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Thank you! There you will find the Information for Authors, Copyright Transfer Form which must be included with all submissions , and the form that is used to upload your manuscript electronically. Thank you in advance for your interest and potential contribution!

It is updated weekly. Nicoll is a short, concise description of the writing process Dr.

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His publications have appeared in international journals and edited collections in his areas of interest. Show More. Show Less. Revised glossary of key terms, which clarifies core concepts and provides students with additional examples Expanded chapter on plagiarism, featuring more exercises on how to avoid it alongside additional content on reporting verbs and writer's stance Includes an achievement chart and a personal diary template to help students record their progress and manage their time effectively.

Email Address. Please enter the letters displayed. Of the social-as-storytelling platforms, by far the best known and most elaborate is Wattpad , with some 70 million users who are there for the purpose of storytelling rather than, say, watching fake news, trolling each other, or sharing gifs. For those type of writers, social publishing can be a brilliant first route. When that digital-first publication started to make waves, James sold the rights to Random House, that propelled the book and its author to mega-stardom.

In effect, that one trilogy moved from social publication, to digital first publication, to Big 5 publication with literary agent attached. Yes, you can practice your craft and build an audience on Wattpad, but you still have to make the leap from that to a more formal publication channel.

I said there were a load of different routes to publication — and by now you probably believe me. But in the end, there are two broad variants:. Both routes are great. Both options will appeal to different authors — or like me the same author at different times and with different projects. The whole thing is easy-peasy. All except the very first bit — writing a great book. That difficulty is what makes this craft of ours so frustrating — and so rewarding. Harry Bingham has been a professional author for twenty years and more.

More about us. Agent submission builder Get an agent in one hour. Indie marketing masterclass A self-publishing essential. How to write a novel Your free, expert tutorials. Join the list, get your gifts. Write a succinct synopsis, the easy way Write a professional query letter, the easy way Based on over twelve years of working with agents. Quick Simple Easy. If you want more info, you can get it here.

Build a strong underlying story structure Ensure your characters evolve with the plot Make the hardest part of writing that little bit easier. We will now review your request and get in touch with you. Write a perfect query letter and a brilliant synopsis. In just one hour. Redraft your manuscript like a pro, with this easy guide. How to get a book published All the major options reviewed, with pros and cons for each. The secret to getting an agent.

Free submission pack template. They are also there to sell your book, which they do by: Working on the manuscript editorially. More on types of editing. Designing cover art and preparing the book for production. Far from it. Ideally, your book will be entered into promotions, that place your book in the most visible store locations and with an attractive price reduction.

Selling the book via online retailers. Although Amazon pretty much does stock every book out there, publishers still have to persuade Amazon and Apple, and Kobo, and so on to promote your book as much as possible. Marketing the book. That will probably involve a mixture of traditional publicity such as newspaper interviews and book signings and digitally driven campaigns, probably involving social media, email marketing and perhaps some use of pay-per-click advertising. So agents are good; they make sales; they work on commission. But it gets better. In addition to that basic sales activity, literary agents also: Offer you editorial advice to help you get your manuscript in shape for sale Run the auction process Negotiate the resulting contract Supervise the publication process , advise you on it, and act as your bull terrier if any conflicts arise Sell other rights , such as foreign language rights, audio if not part of the original deal , and film and TV rights.

How do you get an agent? The steps you need to follow are these: Generate a longlist of literary agents. You can find a full list of literary agents here for the US and here for the UK. If you sign up for AgentMatch free trial here , you can use simple tools to filter by genre, client, and more. Whittle that down to a shortlist of names. To generate your shortlist, just go through your longlist and look for possible points of contact.

An agent represents one of your favourite authors? The agent has Irish ancestry and your book is about Irish emigrants in the s?

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Any of those gives you a good reason to pop the agent onto your shortlist. Oh, and why only names? Write a query letter. Just follow the advice and look at a sample query letter here.

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Write a synopsis. All the advice you need, plus a good example of a synopsis, can be found right here. Double-check your opening chapters. Most agents want you to send them a sample of your manuscript along with the query letter and synopsis. So make sure that opening chunk is looking great.

Tips on presenting your manuscript right here.

Tips on the commonest errors in first time novels can be found here. Send your submission pack out to your shortlisted agents. You need to allow about 8 weeks for agents to read and decide on your submission. Extra resources We have a whole bunch of resources available if you want to pursue these topics further. Free resources: List of all literary agents in the US List of all literary agents in the UK How to get a literary agent Do literary agents charge fees? How to write a query letter How to write a synopsis All your literary agent questions answered Additional resources These resources are for Jericho members only.

Behind the scenes at a Big 5 publisher feature length film Interviews with literary agents Diana Beaumont , Kate Burke , Piers Blofeld Finally, we have a complete course on how to get your book published — and not just published, period, but published well , published successfully. Pros and cons The advantages of trad publication are: You get an advance You get some experienced professionals handling the production, sale and marketing of your work You have a literary agent to guide your journey You have all the kudos and other pleasures of traditional publication: you will have become a published author and will have earned all the respect of your new role.

I bow to thee. The book now belongs to the publisher, not to you. Watch our YouTube video on author incomes here.

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Traditional publishing is a bit of a crap-shoot. Most bestsellers are made via huge supermarket sales, but there are many fewer supermarket slots than there are books, and the process by which supermarkets choose which books to stock is scarily random for newbie authors, at least.

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You can see my thoughts on that via Publishers Weekly here. Not easy. But in that case, self-publishing looks like a particularly attractive option, because you can retain all the proceeds from sale for yourself. That book proposal might in total amount to only 10, words, and should include: A query letter A personal bio, including any platform or authority you bring An analysis of the market and audience An introduction to the book Approximately 3 chapters of sample material. Pros and cons Pros? Pros and cons Pros and cons are nice and simple.

Not a chance. Which is good. Which is the way it should be, right? Boy oh boy, it can be lucrative. More info on our YouTube video here. If you two fall out, then your problems go well beyond just publishing issues. You have a brilliantly close relationship with your readers.