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Obstacles and prejudices still raised serious conditions of gender discrimination in all aspects of the labour market. Women face discrimination in many fields of work life such as the levels of unemployment and employment and the career development prospects. The dominance of men in the labour market is a constant feature affirmed in all researches so far performed internationally. Gender differences are especially recognized in the field of entrepreneurship.

Although women are actively involved in the labour market over the past half-century, they still remain meaningfully underrepresented as entrepreneurs. Women do not play an active role in business initiatives due to the obstacles they often confront compared to men.

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The countries with the highest rates of female participation in employment are Finland, Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands. The highest differences are presented in Italy Spain and Greece.

Gender pay gap

The entrepreneurial system is still dominated by men. Both in international level and in the European Union in particular, the statistics show that female entrepreneurship moves to consistently lower levels than men. But female creativity and entrepreneurial potential are an under-exploited source of economic growth and jobs that should be further developed.

Receive our newsletter to stay on top of iEDs latest posts. Surveys show differences between the genders in the field of entrepreneurship that are mainly expressed: In the different motivations of women to engage in entrepreneurial careers. In a different form of business in which women entrepreneurs are turning.

In the relatively reduced number of women who undertake business activities. In the different attitudes of women in comparison to men towards self-employment.

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At different personality characteristics of women entrepreneurs than men entrepreneurs. Current situation of female entrepreneurs in the European Union. Commercial contracts, investment, staffing and data are all at critical risk in any No Deal Brexit and anyone suggesting otherwise needs to listen to the tech businesses of all sizes who will be directly impacted by a disorderly exit from the EU.

With all of the skills shortage issues detailed here it should come as no surprise that salaries for skilled candidates have been on the rise. The data also showed that the amount of IT jobs on offer had grown by 8. Robert Half's Salary Guide backs this up, in its finding that job growth in the IT sector is five times that of the wider economy, and that renumeration levels continue to rise in tandem.

That being said the survey found that UK salaries are trending upwards, where "we are seeing marked increase in the middle of the range, however. Read next: The hottest enterprise IT skills. Fifth on that list was AWS, as organisations continue to look for employees familiar with the popular public cloud platform and its services. Learning and training platform Pluralsight also pulled data from its millions of users, finding that Java and Javascript remain the two most popular skills amongst its user base, with HTML, C and Git following behind.

Python came in seventh on its list. A LinkedIn Learning blog post also found that, according to LinkedIn data, cloud computing skills, like AWS proficiency, came out as the most in-demand skill for , with AI second and analytics coming in two and three. According to the Robert Half salary guide for data scientist salaries will continue to rise this year. Read next: How to get a job as a data scientist.

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User experience designers had extremely high turnover at In fact, embedded software engineers receive the most InMails per person of any occupation in North America," the post's author Michael Booz outlined. Permanent IT employees fared little better at 90 percent male, up from 87 percent in Here are the latest Insider stories. More Insider Sign Out. Sign In Register.

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All Slides. UK IT workers are on the move. Most companies aren't planning on growing their IT teams IT vacancy rate is slowing. Job demand is strong, but slowing. Net developers and IT project managers in demand. With GDPR, demand for big data skills surge.

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The UK IT gender pay gap is real. Brexit isn't denting confidence. Brexit skills shortage. Salaries continue to rise. Devops salaries are on the rise. Security and AI skills remain in demand.