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Daniel Fishel for NPR Weve all been there having fun relaxing with friends and family, when someone says something a little racially off.

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Sometimes its subtle, like the friend who calls Thai. Friedrich Nietzsches God is Dead Essay.

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God has died a long time ago within the hearts of people. In the heart of each and every person is where God exists. Not physically for His biological death occurred a long time ago. It just requires exceptional qualifications and modern skill sets to stand out from the crowd. Perhaps the most crucial trait for an aspiring CFO is a desire to continue learning. A dedication to ongoing learning is a surefire way to stand out when a promotion is on the line. Amie explains how she directed her career path from Accounting Manager to CFO, and how she chooses people to promote.

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Watch below:. One way to make yourself more valuable as an aspiring CFO is to round out your education. A business degree, in addition to your accounting credential, can be a powerful differentiator. It is a credential that accelerates your entry into the club. Your formal education is a key part of becoming a viable CFO candidate. Being a leader at that scale, you need to know how to delegate, work well with others and you must know who to turn to in terms of specific expertise. You could start your own consulting firm, pursue public speaking, write the book that will inspire countless others to follow in your footsteps.

All of these career opportunities require a willingness to learn, the ability to lead, and the capability to provide exceptional value to the leadership team at your organization. For a stellar example of how adding value leads to career acceleration, check out this story from Denise Feece , Corporate Controller at Urschel. In the video below, Denise explains how she became a data-driven advisor to her executive team:. Denise used her command of data to become a go-to resource in her department, wow her new CEO, and get on the management track. But the same soft skills that make valuable executives — leadership, empathy, people skills, willingness to teach and learn — will help you accelerate a career as a consultant and thought leader, too.

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As you might have guessed, accelerating your career in Finance definitely involves going outside of your traditional area of expertise. Customize your resume cover letter, you possess even if you will after.

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