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Contact us. The researcher's toolkit : the complete guide to practitioner research Wilkinson, D The Researcher's Toolkit. Library availability. Buy from Blackwell's. Have you read this? Please log in to set a read status Setting a reading intention helps you organise your reading. Read the guide. To this aim, all AHRI members were invited to suggest topics for workshops, and as a result a number of workshops covering a diverse range of topical themes convened during the conference. Experts opened the sessions on both days with thematic panels in plenary.

Please find below a description of each workshop and the summaries from the workshop discussions, which also include suggestions for future avenues as well as contact detail of the workshop chairs. This inter-disciplinary conference aims to advance social scientific understandings of key dimensions of the internationalisation of Dalit and Adivasi activism that has gained momentum in the past two decades.

Qualitative Research Methods & Methodology

These dimensions include the accountability of activists, conflicting or competing frames, divergent interventions by international actors, and the influence of emerging international norms on domestic norms. How have different constraints shaped activism and mobilisation at different levels?

The role of international organisations: How do international organisations navigate caste-based discrimination and the specificity of indigenous rights? Do international organisations take different approaches?

Research Methods - Introduction

Connections between Dalit, Adivasi, and other networks in international fora: How have activists cooperated or competed with each other on the international stage? What lessons have they learned from each other? Does the existence of diaspora groups make a difference for the strategies followed by the activists?

Kothari was the UN Special Rapporteur on adequate housing The preparation for this review by civil society groups and independent human rights institutions, including the national human rights commission, has clearly demonstrated that India faces an adverse and deepening human rights crisis. This crisis ranges from violations of civil and political rights including torture, extra-judicial killings, disappearances, the prevalence of intense levels of violence against women, tribals, Dalits, minorities, children to violations of economic, social and cultural rights malnutrition, very high levels of maternal and child mortality, continued prevalence of high rates of poverty, large-scale internal displacement, lack of adequate housing for the vast majority of low-income people.

The lecture will also outline progressive policies and laws in existence in the country. An attempt will be made to identify the solutions to the human rights crisis including how to overcome the many obstacles that prevail including reasons for the lack of adequate implementation of laws and policies that are human rights based. The Association of Human Rights Institutes AHRI , consists of 32 member institutions that carry out research and education in the field of human rights.

The objective of AHRI is to promote research, education and discussion in the field of human rights. Co-convenor of conference to review the impact of rising power states on the international protection regime for human rights.

Position Statements

Invited conference paper: 'The role of international actors in norm emergence: Afro-descendants in Latin America'. Invited panel presentation, Human Rights: Interpretation and Implementation. The Symposium is designed to provide participants with a unique opportunity to gain knowledge of contemporary social issues and the application of skilled practice using human rights principles. The Symposium is committed to creating an opportunity for meaningful exchange around human rights practice at multiple levels.

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Symposium participants represent a wide range of practice professionals, policy makers, faculty and students. I used the Knowledge Transfer Grant to share my research on the evolution of international norms on caste-based discrimination with academics and activists in both India and the UK. I was based in New Delhi for 5 weeks over April and early May I co-organised an international and inter-disciplinary conference on the internationalisation of Dalit and Adivasi Activism.

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I produced a new policy paper on non-discrimination in access to health and education. I trained grass-roots activists on Dalit rights in international norms and comparative movements. I continue to work with the UK Dalit Solidarity Network in developing a capacity-building workshop for UK domestic activists on international mechanisms for combating caste-based discrimination.

The training programme consists of a general part two weeks on human rights and development , and a thematic part two weeks on children's rights and globalization.

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It targets 'leaders of the future' in practice, policy and academia, from South and North. Presentation and strategic advice to global planning meeting on Decisive Decade against Discrimination based on Work and Descent. I will be attending as a rapporteur, declaration drafting committee member, and workshop facilitator. Presentation and strategic advice: 'Transnational norm entrepreneurship on caste-based discrimination'. Prepared the draft recommendations of the UN Forum on Minority Issues on the theme of effective participation of minorities in economic life.

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Norm-entrepreneurship on caste-based discrimination Chapters Lennox,C. Introduction Chapters Lennox, C.