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Books in Series. Tools, Resources, Reference. Theology and Theologians. Their literary qualities, never in dispute, can be more fully appreciated in the light of recent developments in the study of pragmatics, narratology, and orality. Their intellectual status has been radically reassessed: no longer regarded as nave and "archaic", the Histories are now seen as very much a product of the intellectual climate of their own day--not only subject to contemporary literary, religious, moral and social influences, but actively contributing to the great debates of their time.

Their reliability as historical and ethnographic accounts, a matter of controversy even in antiquity, is being debated with renewed vigour and increasing sophistication. This Companion offers an up-to-date and in-depth overview of all these current approaches to Herodotus' remarkable work. SKU Weight 1. Lloyd , , Alan B.

Lloyd, Herodotus: Book II. Incorporated into Asheri MacNeal MacNeal, Herodotus: Book I. Lanham and London, A radically idiosyncratic, but interesting, edition that reconstitutes text and spellings entirely based on MS A sic!

Herodotus Histories - Book 4 Melpomene, part 1

Enoch Powell, A Lexicon to Herodotus 2nd ed. Hildesheim, An extraordinary piece of work; very helpful, but sadly now out of print. Herodoti Historiae. Now the fundamental critical edition, but too expensive for classroom use. Idiosyncratic at times in critical judgment. Stein and Still the most ample critical edition; contains the testimonia, and the rather scanty scholia. Stein Heinrich Stein, Herodotos , 5 vols. Many times revised; the last edition in Still the best philological commentary on the Histories as a whole, though largely superseded now by Asheri for the early books.

General studies and standard references. Arieti James A. Arieti, Discourses on the First Book of Herodotus. Lanham, Mass. Egbert J. Bakker, Irene J. Boedeker Deborah Boedeker, ed. Herodotus and the Invention of History, Arethusa special volume, 20 A good conspectus of the state of scholarship in the s, now generally superseded by collections such as Luraghi revision of the hardcover , Bakker et al. Peter Derow and Robert Parker. Herodotus and His World.

Carolyn Dewald and John Marincola. The Cambridge Companion to Herodotus. Evans, Herodotus. Boston A fine general introduction in the Twayne World Authors Series. Flory Fornara John Gould, Herodotus. New York, Evans and this are the best two short introductions to Herodotus.

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Jacoby Jacoby, "Herodotos," RE Suppl. Lateiner Nino Luraghi, ed.

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Marg Marg, Herodot: Eine Auswahl aus der neueren Forschung. Marincola Myres John L. Myres, Herodotus , Father of History Oxford Powell Still useful in ways, though heavily analytical. Romm James Romm, Herodotus New Haven, Strasburger Waters London and Sydney Useful bibliography, topically arranged. Bakker Denniston Denniston, Greek Prose Style. Dik Helma Dik. More interested in Greek word order than in Herodotus. Munich Fundamental on archaic style.

Brill's Companion to the Reception of Herodotus in Antiquity and Beyond

On the broader question of archaic style, see further von Groningen and Thalmann Rosen Haiim B. Slings Simon R. Erbse Festschrift Bruno Snell. Hommel Kurz et al. Krischer Krischer, "Herodots Prooimion," Hermes 93 Pellicia Wecowski Composition and structure of the Histories. Cagnazzi Fundamental on the question of the exact delimitation of the logoi. Evans Fowler Robert L.

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Immerwahr, Form and Thought in Herodotus Cleveland Johnson William A. Konstan Lattimore Luraghi Munson, Nagy Gregory Nagy, "Herodotus the Logios ," Arethusa 20 , esp. Lang, , esp. Robert Connor, ; for Nagy's reply, Pearce, Pearce, "'Epic Regression' in Herodotus," Eranos 79 Thalmann Does not speak directly to Herodotus, but important background on archaic principles of structure. The Hague.

Herodotus and the “Constitutional Debate” () | Society for Classical Studies

Extremely clear and insightful for matters of structure and narrative method even if W. Highly recommended. Emily Baragwanath. Motivation and Narrative in Herodotus. Brock Chamberlain Dewald Falkner et al. Irene J.

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Harrison, Texts, Ideas, and the Classics Oxford , Lang Mabel Lang, Herodotean Narrative and Discourse. Cambridge, Mass. Lowe Pelling Inherited Traditions: Antecedents and Origins. Aly Armayor