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The Case Against Satan Paperback. Then one night, she strips in front of the parish priest and sinks her nails into his throat.

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If not madness, then the answer must be demonic possession. To vanquish the Devil, Bishop Crimmings recruits Father Gregory Sargent, a younger priest with a taste for modern ideas and brandy.

October Wrap Up: Part Two

As the two men fight not just the darkness tormenting Susan but also one another, a soul-chilling revelation lurks in the shadows—one that knows that the darkest evil goes by many names. For more than sixty-five years, Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the English-speaking world. About the Author Ray Russell — was a pioneer of the modern horror genre.

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And yet to fail is heresy. Am I a heretic?

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Gregory thought with a stunning horror. Am I no longer a priest of God? And — he asked himself — if this is true, how long have I known it? How long have I perhaps tried to wash it away that knowledge with liquor? Certainly all the priests in the book also qualify, and as a kindly gesture, Russell also throws in that staple of s cheesy melodrama, the Incredibly Oblivious Housekeeper, in this case dear Mrs.

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Ah, things had not been the same at St. That poor man had been plagued enough by that looney one, and now it was Father Sargent that had the cross to bear.

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A booby hatch was where she belonged, the wild creature. A paddle across her round little bottom … knock a little sense into her, a little of wildness and looniness out of her ….

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And he leaves the shot and incident of his plot sufficiently ambiguously resolved as to give readers the seeming freedom to see Satan or simple child abuse at the heart of the matter. I was forced to interrupt the writing of the chapter, roll up a newspaper, and take time out to kill the intruder.

Stopping work again, I killed the pest as I had killed the first.