize business cards, making personal notes on each to help you remember the person later. Are you ready to launch something new this year and want the professional support you need for success? Join our powerful Inner Circle network and learn how to get your new project off the ground —and producing revenue — in no time! When you first think of social media influencers, you likely picture individuals with flawless Instagram aesthetics, and follower counts in the millions.

      At the end of the day, you should be able to reach your ideal client, just like in every other marketing outlet. Could you imagine how many non-celebrity individuals you could get to post for you for a fraction of that fee — or for that matter no fee at all? And… even more important, how many conversations do you think the audience can have with Kim Kardashian? I mean, really? When a client requests that we create an influencer marketing strategy, the first step is to define who we want to influence. For example, if you sell nutritional supplements, you want to target individuals who are looking to improve their weight, performance, energy, and endurance.

      If your products cater to a narrower audience, like the vegan community, for example, then your influencer must have the power to affect the vegan community. By the way, if we are not Instagram partners, follow me here. What separates a good post from a great post is how much your followers like, comment, or share it.

      Typically, micro-influencers are often able to maintain active relationships by replying to most comments or inquiries on their posts, and quickly. When it comes to selecting your influencers, follow them closely and look for their engagement. Are they mostly engaging with the same friends or they seem to be in a growth mode. This is a crucial factor.

      You want your brand to be represented by people who are constantly connecting with people. Read more about verified badges here. Part of our successful influencer marketing model is our ability to impact our local community in a scalable and consistent way. We host two strategic monthly events to attract professionals and business owners that have a growth mindset and want to build relationships. Having an online community of brand ambassadors who are just as excited about your company and vision as you are can work wonders. You need to provide clear compensation and marketing resources so they can succeed.

      If there is one thing that direct sales companies do great is in this area. I am a living testimonial of how- using word of mouth and social media and nothing else , you can generate millions of dollars in revenue! I did it with P90x brand! With the Instagram boom, not having your influencer marketing strategy in place is costing you a lot of opportunities as we speak. I hope this article serves as a Guideline for your to craft a good influencer marketing plan that allows you to find followers, qualified leads, and sales opportunities.

      Remember to start by defining who is a real influencer. I have a memory jogger I use with my clients that allows them to build their list. You will love it! Click the image below or just here. Building a Facebook group is on top of the list of Facebook Marketing goals for small business owners this year, followed by building a strong content marketing campaign.

      Despite many speculations about the platform going down, 2. Here at Marketing For Greatness, as soon as we saw the big drop in our Facebook Page, over 2 years ago, we decided to revamp our strategy and serve our local business owners community. The decision of launching local events was due to the fact that our organic Facebook marketing activities were not bringing the same results. We had 2 choices: spend thousands of dollars every month on Facebook ads or trying something different.

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      We chose the last option. With a very simple tool — Eventbrite. Our first networking event was a huge success, so we opened a Facebook Group, to invite those who attended the networking events, so they could keep building relationships and activate strategic conversations. Our marketing strategy prioritizes building trust via collaboration. I always tell my team, the more we serve our local community, by being a connector and bring them resources, the more we receive.

      Jeunesse Global Prospecting Scripts | Jay Brown Bulldog Marketer

      Some of the benefits of having an active business Facebook Group:. Get visible in front of a serious audience that can either do business with them or activate referrals. I want to take a moment to give a big shout out to Joel Valle with Trust Visuals for creating such amazing video recaps of our networking events. We grow daily, without doing any paid advertising.

      You better say yes! However, now more than ever, since Facebook latest changes to their algorithm pushes more groups, there are crucial features you need to know and incorporate on your Facebook marketing strategy. You should see a Groups tab on the left menu of your Facebook Page. From there, go to Create Group and follow the steps to open it. This is due to the layout of your Business Page.

      How to fix this? Keep in mind, this content is totally raw, with no video production! Use your Facebook Page to open a Facebook Group. As a moderator of the group, you want to have an active community where people see value. Unfortunately, not all the business pages have adopted a rich-content approach, so you will see a lot of spam.

      More quality, less work! Facebook even designated a new shortcut to Facebook Groups. You can see it from your Facebook personal profile. Groups are no longer allowed to add a new member spam them. You need to invite the member to consider the group, and they have to accept your invitation before seeing the content from your group.

      Having rules will help you moderate the discussion. If a group member violates the rules, you can remove a post and send them a notification optional. Nobody joins a group to feel excluded. Facebook allows you to recognize your members with badges. Make sure you have this feature on. Group insights are a great tool to measure the effects of your marketing activities. A very important rule: check the metrics quickly and watch for trends. If you see a post that generated great engagement, do more of that! Insights are also great to find sponsors and influencers. They can allow you to show the real reach and power of your community.

      Use them! Learning units are also a new feature. For service-based providers we recommend adding learning units to organize their content. I have a separate community closed group for my clients. We use the questions area to ask pending members for the email they used to purchase our products. Another idea is a code. You can ask future members to enter a code so you can let them in.

      When you go to group settings, you will see Member Request Settings. Nobody wants to spend minutes completing a long questionaire. Limit to 3 questions with short answers. If you have a paid group, this is where you will ask them to validate their purchase or enter a code.

      Leads Extractor is a powerful scraping tool to boost your company or product. The tool extracts first name, last name, company name, company position and profile url from LinkedIn, Facebook groups, Facebook page likes or followers. One of the top posts of our group is the welcome to new members.

      ~ whisper ~

      I always add a link that helps us promote either a high-value content or an invitation to our event. I recommend to do a welcome post once a week, so you can accumulate over 25 members or so. A post can activate a get together feature. Learn more about creating an event for a group and inviting group members to your event. Watch parties are amazing to share pre-recorded video. The watch party feature will help you present. Once you finish your watch party, a recap will be saved in your group as a post, which will show all videos watched during the party along with any comments that were made.

      Group stories are visible for 24 hours. Group stories can hold up to stories or videos at the time. If there are more than stories, people can continue adding to the story with the newest photos and videos replacing the oldest. For public groups, anyone can view the story. Pro tip! You can edit group settings and control who can add stories to your group. A great way to control the quality of your group and work less! Facebook Pages are meant for public figures, businesses and other entities to create an authentic and public presence on Facebook.

      A page is public by default and mainly serves the purpose of keeping your audience or followers informed about the developments or about various aspects of your business. A Facebook Page is also required for Facebook Ads, analytics, and advanced features for developers.

      Facebook Groups have different dynamics when compared to a page and are better suited for building a business. A Facebook Group is designed with the intention of encouraging communication within a small group of people where they can share their common interests and express their opinion. As a business owner, you need to consider if building a group will add value to your future customers or existing customers.

      Once you decide to open your group, assign the group admin. If your business page opened the group, your page will be the admin. You can add team members to your business page preferable admin role and they will be able to also admin your Facebook Group. Keep it clear and feel free to add your freebies! This is what everyone who wants to join the group will read. Hi there! If you are a professional, entrepreneur, or owner of a local business in the Austin area, this is a group that you want to have as a favorite. Please check the announcements! Will sales happen here? Of course yes. Probably not.

      Who am I? We want to hear how you help others and deliver value to the world. Fame, name, leads, referrals, and more business. You start smiling and making some eye contact. Then, silently, you interact with some people. Same here! We are a family. One thing that you should know is that we have been doing events for over a year and we have invited our friends to join the group.

      This group was the result of a successful series of events and we offered this platform as a directory to follow up and keep the conversations. Maybe you want to promote your awesome event.