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The Spanish government's response to the vote on Sunday inspired a change of heart. Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont has called for international mediation after scenes of violence marred Sunday's referendum. Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has defended the police crackdown. Catalonia's leader has said voters have "gained the right" to an independent state following a referendum rejected by Madrid. Some 90 percent voted in favor of secession, but turnout was low in a vote marred by violence.

Catalonia has gone to the polls on October 1 to vote in a referendum on independence from Spain. But do Catalans really want independence and are they ready? DW has the lowdown. Catalonia's regional government plans to hold its independence referendum on Sunday.

European separatist movements

But separatist movements are not unique to Spain: Several other European regions have aspirations of becoming autonomous. Twenty-five years ago this weekend, the fates of Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia were sealed. Though the countries were created in a similar way after World War I, they ended up very differently. The Fretilin party is currently the junior member of East Timor's governing coalition, but will likely lead the new government.

Catalan leader urges police withdrawal as Madrid defends crackdown

The party's secretary-general says they're willing to form a new coalition with the CNRT. Serbia has withdrawn diplomats from neighboring Macedonia — apparently for reasons of security. The nationalist coalition led by President Hashim Thaci's Democratic party is set to win Kosovo's parliamentary election, according to exit polls.

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Officials said that voter turnout was the lowest ever recorded. She vowed to restart the independence vote after divorce talks are complete. Meanwhile, South Sudan released its new budget with a heavy military bias.

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South Sudan's government claims progress is being made in implementing a peace agreement signed in But a closer look reveals that many pledges remain unfulfilled. People in East Timor, Southeast Asia's youngest parliamentary democracy, are voting to elect a new parliament. Candidates from 21 parties are competing for 65 seats, with official results expected by August 6.

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European Union leaders have declined to help mediate in the crisis over Catalonia, saying it was for Madrid and Barcelona to resolve. A Spanish cabinet meeting to decide on measures, and rallies in Barcelona come next. More info OK. Wrong language? Change it here DW. COM has chosen English as your language setting. COM in 30 languages.

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About halfway through the campaign Premier Parizeau ceded his de facto leadership of the "yes" side to the more popular Bouchard. The sovereignists lost very narrowly in the October 30 referendum, Pursuit of sovereignty was placed on the political backburner. Dion devised a two-pronged approach, which he characterized as "Plan A" and "Plan B. The Court handed down its ruling on this reference on 20 August The decision was viewed as a victory by both sides.

Dion subsequently drafted what became known as the "Clarity Bill" Bill C It defined the terms under which a "yes" vote in a referendum would be regarded as a "clear majority" on a "clear question. The Clarity Bill was passed into law in June Its principal adherents, both within the rank and file and the leadership, continue to be liberal professionals e. There is also considerable support from trade union members, who form the core of its more radically nationalist and socially oriented adherents.

Since the s, it has also garnered some support from the business sector, and from the traditional liberal professions, such as law and medicine. However, these latter groups continue to be more sympathetic to pan-Canadian political appeals, which are perceived to be more in tune with their economic interests. Moreover, a new generation of young francophones in their 20s and early 30s appear to be more open to global economic concerns, are more individualistic and economically conservative and do not appear to be as strongly attracted to separatist appeals as was the previous generation.

Subsequently, however, it offered a third option for the long term, one that lay between those of the PLQ and the PQ. It lost its gains the following year, however, when it won a total of only seven seats in the election. Founded in , it advocates for social justice and ecological questions as well as for sovereignty.

However, the party won only one seat in and two in In , Legault stated that he would vote against independence if there was a referendum in the near future. In English Canada in the early s there was also some separatist activity, particularly in Alberta, which was embodied in the Western Canada Concept Party. The objectives of this party were to try to rectify perceived injustices in western Canada concerning such matters as freight rates, tariff barriers, oil pricing, bilingualism and western representation in the federal governing party, and failing that, to promote secession from Canada.

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  8. However, the party failed to win much support, and succeeded in electing only one member in an Alberta provincial by-election.